A few notes on LTE with Windows Phone (HTC TITAN II)


Howdy folks, we're still rocking it here at CES and we figured we would catch up on a few things. First off, is LTE and Windows Phones--how's it work?

More specifically, is there a "toggle" to turn it on or off? Short answer is 'no', there is not. At least when we searched up and down the HTC TITAN II (see hands on) there was certainly no switch outside of the generic "data" toggle under the Phone settings. When we asked HTC about it, they said a few things:

Speed test

  • You'll need a "LTE SIM card", meaning you'll have to have your account set up for this. (This is also the beginning of GSM carriers locking in people to their networks, by the way)
  • The phone will use LTE when it can and switch to 3G/HSPA+ when it can't. In keeping with the "simple" motif of Windows Phone, the user will not have to manage this
  • What about battery life? The TITAN II certainly has ample battery and since this is the 2nd generation of LTE chipsets, battery life should be significantly better than our current Android counterparts. Plus, Microsoft looks to have aggressively attacked this issue. Still, proof is in the pudding, so we'll see in a few weeks.
  • Is it fast? Hard to say at CES as all the networks are congested here today. We easily hit between 3-6Mbps which sounds not very impressive but when you consider how taxed the network is here, it's actually pretty good. In fact browsing the web was quite enjoyable. But we'll know more up on release, when we can test on a "normal" day
  • Oh and our initial impression of the TITAN II: we liked it, a lot. The new curvy, unibody design is really top notch. It actually feels nicer in the hand and that chin helps when typing in landscape. Plus the that 16MP camera.

Anyways, hope that answers some of your questions...


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A few notes on LTE with Windows Phone (HTC TITAN II)


Not surprised that AT&T will not provide a 4G switch, same as they chose not to do for 3G (at least on my Surround). But as I am within WiFi 85-90% of every day, and know that WiFi updates in the background every two hours with data turned off, no need to keep the battery draining on except when I need it.

There is no way to accurately test the speed of a Windows Phone running LTE because of the way Windows Phone is architected. Using the DSL reports mobile speed test tool doesn't work. I've tried this before. It just doesn't work. Using this test over WiFi yielded results with high latency and low speed. The Speedtest.net tool clocked the same WiFi network with low latency and high speed. So it's not accurate like the Speedtest.net tool is from Ookla, or even the speedtest app in the Marketplace. I clocked our LTE down at CES today using the Speedtest.net app on the Galaxy Skyrocket at 18 Mbps.

I'm extremely skeptical of the quality of that camera sensor. I guess you could always reduce the size of shots it takes, but still it seems like HTC is pandering to megapixel size queens. Guess we'll see.

LTE is worthless.  Without global roaming capabilities, all it is is something to cost me extra money for nothing.  Carriers are a bunch of idiots.  Rot in hell.