Our favorite game Pirate Cat gets a new update with a free version in tow

Pirate Cat

Fly on your way like an eagle , Fly as high as the sun

We last mentioned Pirate Cat back in May when it first launched. The game was initially offered for free as an introductory offer and turned out to be quite the mini-hit. The game is similar to a “jumper” where you need to reach a certain height but instead of leaping, your character (an ambitious feline) flies to the moon. You do this by launching your slingshot at birds, collecting their feathers and grabbing power ups along the way. Featuring catchy music and unique graphics, the game quickly won our hearts.

We’re now happy to report that version 1.1 is available in the Marketplace with the following new features and improvements...

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  • A new power up that allow you to travel back in time
  • A additional training mode that detect when a new player is having a hard time with controls
  • A dynamic live tile that will display your last score, your best score and your rank
  • A More readable and user-friendly ranking screen
  • Lot of optimization regarding performance on first generation devices

And in case you didn’t feel like dropping $0.99, there is now a free, ad-supported version as well but with a small bonus: if you play the game and use all 4 of the power ups just once, the game will “automagically” unlock and be completely ad-free. So yeah, just play and enjoy the game and you get to keep it. Huzzah!

The developer tells us that the game was downloaded a massive 20,000 times during its first week and has received some excellent reviews from users. That should tell you how fun this little time-waster could be.

You can grab the update for the paid version here in the Windows Phone Marketplace or if you want to opt for the free version, you can use this link instead.

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Reader comments

Our favorite game Pirate Cat gets a new update with a free version in tow


This is a cool game. There is a ton of other games with the same type of play but, this one with the art of a classic cartoon brings it ahead of the pack. It's cute, fun and simple to play. It's really nice looking.
Just wish it had Xbox live achievements....

I was the same. Art style was great but gameplay really lacked. Then again I hate all the casual tripe like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump so I'm sure it wasn't designed with people like me in mind.

Well, to each to their own, but I tend to prefer playing casual games like Angry Birds on a phone but for games that require more 'investment' like Final Fantasy, I'd prefer playing them on either a tablet, PC/Laptop or a console.

Even though the game was different and really enjoyable to play (due to it's classic cartoon theme), it did get old quick. It does need more.
I'll still have to give them the credit for making a really cool looking game...