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Filter unread snaps and get faster uploads in latest 6snap update


It feels like it was just earlier today that Rudy had last updated 6snap, his Windows Phone client for Snapchat, to version 1.3.1 in the Windows Phone Store. That’s because it was. Which makes the fact that version 1.4 is already out all the more awesome. Let’s check out what’s new in the latest (and presumably greatest) version of 6snap yet.

Earlier today version 1.3.1 of 6snap rolled out. It was notable for featuring improved image quality, two new languages (traditional Chinese and Swedish) and the usability of the home screen during a phone call was improved. So what’s in version 1.4 of the app? Here’s what:

  • Filter unread snaps
  • Increase upload speed
  • Change snap counter behavior (only count unstarted snaps)
  • No need to wait the end of the countdown to reply
  • Be able to reply to a 'not friend' user
  • Improve picture quality for Lumia 1520 & 1020
  • Improve image cropping when no text is added
  • Add right-to-left scripts support and Arabian language

Boom. Just like that two 6 updates in the same day for the same app. Faster upload speeds are always welcomed happily. Plus Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 owners will be happy to have better picture quality when using 6snap. You can also filter unread snaps using the little funnel on the top right in the message section.

Hit up the Windows Phone Store to download 6snap for free. QR code below too if you’re into that. 

Thanks to Darren C and everyone else for the tip!

QR: 6snap


Reader comments

Filter unread snaps and get faster uploads in latest 6snap update


check snap, they click and hold the back button and close the application before the snapcounter finishes. Re-open the app and you can see the snap as good as new.

This app would be set if we could screenshot. Still a better app than Snapchat though. Thanks Rudy

As Rudy has said a couple of times, that won't happen because it is in direct violation of Snapchats policies. We could risk them taking the app down if he added that.

Yet that's exactly what can be done on other platforms, admittedly by accident - but I'd like the same courtesy.

But that's official apps and still not what Snapchat is all about. If you want a third party Snapchat app that is exactly like MMS, then build one yourself.

You can take SC on other platforms through the OS's built in screenshot functions. The SC option is not built into the snapchat app. Since snapchat couldn't block the OS's from taking screenshots they built in "screenshot has been taken" function.

And as the other comment mentions this is not the purpose of Snapchat.

Now those are just facts. My personal opinion is I would love to able to screenshot but not at the risk of loosing this app which I personally love. I think this app is far better than the official app on my nexus 4. Being able to upload pictures already taken, love that.

I agree with the statement saying this is a better app than the (original) Snapchat. But you can screenshot..Windows phones screenshots by pressing the middle button, the one with the windows logo and the power button at the same time. The better thing about this too is that the person who sent the snapchat does not know if we have taken a screenshot of the photo.


Thanks Rudy, keep it up! more features!

Yeah, noticing the same bug with the flash auto turning on. Also, the auto word correct doesn't seem to work anymore, unless I click on the word after its been typed. It use to fix it as you typed.

Anyone else who can't install the update? 520 GDR3 dev preview. Halfway thru installation, an unknown error occurs. Tried uninstalling, now I can't get it back at all...