Fhotoroom updated with a new design and filters


Fhotoroom is a very nice photo sharing and editing app for our Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can sign up with the Fhotoroom network to show off your photos or just use the app to edit your photos.

Fhotoroom was updated today to version 8.3 that brings a new user interface to the editor along with a handful of new filters, styles, frames and light leaks. The but that was hindering saving/loading images from your SkyDrive account was also fixed.

The new layout has your filter/editing options pull up from the bottom of the screen as opposed to scrolling along the bottom of the screen. Not sure if I like the new interface. The old style you could switch between filters/effects while previewing the application on your photo.

Fhotoroom old layout
Fhotoroom Old Layout

The new interface has more back and forth action moving between filter choice and effect preview.  You still have the before/after toggle switch at the top of the screen but the older style seemed more convenient.  It's not a deal break and really only impacts the filters than say applying an effect, like tilt shift, where you have to go to a third screen to apply the effect.

Fhotoroom new layout
Fhotoroom New Layout

User interface change or not, the update brings the total number of filters, frames, and editing effects to over seventy five. All in all, the version 8.3 update keeps Fhotoroom as one of the better Windows Phone photography apps.

Fhotoroom is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 or 7.x device and you can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, martinmc78, for the tip!

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Fhotoroom updated with a new design and filters


i remember, earlier it was not available in India, but now I can download it. does anyone have any idea if it can replace my current lot of photo editing apps (camera 360, colorify, creative studio, photofunia, and sophielens). if so, which of these?

You have all those apps downloaded? You should try the app "Fantasia Painter Free", it is really cool and is loaded with tons of edits, filters, etc. I used to have a lot of photo editing applications then I tried Fantasia, it is great in my opinion.

photofunia is completely different as it creates novelty pictures.

I'm not sure why people think you have to settle on one.  I use both Fatansia and Fhotoroom and probably use Fhotoroom the most.  They each do certain things better than the other.  I can get in/out of Fhotoroom quickly when I want to adjust white balance, black point, saturation, sharpness, etc.  When I want something fancier like tilt shift or blurring something out I prefer to "paint" on the effect in Fantasia.  I think you'll like having both at your disposal. 

Plus, I really like the community in Fhotoroom.  They are focused on great photos more than lunch and pet pics. 


I really like this app, BUT, the latest UI change to the edit page is really really annoying. I guess more people than me thinks that. I've given feedback to them regarding this and would like to urge others to do so to. The current UI is more or less a dealbreaker for me. Anyone else?

Same here. The new workflow makes it harder to quickly apply different effects. Earlier, all the effects were in the bar at the bottom and I could simply keep clicking on them and check how the picture would look, now I have to apply one, check the result then pull up the effects again (using the switch at the bottom) to apply a new one. Bad design.

Reply from developer:
Q. New UI?
A. Swipe left and right will show preview without showing full list. The previous layout hid up to 20% of the photo if portrait. The clicks are actually fewer with this layout. Best way to use the new menu is to select a category after opening photo. select first style, then swipe left/right for filters... swipe up/down to control strength. This way you can play and preview all the style and only see the menu the first time. So you see the menu is actually less intrusive and with so many filters initial filter selection is easier to find.
Q. Will try it over some time and then decide.
A. Yes please let us know, cannot do anything new we if aren't prepared to make a few mistakes.

Hey everyone, on first impression it does appear to be a back and forth process for selecting filters, but that is that last method we would recommend.
Let us explain the layout problems we had and why we think this works best.
This new layout addresses 2 very specific issues with our previous layout. First it covers upto 20% of a portrait photos and with us having so many filters it also took some scrolling to find filters.

This new menu primarily focuses on making finding that filter you want easy by laying them all out without having to scroll at all. Once selected the menu completely hides itself bringing all the focus on the photo. You can then use the swipe left/right to scroll through filters (never seeing the menu) and swipe up/down to control the strength (if available for that filter) of each one. This way you never have to see the menu once you initially selected a filter.

You can also hide the menu by using either the back button, clicking the already selected filter category (edit, styles, frames) or select a different filter.
Please definitely let us know what you think and also really tryout the Gestures they make the phone experience better. Over the last six month we spent a lot of time adding pinch, swipes, drags and many other gestures throughout the app.
Thank you George and WPCentral for the review.

Thanks for the clarification! I wasn't aware that I could simply select a filter and scroll left/right to choose different ones.

In regards to WP7, the update is in the works and will bring everything WP8 has over as part of this update. The only areas where there are big differences between the WP7 and 8 is in the Camera functions.

Fhotoroom ! Philippines support please. Many wp8 users here and much more in the fence to switch. Live tiles is the future..