The fall Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta is now being pushed to 360 consoles - More pics!

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Good news yesterday if you caught our post on the Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta for fall 2012 and you managed to sign up. We’re getting word that consoles are now being pushed the update resulting in users getting some of those new functions.

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In the images above supplied to us by an anonymous reader you can see the Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 being used to navigate to our site.  In addition, other features to the update include:

  • Personalized dashboard recommendations
  • Enhanced category search and discovery features
  • Pinnable Tiles

More pics after the break. Let us know in comments if you’ve received your update and what you think!


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Pinnable Tiles


Reader comments

The fall Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta is now being pushed to 360 consoles - More pics!


When you type "it sucks" it doesn't mean anything. Its mindless emoting. I know we shouldn't feed trolls, but everyone has to take some negative feedback to adjust their stupidity :)

me too! I'm so angry. I was going to sign up when I got home from work, and I completely forgot. I've been a beta tester for every other dashboard update :(

I signed up right on my Lumia 710 right after reading the story on this wpcentral app...I kinda figured it would fill up quick! =[

when I saw the beta terms give them permission to render your console inoperable I decided to pass.  Sounds like they plan on rolling this update sometime around the Win8 launch so I'll just wait.  Pinnable tiles sound more exciting than a browser.

In the last beta, they were replacing systems that either broke or old systems that worked fine, but the beta wasnt compatible with those systems. 
So it is pretty much a non-issue. 

I picked the wrong time to move!! I'm waiting for Verizon to send out a tech to see why the interwebs ain't working since the move and I missed the beta announcement.

If you have Verizon DSL then it is due to Verizon abandoning their copper lines. They no longer maintain them and any thing the tech does that restores your service is sheer luck. If you have FiOS, then you can expect your problem to be fixed promptly.

It really isn't. Having a browser on the 360 will open it up to security vulnerabilities as it'll make it easier for hackers to sniff packets, as well as users doing stupid things like visiting dodgy sites which could potentially install god knows what on their consoles and mess them up (someone I know managed to brick his PS3 by doing this.

I try to treat people with respect, but Racxies comment is quite stupid... Lets not add any new functionality cuz it might give us trouble...

Unfortunately your understanding of how it works needs...well, work. It is most likely built as an app like the metro IE10 on Windows 8, specifically to AVOID said trouble you're foolishly expecting and I'll remind you this isn't your 90's/2000 era Microsoft you're dealing with anymore. =/

I never claimed to be a computer engineer, especially one who deals with Windows/Xbox development, but I know someone who is and explained why this could open up security vulnerabilities. So I'm sorry having of said anything because apparently people here can't appreciate the concern. Not only that but I know someone who bricked his Playstation 3 through the web browser by visiting dodgy sites and downloading stuff and whatnot, but it wasn't until at least an hour after I had posted this that I discovered how much Microsoft have locked the browser down to reduce these things from happening, e.g. Not allowing you to download things.

As for the "enlightened", is the functionality really necessary? Do you not have a computer with which to browse the internet? Microsoft hadn't added a browser to the 360 up until now with good reason, and honestly it is still more of a novelty than a "must have" feature that makes or breaks the console.

Great. I'm waiting for mine. Is the menu and opening of apps (read: netflix) any faster than before ? Netflix/hbogo are painfully slow in the current version.

Eagerly waiting on update! Can't wait ((: I hope it all works well seeing how its beta. Haven't had great beta experiences before lol

Pfft, people like myself who bought the chatpad years ago finally have a reason to dust them off and use them now.

serious question would live need an xbox live membership when the real deal comes out to use the internet?

What do you mean ? What's a "real deal" ?
Anyway, Xbox Live is a private network, a membership *is* required.
Maybe you're talking about paying for the Gold account ? IDK, your question is strange.

He's asking if he will need xbox live membership, when this functionality is released to everyone, to use the internet side of things... presumably if it needs gold membership to use IE on the internet.

You have to download a registration app. Go to the beta site on Microsoft connect and go to product key codes and request a key to download it. It uploads your console info to Microsoft so you no longer have to manually enter your console id, etc. They have had this app for a couple of betas now.

I got the update this morning and it runs smooth IE runs great can't watch some vids I've found but works great so far. I was hoping for a lil more customization with the home page put what you want on there thing but at least they give u a new tile for it called My Pins where u can put what u want in there better then nothing.

Friendly reminder to everyone to post your feedback on the beta site. If you don't post there, ms does know how you feel...

Where are the beta forums? Can you please give a link? The Xbox.com forums are rubbish and I can't seem to find the one for the beta.

IE sounds like a stupid idea to be on a GAMING machine. I have a laptop and a windows phone so I don't see why its necessary on Xbox. Obviously people have a computer if they were able to sign up. I signed up for the dash customization.

According to the latest polling data, most people are using their Xbox 360 as an entertainment center rather than gaming.

Gaming consoles are a limited market whereas MS is pivoting the Xbox as mass entertainment (especially against Apple TV and Google TV). You do that by adding features like IE.

So you need to re-think the Xbox as a "gaming machine". It is no longer the case.

Definitely an entertainment device. I probably only play games 20% of the time. It's our cable box, netflix box and video chat with family box. Chances are, if our tv is on, the Xbox is too.

What happened to the days when people actually played games though? Don't use Netflix since that's another charge on top on live and internet fees. YouTube plays better on my wp7. And i can google faster on my PC or phone, but who knows. I may wind up using the hell out of Xbox IE. I also noticed Xbox music in the pics. Will that be on PC soon as well?

People still play games on it, its just that now that it supports Netflix, Amazon streaming, and a host of other services such as MLB and Crackle, its becoming a device people use more frequently (during the times they're not gaming). My Xbox is turned on for the great majority of the day because when it's not being used to play games, its being used to watch movies or tv shows.

With upcoming SmartGlass (Xbox Companion Settings was rebranded to SmartGlass btw) you can use your tablet to use the browser on the Xbox -> Tablet touch ease of use on the big screen.

Really want to try out smartglass. I'm hoping certain games like skyrim get a patch to use it for something, but ill have halo 4 in November for that.

This really sucks. But only because I missed the Beta. I've been in for all the other betas but completely missed this one. Arghhh!!!

yay lets break NDA and make a full article with it. seriously... there is NDA for a reason. people should respect that if they accept it before joining these kind of betas instead of just getting in a beta for the stupid "i want to get in because i want to get in, and see whats coming and then send stupid pictures to any site to feel important in my sad life" its sad about idiots breaking NDAs. so FU anonymous reader.

I agree that this person is pathetic enough to break the NDA to feel important. It says specifically not to send images to media of any kind. But some people are just that stupid.

My system goes down for a day or 2 (hard drive failure) and I miss this ?????????
I'm on my 360 almost every day, 90% gaming tho.
Man, if anyone can get me an invite to join, PM me in the fourms or email me, <my user name> AT hotmail.com