Fhotolens and Fhotostorage updated, HDR improvements and more integration added


Two popular Windows Phone photography apps were updated recently, Fhotolens and Fhotostorage.

Fhotolens is a Windows Phone camera app that creates a virtual 10-24mm lens to give your photos a fish-eyed lens look. Fhotostorage is a Windows Phone Pictures Hub discovery tool that is designed to help you find specific photos a little easier by sorting them into categories or keyword search.

Fhotolens was updated to version 2.1 that further refines the HDR filter with faster tone mapping and allows single exposure shots to be captured at full resolution. You will also notice a new logo for Fhotolens.

Photo Provided by Thomas Locke

We have not had the chance to take the updated version of Fhotolens out for a test drive (the weather has not been camera friendly) but the Fhotolens HDR sample provided by the developer does look nice.

Fhotostorage makes the jump to version 1.4 and adds support for Instagram, Flickr, Fhotoroom as well as local photo storage discovery. With this support Fhotostorage can sift and sort images shared and uploaded to those network sites. We are told Facebook support is in the works. The version 1.4 update also adds the ability to sort images by “likes” along with a handful of bug fixes related to the app’s themes and 720 layout.

Fhotostorage Updated Screens

The developer is constantly working to improve all his Windows Phone apps and these latest updates reflect his commitment to the platform.

There is a trial version for Fhotolens with the full version running $1.49. Fhotostorage is a free app and both are only available for Windows Phone devices. Both of these Windows Phone photography apps can be picked up through the following Windows Phone Store links.

Fhotolens – Store Link

Fhotostorage – Store Link

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QR: Fhotostorage


Reader comments

Fhotolens and Fhotostorage updated, HDR improvements and more integration added


If you try fhotolens for HDR, i recommend using the 2xp High option which is the way the results in the article were produced. Only post processing done is boosting the saturation the rest is straight off the camera.

2xp = handheld
3xp = tripod
5xp = bracketing for desktop processing.

Also please feel free to let me know which other network you would like for me to add to fhotostorage. I am already working on FB but is 500px or anyother ppl really would like for me to add? Would really appreciate the feedback.

Hello there, I am also currently using the app on a Lumia 1520 testing device and the "preview" looks horrible. It seems like an upscaled 1280x720 display or worse. With "preview" I mean the screen you get when you just open the app, the way you can look "through" the camera before taking a picture.

Also the fisheye effects looks horrible in this "preview" mode, but once you take a photo, the photo is quite alright in itself.

It's a shame that you can't get a Lumia device there. You should contact Nokia or Microsoft, they should support developers. Also, I paid for this app, so it's a bummer that it doesn't work flawlessly on my device.

Hello Bram, there are processing limits in the preview that are difficult to achieve which is why it is just a preview for fisheye and highend devices that are affected.

Like you said the final output is good as i am able to fully anti alias much higher resolutions. I am constantly working on it which is why i am very excited more quad processors are coming which free me to do a lot more for those devices.

The carriers here focus more on Apple, Android and Blackberry so don't release many WP.

I have asked many many times mostly to hit a wall of silence so my only choice is to try to get the support of users so thank you so much for yours.

I have a new update on route that will hopefully fix some of the issues for you thanks to another 1520 user. Please i encourage you to give feedback to any dev with your device as they may not have it but wish to support it.

I only have this device for a brief periode of time for testing purposes (press), so I am afraid I cannot help out much. But indeed, many apps do not take advantage of the full HD screen.

Do you think you could "fix" the low quality preview? Also I noticed a bug that when manually focusing (tapping the screen) quickly many times, the manual focus will stop working. I had to re-start the app to get it back to work.

Maybe you should start a topic on the forums here concerning your apps, so people can leave feedback.

Well sir consider yourself extremely lucky i have had 5 minutes (no dev access just play) with a 1020 2 months after it's release when it finally become available they already had the 1520 just about out. I have considered making this app a free exclusive to Fhotoroom users only and/or excluding all 1020, 1320 and 1520 users as well.

The forums are a great choice but developing for a device i don't have access to is akin to Android development, i know cause i do that too now thanks to HTC, says a lot.

Maybe it is better than, for now, to stop supporting those devices. People (like myself) give money for an app, yet cannot make full use of it. It is a great app, but id I had known that it is not optimised for the 1520 I probably wouldn't have bought it. It is not really fair. I am not saying it is your fault, but a lot of disappointment could be stopped if you simply dropped support for these phones and put the info as to why in a disclaimer in the app description.

I agree that is fair but this is definitely not on purpose as i don't know what i don't know (not having a 1520 i don't know) I will definitely put a disclaimer but just to be clear, you can take full advantage of the app but the app cannot take full advantage of your device like more than +90% of the app in the market place.

Thank you for the feedback.

How to use fhotostorage?it doesnt show all my albums.whatever photos it shows are in no order?can you Please tell me how to use it like a replacement for my photo hub :/

The photo hub includes facebook which is why it has different folders. What folder fhotostorage does show are your local files, if you goto network you can add your instagram, flickr and fhotoroom presently with facebook coming soon. To make sure you can see all of your folder you select your folder, then filter All, Landscape, Portait etc. Then the you can order them by Most Recent, Oldest Shots, JPG, PNG, and instagram and fhotoroom can also be sorted by Likes.

The latest update will default to All rather than Landscape. Hope that helps.



I have been using photo apps for a while but with this one the images are very grainy and of low quality on my Lumia 1520. I don't have any features turned on which could produce this but the built in Nokia Cam app is so much better. Can you offer any suggestions Fhotoroom?

I am sorry to hear this, as i don't have access to a 1520 and being in Canada where there is virtuallty ZERO Nokia presense my only choice is to buy these phones unlocked which is would cost more than i have made off this app in +2 months so i don't know if i will be able to resolve this issue. Please email me a screenshot so i can see what i can try and do otherwise all i can do is apologize. Even the 1020 took forever to get to Canada and for the first 6 months of it's release i had a total of 5 minutes with the device.

Its no problem and thanks for getting back to me as I understand that everyphone. Whats the best email address to get you on and i'll send one taken with this app and the nokia app for comparison. Its a shame as this is a great little app but don't worry, I will still use your Fhotoroom software :) 


ty for the emails and the photos. Could you try this comparison in portrait layout rather than landscape and tell me if you think you notice the difference. When i ran basic single exposure camera tests the portraits looked just as good as native but in landscape were not as sharp in some shots. It is possible that the 1520 with it's better camera could make this much more noticeable.

Ok, i think i know what it is and may have fixed it. I will have to run about a dozen tests to confirm it. I will get the update out today if i am correct. Once again thank you for the feedback, i cannot emphesize how much this helps devs.

this one bug fix has also made the HDR alignment process much more accurate (+20%) in landscape mode as it is now better able to detect edges which are sharper espically for 1020 and 1520 users. So thank you so much for the feedback.

Thanks for that. I've sent. Few more and the image is better in portrait. It seems to be certain images as some are blocky and the edges not as clear, other almost as good. Sorry to be a pain about this.

Never a pain, I just have narrowed it down and had to be as accurate and critical as possible. The Tap to Focus messed up the landscape shots. So if you just pulled the cam out an shot in portrait or landscape it worked fine as it used the center point for focus. Once tap to focus is used from that point forth until the app is closed and reopened the landscape shots had a 50/50 chance of not coming out as sharp/focused as possible. All this has already been fixed and the update pushed out awaiting approval. I cannot thank you enough for this feedback and you will always know that fhotolens takes better landscape shots cause of you ;)