Feedback needed on switching from Galaxy S to the Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520

If you are looking for a budget Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 520 may very well be the best option to pursue. WPCentral member gameson is considering picking a Lumia 520 for his father who is currently using a Samsung Galaxy S (first generation).

Gameson has started a discussion seeking feedback on the Lumia 520 in the WPCentral forums in hopes of getting a better handle on this economy oriented Windows Phone.

Based on the initial questions, the phone will be used more as a feature phone than a smartphone with a need to use Skype and Whatsapp. The Galaxy S is described as slow as a turtle and there is concern over the low memory affecting the overall performance of the Lumia 520.

For what it is worth, we have found the Lumia 520 to be an outstanding Windows Phone. There are limitations with certain apps and games due to the low memory but the overall performance is quite nice. (The one limitation? Skype and VOIP apps don't run the quickest.) The Windows Phone platform can be set up for easily, and the price of the Lumia 520 is very appealing.

So far most feedback is positive on the Lumia 520, but what say you? Jump on over to this WPCentral forums discussion and share your thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 520 or offer up an alternative that might fit the bill.


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Feedback needed on switching from Galaxy S to the Nokia Lumia 520


Actually I'm located in France and it's fully compatible. On Tmo USA sure you'll get Edge but wcdma specs are 900 MHz and 2100 MHz and I don't think it matches (to be checked with Tmo)

I saw gameplay videos of 525 on youtube.It lags even in asphalt 8.So 525 is a an hasty decision of Ms.I would rather buy a 520 than 525.And I am happy with my 520.But those who dont play games will find 525 a bit faster than 520.Still 520 rocks!

525 has ok ok camera and no flash. I do mobile photography occasionally so I always want at least a decent camera. 512 RAM is more than enough!

That's true!

But you can actually take some really nice shots with L520 using ProShot. L520 is really a great device if you are not a heavy gamer although it can even run many of those 1GB ram games (cracked xaps).

Just got my dad a Lumia 521 (and a year of Xbox Music for myself) as he needed to update his Galaxy S 4G. He's pretty mediocre with electronics, but he was accustomed to the new phone and OS after a single dinner together.

I just ordered that and got a 520, which I'm going to give my mom who has an iPhone that she doesn't care for. It should be here tomorrow actually, I can't wait.

Anybody with Galaxy Fame? It's substantially slower than Lumia 520, while they have the same price tag.

First there is no front camera. Second the display quality of lumia520 is inferior to the galaxy s .
While i agree with it running slow now, cuz it is a single core device running Android 2.3 gingerbread.
Still some essentials for comfortable switch

1. Transfer all contacts using transfer my data app or signing in with the Google account used for the galaxy
2. At least 16 gb memory card. Its dumb to leave the expandable memory slot empty in any smartphone
3. Configuration of the start screen accordingly. Which is absolutely essential for a good experience with wp8
4. Get him a rubber case
5. Update to gdr3.

Why is the display of the 520 inferior to the SGS? They are both 4" with a res of 480x800. Only difference: the 520 sports an LCD, the SGS an AMOLED (and I personally hated it on my SGS+, despite the darker black). They both have ~235dpi.
What exactly is your point of critic here?

AMOLED is a superior screen than IPS, its far less taxing on battery, more vibrant, and able to create the darkest blacks

& yet the Lumia 1520 IPS TFT screen is widely considered to be the best screen on any smartphone.
I personally preferred my IPS screen on my 920 to the OLED on my 1020...

not saying screens cant surpass it, but from the standard raw technology, amoled generally beats the others, but considering IPS has been around longer, and we understand the tech much better, and also the much cheaper cost to produce it, its only natural that we can still produce better pictures on them! but in the case of the 52X, its a cheap low end standard IPS display, definately not gonna beat any AMOLED screens

I owned a Nexus S (LCD) and SGS+ (AMOLED) at the same time and IMO the LCD was much nicer to look at. It's true, the black was darker on the AMOLED but on the other side the AMOLED was much more grainy and the colors not even near natural.

And if I have to look at it every day I don't care about being more battery efficient if it doesn't look good. But that might be subjective.

But don't forget that the best display doesn't matter if the rest of the phone is crap ;-) So the display shoudln't be the only criteria for/against a phone.

Nokia's use of ClearBlack on their IPS screen is superior to any Amoled. Proof is the 1520. If you were to tell me that way back in 2012 then I would believe you but not anymore.

We are comparing displays of lumia520 and Galaxy s. Galaxy is clearly duperios, after all it was a flagship device when it was launched.

I would get the Nokia L525 instead, just as a precaution. Or perhaps just go for the 920 since you can currently get it really cheap.

He might not like the fact there is not front face camera-handy for whatsapp and skype.But it's a pretty good phone for its price.

But Skype still works and voip calls are clearly possible.
Plus all the regular apps like WhatsApp, instagram, line, Facebook work well.

