Facebook for Windows Phone gets updated once again with custom notifications


We've been alerted to a minor update for the official Facebook app for Windows Phone. Previously, both the public live and beta versions of Facebook on Microsoft's mobile platform received updates to address a date-related bug plaguing some regions. 

Version is a minor bump from the release published just last week. Sine there's no change log, we'll assume Microsoft has both fixed more bugs and made the app that much faster for you all to enjoy. That and more than likely got the new customized sounds loaded in the app that were recently implemented in the beta version.

Let us know in the comments should you notice anything new.

You can download Facebook from the Windows Phone Store for free. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Reader comments

Facebook for Windows Phone gets updated once again with custom notifications


Wonder why they keep doing that "faster" thing? I mean its not even funny one bit, just like that "first" thing.

The funny part is that there are far more comments about the "seems faster" remark, if people just ignored it then it would just go away.

Still sucks!

In honesty though, it is not any faster. I'm glad to see support for custom notifications though and hope to see them continually update it until it actually does get faster.

I would love to know when the "Official" app is going to get the ability to tag people.  If it already has it, I'm not finding it...

Thanks!  Guess I should have read the instruction manual...oh wait.

Are there instructions for all of these apps somewhere on how to do all the little tricks?

Beta will have a minimum of the features the release version has. Beta will either be ahead or equal to it.

confused about the version numbers of beta and this. why not two paralel branch with logic numbers instead of this minor bump random hellshit?

in all honesty... when I read "Since there's no change log, we'll assume Microsoft has both fixed more bugs and made the app that much faster for you all to enjoy." I hope this was sarcasm from the author's part to anticipate the "seems faster" comments. Not complaining about the app, but apps don't become just faster with simple magic or a minor point update.

It actually is faster, at least during startup, as everyone who uses the beta found out awhile back.

Yeah it seems to be really faster. And notification sound is now determinated from Facebook app and not from Phones options.

No, when the Messenger app came out, there was no need for me to use this buggy little app. My battery is so much happier after I did this, and now it really is FASTER.

I don't get it: everytime the official FB app gets a update the version is more recent than the beta one and after some weeks the beta version gets the same version. :S

Beta got the customer notification about a week ago.

Really annoying because the sound they chose is too quiet and I rarely hear them anymore

I don't know if this is new, but the About screen in the Beta app now has a Check for Updates button :s

where is new customized sounds loaded in the app that were recently implemented in the beta version.?? as i didn't know where is the customized sounds.

Both the apps still suck. It only shows the statuses it wants to show. It never shows everyone's statuses. Doesn't show top stories, just most recent statuses and again not everyone's statuses. Notifications still suck. You'd think after all this time that they'd get something right. Its annoying honestly and you're better off using the browser for Facebook instead of the app because at least you won't miss any news or statuses. It doesn't show any of the photos you upload through instagram on your news feed, you have to manually look at them in your photos. You still cant search trending #hastags because there still is no #hashtag support. The app sucks. Period.

Got them side by side iPhone and Windows Phone and they look damn near the same. If you have issues maybe I can help you out?

Nah, I've had a windows phone of some sort since day one and I've always been a huge fan. I've also owned a couple crappy iPhones and the Facebook app for WP has always lacked features and done the thing where it doesn't show everyone's statuses. They definitely are not the same or close. I despise iPhone but I definitely prefer the iOS Facebook app to the WP Facebook app. It does the same thing if you have your WP connected to Facebook and you view your news feed in the people hub, it won't show everybody's statuses...just ones every now and again, but I can go into the browser and see all the statuses I missed in a few quick swipes. Its just inconvenient to do that since I have the app and it should work properly. As for the notifications, they've never been solid. Yes, they've gotten better but still don't work properly.

But having a crappy Facebook app isn't going to push me away from my Lumia 920 nor any other WP because all in all, WP destroys the competition for me and that's all I need. Thank you for offering help though :)

Anytime. I also have been here from day one. Im working on a few local bank apps to fill a gap we have in my neck of the woods. Its a no so spare time project but I'm doing what I can. Oh and I have found if you login to Facebook via a PC and tell it to show notifications fro. All your friends the missing issues goes away in the WP app. Also I agree about our platform destroying the rest. We need market share and better ads.

I've never changed any of my notifications so that's not the issue. I don't have an issue with notifications other than they take forever to get pushed to my phone or sometimes they don't get pushed at all. The thing I have the biggest problem with is not being able to see everyones statuses that they post in my Facebook app. I have to go to the browser to see them. Its not like that on any other phone and Facebook app except this one for Windows phone.

This is Facebook filtering the statuses you see. They have now forced 'top' statuses (read: keywords that align to their paid advertising push posts to the top). As far as I know you can no longer view chronological statuses on any platform.

That would make a little more sense if it applied to iOS and IE browser but it doesn't. I can get on my fiancé's iPhone and see statuses that my phone does not show unless I'm on the IE browser on my phone.

My bad, Windows Phone still has he option. Though I know that it has been removed from some platforms. Swipe left, tap the gear next to News Fees, select Most Recent.

Yeah that does no good. Same statuses still are there. They know that is an issue. I've read about it in different threads that the most recent news and top stories doesn't work on the WP app and I'm having that issue as well.

I have both installed. So, what is the difference. Is beta just getting the same updates a little earlier? 

Guys , i just bought my phone 2 weeks ago and i noticed that my timeline in Facebook focuses more in showing up the Pages that i liked more than showing up my friends' statuses and photos anyone knows how to fix that ?

Does no one else want to at least have the option of their phone's default sound or the Facebook sound? I'm running the beta app and hate the Facebook sound compared to my phone's default noise :(

I wonder why they update it now. In 12 days Microsoft will present Windows Phone 8.1 with Facebook blue. So what is the point of this update!?

I  hope this isn't the case, but everyone might no be getting 8.1 at the same time. A lot of people only recently got amber and black. They have to keep improving the one they have, plus I'm sure this one and the one for 8.1 share some  things

You're right, but I don't think that Mircosoft do care enough to support old Windows Phone Versions in the future. User from Windows Phone 7 couldn't update their system to Windows Phone 8, so they had to support it. 

Also I don't think that the two apps share some things. The one for Windows Phone 8 is developed from Microsoft, but the new one is developed from Facebook. 

I'm glad I come onto sites like this because it seems I've never either automatically updated or prompted to update. The update seems to work pretty well. The WP app was not bad to begin with. The iOs app is more advanced, but the WP is decent as well. Personally, I have an iPad, and I don't find the iOs version of the app to be all that great. I often find myself just opening up the browser and going to the FB website, which in itself isn't a great experience. Lets not forget they were constantly updating that one at one point last year because they were having all kinds of problems with it. I think the Windows Phone app could probably use a couple more things, and it would be just as good as the others. I've only seen people use it on Android, so I have no point of comparison. 

I dont get any notifications on my lumia 920, i tryed facebook and facebook beta but it doesn't work:( Mesaanger works fine but theese -.- what can i do, any1?

This app actually loads faster than before, it's not a joke this time around. I don't like the notification sound, prefer the Windows Phone notification sound on my phone to this. Same old feeds, timeline doesn't capture everything like the mobile web version. App should integrate with the official Facebook messenger like on other platforms. No Instagram feeds still.

Knock it out fellows, let lead an example that Windows users are more polite and educated. No offence or what so ever.