Developer preview build of Windows Phone 8.1 expected April 14

Windows Phone 8.1

With as much as we've learned about Windows Phone 8.1 in the past two days, there were still some things left up in the air. Like how close was Microsoft to being done? And when would users get to see it on their devices? We're closer to those answers today, with a letter leaked to Neowin indicating that it could very well be very soon.

The letter, reportedly sent by Microsoft to Windows Phone partners, says that the remaining work to be done on Windows Phone 8.1 is addressing "a small set of issues" (i.e. bug fixes) and is expected to be complete on April 8th. From there, this gold master build will be distributed to manufacturers on April 14th — less than two weeks away.

Registered developers will be able to download and install Windows Phone 8.1 shortly after that through the developer preview program. That is a touch later than the April 10th date that we'd heard earlier, but also not exactly a huge delay.

The first devices running Windows Phone 8.1 — the Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 — are expected to start shipping next month, so it won't be too long until Windows Phone 8.1 starts getting in the hands of people all around the globe.

Source: Neowin


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Developer preview build of Windows Phone 8.1 expected April 14



F**k u Microsoft...why only EEUU? The rest of the world we also know speak in English ¬¬

"...english speakers around the world...".
Then why not just make Cortana available to them first? At least to English speaking nations? If accent is the problem then there's no problem. Localization? Yes it takes time but hey we can live few months without this feature too.

Of course it will work, for most things anyway. Why would it not work? Location based options maybe won't, but I can't see why the rest won't.

no one buys apps in India ........we use all the free stuff and pirated stuff......its the down right truth that someone in the subsequent posts is going to deny..maybe a few say 1% of the wp owners actually buy apps....

"no one buys apps in India ........we use all the free stuff"
Is the stupidest statement I've ever read. In fact most of the people ain't developers and most don't have a dev unlocked phone to side load cracked xaps.
I myself have a student developer unlocked phone and can easily get any game or app for free but I still buy them to support developers and encourage the platform. If at any case, the rate of structural purchase is less, then its due to lack of more payment methods. Go to any app review and see how many are crying for carrier / operator puurchase options.

Its kinda really hard to assume the minority 1% or 10% when you already get three opposing responds within 30 mins of your comment.

I'm not sleepy. I don't sleep before 5am or 6am. For your reason, I still have 648 lines of code to compile and probably won't sleep after that too. No question of logout. Will keep checking my gmail for new replies. I have a point here that's why I'm here. Yeah I type a lot.

Still not done with the leg pulling one last time here goes.....the point that you have here is a tiny dot, that is all so take this.(dot) and continue your coding....and agli baar MODI sarkar....gn mate...

No thanks for the dot. I see that much in codes already (BTW just count how many dots you've used in this reply) Hate politics so don't bring it here again. Seen many sarkars, shines first, gets outshined later, no more hope. Good Morning :)

I purchased a ton of apps too and will purchase a ton more! Most of the Indian credit and debit cards works well with the store/wallet (carrier billing would make it easy for the masses though)

Yeah, Carrier / Operator billing is one of the most awaited feature for store (specially in India). I know it takes long but its late already. They should quickly approve it.

Yeah! Outlook has become much better than before and it's always been better than Gmail with security aspects. The thing is I made my fb account with Gmail and then created the WPC account using that. I tried to sync my Gmail with Outlook, but many contacts didn't work for me. Don't know the reason yet. So I use it exclusively for WPC only. Otherwise with cleaner UI and modern layout, Outlook all the way!

Ok, I used gmail for some years, but when Outlook become available and changed the old Hotmail, I changed my account settings for most sites I registered with Gmail and changed them with Outlook. It's sad to hear that it doesn't work 100% for you, but one day it will. Good luck! :)

Thanks! I'll try to change the settings again. I guess most sites have it, but in WPC I may need to create a different account if I sign-in with my live ID. The mistake I did was sign-in WPC with Facebook account and not Outlook... I really love Live ID over Gmail.