Hi! With Nokia Camera app you can take massive shots,make action shots, delete object, change colors with Color pop & Moore .. Because Nokia has the best Camera Experience in a smartphone ...
SECOND : Nokia Mix Radio is the best Free Streaming music app in all the tree OS ... OFFLINE SERVICE INCLUDED
THIRD: Nokia maps is the only app in the three OS which let you use the maps & the GPS with voice OFFLINE!
FOURTH: In June you'll get a massive update were you'll be able to have a background and a big tile and more than 50 changes +Cortana the voice assistant that will overtake Siri ...
FIFTH: The phone colorful choices..
...,, alot more I am just tired

The third one alone was enough to stop me from switching to Android and keeping me as a Nokia user. Between a mapping system that works only with a data connection and a full off line experience there's literally a world of difference. My Lumia worked a treat in Torres del Paine (the middle of nowhere, you won't find a mobile connection there) and saved my ass in Buenos Aires, with no roaming needed. After that, I won't trust anybody else when it's time to travel.

Since there is no from camera on 520 and he needs Skype maybe 625 would be good option. CW is giving £120 cash back on 625

True but it's more convenient to do video chat on the front camera of the 625.

But I don't live in the U.S. so I'm curious if the LTE of the 625 work in the U.S.?! 

Hello dears. I wanna ask a question. When will come window phone 8.1 preview. I haven't information about it.

It's an awful phone. Got one for my mom a few months and apps like Viber and Skype have been practically unusable. Depends on what you use it for. If VOIP and IM are your thing, a low end Android will be far better for that purpose.

Clearly it's different. I came from Android and low-end Androids are the lowest of low craps!

Android is only good with a snapdragon 800 chip if the low end android phone your talking about has that chip well yes buy it if not buy an Nokia Asha phone.

Mate...you sound like a fool. Androids' work ok on equivalent hardware...just not as fluid. Viber and Skype both work better on Android.
I still would never own or use an Android...but please, don't offer such a bias view.

Put the same processor that the 520 has on an android phone It just doesn't work unless its a nexus that's clean from all the crapware, yes viber and Skype work alot better on android if your not doing anything else otherwise it won't open on low end phones. Why I recommend Asha phones and not the 520, cause I had a very bad experience with my 520 and my uncle has an Asha 3xx phone and has Skype installed how I don't know his sister gave him the phone she bought it while in Egypt and works without hiccups.

Low-end androids are crappy phones! And the Galaxy S is slow and laggy and crappy! The 520 works way better!

I gave my son a 520 for Christmas. He uses Skype to conserve his minutes and has never had trouble with it running slowly. It works perfectly. No front facing cam, but that's ok.

520 definitely better...galaxy s definitely sucks..if he prefer android moto g fits well at the same price...both are gr8 phones...520 no front cam..poor display..my 520 after black update running smooth as silk...battery not that good... WhatsApp disappointing crashes alot...plays asphalt8 very well...waiting for 8.1...overall a good choice..

Get a Lumia 620, 720, 820 or 920 instead.

Don't get me wrong, the 520 is a great phone, but it lacks a front facing camera and the screen is kind of terrible.

I'd recommend a Lumia 620 because the hardware is superior to the 520, it does feature a smaller screen though.

If the smaller screen size is a problem, consider a Lumia 820 or 920, it really depends on where you're living. In my country the 820 and 920 are similarly priced, so than you should obviously get the 920 .

If you are really on a tight budget, consider a Lumia 525.

Actually the 625 is a better phone than the 620 or 520. And the price is not too far from the 520 either. Also 625 has LTE, although in the U.S. I don't know if the 625's LTE works.

I have a 521. No front camera, no flash, some apps don't run on my device but its not that big of a deal. Its still a great phone despite having low memory. Hopefully I can get a 920 next :D

I picked up a 520 with the Xbox Music Bundle, though a great quality built low end phone, it may not suit your needs if a FFC is a must for Skype. Screen quality is ok and surprisingly I added an ArmorSuit clear protector and that made the screen feel silky smooth like a High End device. I only noticed the phone stutter a bit switching between apps. With 8.1 coming to the 520 and having the ability to load apps on SD cards might be a good option if you like to have a lot of different apps installed.

I wouldn't suggest the 520, but maybe another budget Windows Phone with a little more juice if it's within his budget.

Whatever windows phone fits his father that's totally up to him. I like the 920 and it fits for me.

I have had the 520 on at&t for about a year. Good little phone....but remember its is only 99 bucks. After using it for a while it stalls, Bluetooth will die on you at times, the phone has to be restarted about 3 times a week. I used it to it full capacity mind you. I still recommend it for an inexpensive way to get into windows phone. Side note I got a Lumia 1520 the other day... What a beast.. Its awesome

I had the Galaxy S Fascinate a few years back after the screen went on my beloved touch pro 2. I hated it so much because of lag and crappy performance, I got a Lumia 800 and was immediately impressed. I now have a 1020 and it is amazing. I'm sure the 520 will be light years ahead of the Galaxy S.

