Fhotoroom updated, adds accent color support and a new tilt shift option


For those not familiar, Fhotoroom is a Windows Phone photography app that is part photo sharing, part camera app and part photo editor. It's been updated several times making it a rather solid photo app for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.

Both versions were recently updated, version 3.9 for Windows Phone 7.x and version 9.1.9 for Windows Phone 8, that adds accent color theme support, a new tilt shift setting and a few performance tweaks.

Fhotoroom Accent Color Support

The color accent support changes out the black and blue title bars to match your Windows Phone theme color. Additionally, the accent color is adopted to the Fhotoroom camera app.  It's a fun feature to help your Fhotoroom app match your Windows Phone theme and possibly the color of your phone as well.

Fhotoroom Accent Color Support and Tilt Shift Editing Tool

Along with the support for your Windows Phone accent colors, the update adds a vignette option to the tilt shift tool in the photo editor. The vignette setting helps boost the tilt shift effects rather nicely.

Add high-resolution image support, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and VK sharing, Instagram support through Instagraph integration, NFC tap+send sharing and a healthy set of photo editing options and Fhotoroom is a stout photography app for our Windows Phone.

Fhotoroom is a free app that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can download Fhotoroom here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Fhotoroom updated, adds accent color support and a new tilt shift option


think of this way, does instagram post wp photos on their popular section, heck most wp users have 3 accounts cause they are constantly getting blocked sorry is it flagged. In contrast a lot of iPhone users who open this app will see WP photos every single time and we have the best cameras to show off. This makes me prouder to be a wp user than to feel like a second class citizen on a site that wants nothing to do with us.

blame Microsoft not us. We have had 10 updates rejected by them in the last month and half with no reasoning, if you want to help me send a message to them @msdev to approve fhotoroom. We have some AMAZING tech for win8 and winrt they are holding back. I am so sorry about this.

Premium offering for free with no ads and constantly updated. I don't know they do it, but gotta love 'em!

This is probably my most used app of any category.

Deffinitely great app. I still use it alongside creative studio for cropping and color pop.

how can i fix crop for you? I thought with the recent updates that the feature was quite complete with the 10 ratios and clean ui.

Can't understand why this app has been so underated for so long .
I've been using it as my primary editing app for ages, I like that it has the W8 PC app as well if you like working on a larger screen (certainly helps with my fuzzy eyesight).

it was made available a couple of updates ago. Since our last post on WPcentral we did 4 updates 2 for WP7 and 2 for WP8 before this one. I just don't bug WPcentral for every single one of our updates otherwise you see us every other couple of days or they would spam block my emails and i appreciate everything they do already.

I have this app on my phone(s) since its day one in the Store. Beautiful, fast, potent, and reliable. And it keeps getting better and better! I still don't use that social aspect of it, though, since no one from my scarce collection od WP friends actually use it. That's about to change, hopefully, coz I've talked my bf into buying Lumia 920 (it's on a huge sale currently in Croatia, price dropped by more than 50% and he's both not into the latest and greatest technology and on a tight budget). :) And yes, what's up with Microsoft and their policies lately? I've read what you guys'n'gals from Fhotoroom replied to SlayerSpecial. I think Microsloth, as someone somewhere put it once, is a very appropriate term these days...