Got a 620 each for my mother and mother in law (82 and 72)
They use it with no problems, was some teaching at first but not as much as I'd thought it would be :)
Planning on getting them a 625 when price drops some more, the screen on the 620 is a bit small for some older folks. The 520 is a bit bigger but would recommend the 625 because of the easier handling on a larger screen.
Wouldn't recommend a galaxy even if Samsung paid me :P

The Galaxy S4 is a fine device, but the Galaxy Fame is a craptacular piece of sh*t, and with the Fame and the Lumia 520 costing the same, there is no choice ;)

Without a doubt the S4 is way, way better than the 520. But if the choice is between the crappy and laggy  Galaxy S and the 520, the 520 everytime!

625 have front facing camera and flash, and a bigger screen. It is not very much expensive than a 520 and it's a 4G LTE device.

Yes, for a little more money, the 625 with LTE is better than the 520. But I don't know if the 625's LTE works in the U.S. though.

Not quite sure about the bands, but the 625 looks and feel great.
Have an old SG2 in the drawer, think it looks like a refrigerator from the -50's compared with my 1020 :P

I have 521+925 but I'd take the 925 with that discount at newegg that you just reported on.

The 520 is good to save money but not if you can get the 925 for not much more with a flash and much better image sensor and screen.

How bout an s3 or s2 lol. Why compare a phone that's not even a year old to one that's 3 years old?

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The last time I heard, the S3 or S2 are also android. I think he wants his father to move to WP that's why he's thinking of getting the 520.

Well if he was going for a cheap phone the s2 is probably free with contract and the s3 is 50 with a contract. And both are better phones then the 520. Better camera, screen, more storage, better battery.

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This is getting really annoying....

I want to read news and not highlighted articles of some random person who wants to change OS, needs app alternatives or is just incapable of doing a simple search on the web!

If you want to see it as a helpful "guide" (really, this mess of biased comments is not very reliable), you could label it as - gee, I don't know - "beginners guide" and cut out the member names.

This looks a lot like "hey, my friend here needs some help, but I'm too busy so I just make an article out of it" and it's not the first one!

So, just read the news...
You didn't have to open this article - and you certainly didn't need to comment.
These threads are actually v.useful for people that are considering switching but want to know the opinion of real people that are using the platform.

If I'd be considering to switch OS those comments would just confuse me even more because most of the comments are just "get this one" without or only a minimum information. That's my problem with those articles. Also, most of the guys who comment are fanboys and what fanboy would list the negative sides of WP?

Plus, in the article it says he already started a thread in the forum. So why drag it to the news page?

There are many other things to read in this site other than articles like these, so just skip them. They may not be useful to you but they are useful to other people so I don't understand why you're so uptight about it. If you don't want people moving to WP at all, of course that's a totally different thing, and maybe you shouldn't be here at all to begin with!

Anyone switching i would suggest the 525 its has more resources. wp has games that run well on 525. Asphalt 8 modern combat etc, wp has limited moga support as well, apps to have moliplayer, moga pro power works good on windows phone, crackle, flash videos if you live outside the us, psx emulator, snes emulator vgba8 for gameboy advance games Pokemon etc, and the most important app of all to have is windows phone central

L520 or L525, either ways doesnt have front camera so m doubtful whether Skype can be used in it. Else, its a way better phone than Samsung.

You can still use Skype calls even without video. You can also access the back camera for Skype video but it's awkward. So perhaps he should be buying the 625, 720, or the  820, or even the 920 instead. The prices of these other phones have gone down so much that they've become quite affordable.

Skype with no front facing cam!! Bad choice buddy!! A guess the 620 is a better choice!! A little small but a better screen, flash an front facing camera..

Switched from Galaxy S Vibrant to Lumia 822 on the middle of last year. Lumia is better in every category. Got the Lumia from eBay for roughly 150 USD.

even installed Cyanogen on the Galaxy. The Lumia still blew it out of the water

If Skype is important, 520 or 525 is not advisable according to me. Because the whole point of Skype is to be able to see and be seen. To achieve that in a 525, one will have to connect their phone to a secondary display and that just gets inconvenient, let alone impossible outdoors. The 1gb ram is very good in the 525 but because its going to be used as a feature phone, i reckon that a secondary cam is more useful than the extra ram. Go for a 625 if the size is not an issue. Or an 820 if you can find one. Its a good device that i am sure is available for very very cheap.

Even though 520 is the best in the price range I prefer a 525
Or if you are low on budget (like me) buy a 920(used)

I prefer a 620 or 920
Because viber and SkyDrive suck on 520 and the browser is also veryyyyy slow at some times

I'll put a plug for the 720. Very excellent ffc in any price range. The battery life is very good too. No LTE and restricted maps to your region only though!!

It's awesome for the price! i bought one for my mom for 60$! She likes it. I also bought a red back cover to change the color overall and she liked it even more. She is not tech savvy but she lhas learned a lot from it. Only thing she misses from her old phone was google translate but she doesn't mind.

I just got a 520 last week and it is the best phone I have ever owned! I had an iPhone before this and I own an Android tablet but WP8 is by far a btter OS.

Plus it was only $59 at the MS Store!