Well I am one of them and I hate pirated stuff they do more damage then good, and people don't really get that. And come on Rs 55 to Rs 100 is not a big deal for anyone. And if people want to use dirty pirated stuff Android is an option. Now what you are say about Indians is kinda insulting dude, you should take a look at the WP store and you will find a lot of Indians posting their reviews on APPS that are paid, things are really changing in India so pls stop posting negative comments dude, this actually shows that you are insulting your own country.

Well dude seriously, leg pulling is a different thing and what you were doing was totally different, your comment was an insult slap on every Indians face. Believe it or not but, you seriously need to keep your facts right, and next time pls think before posting anything like that.

Still stand by my post most of us look for alternatives to paid apps.... Outside of branded tech stores all computers come with pirated XP in India.....hey I peronally dont use pirated stuff but its the hard truth face it....

Agree for the part you said "pirated XP" and its outside India too. You don't need to hunt over a torrent site to know the figure. Bt WP8 is different, you need to realize that. And none of my friends yet know that apps can be side loaded to WP explains the big majority.


Hey, I haven't heard much of WPs being able to side load apps as easily as any other platform and I definitely haven't seen people unlocking their WPs. Your statement makes me ask myself, "what have I ever seen in life?"
Piracy on WP is almost nil AFAIK

Right you are ..... suposedly he also has a student dev unlocked phone....next thing you know he will have a prototype that never made it to out....xaps cant be cracked he just wants all the attention when he doesnt even know his facts right...

Modification of app manifest file without publisher permission or making any prior change in the application patent and copyrighted modules, such that the program works in no different manner is no different than cracking, obviously excluding those gamers who use this very word for thing they don't really do.. Am I wrong Mr.Dictionary?

Only a few have unlocked phones for which you need to pay( pay for unlocking) ..... And for the rest of us all apps are validated and then only installed so no way can you hack them...unless dev unlocked...

Unlocking a phone doesn't actually require payment if you're a student or a developer or a developer who's a student.
At least you agreed FEW have dev unlocked phones which explains the redistribution of pirated content being less.

Wow! It so beautiful that our Indian friends have taken over the entire conversation and are using some codes that some are struggling to understand. That makes me feel like visiting India one of these day man. It's amazing how the internet keeps bringing people of different parts of the world together, the world really is a global village.

majority of people have developer unlocked device and for that u dnt have to pay!!common dude gather some knowledge...sideloading an app is quite easy..i guess you dnt even know what actually deveoper preview means and therefore u r nt supposed to somment!!

I think you don't know anything and still posting comments, Unlocking a phone is totally free may be people like you give money to unlock a phone :D

That's not true. Head over the Indian version of WP store and see reviews in any paid app. His comment clearly doesn't make sense at all. We buy a lot of games and apps because the prices here are a bit lower than US version actually! Obviously even after converting USD to INR.

FWIW, 1% is about the standard rate of app purchasing. For every 100 downloads most apps get somewhere between 1 and 0.5 actual purchases/upgrades.

I've always had my region setup as the United States, even when I live in the Dominican Republic. I've never had any inconvenient and I buy lots of apps, either for Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone.

You have no idea about the WP8 platform, do ya? Even small country like Maldives can buy apps from the store. This is the only mobile platform which support our native language out of the box.

Slide down to close and app is there, at least in the Developer SDK emulator. I also noticed that you can select the default Mapping App for voice guidance now.

Most of us do. Those who CAN'T do are the students without Debit / Credit cards because in many states in India they can't use one due to restrictions. Carrier / Operator (Voda, Airtel, Idea etc) purchase should have been there among the payment methods!

My Shitty SBI GLOBAL fucking visa debit card doesn't work. But its okay. I use my father's CBI one. :)

Same here. I first tried with my SBI Golden VISA Debit Card, got no success. Surprisingly the Federal Bank (Pvt. Ltd.) visa debit card worked like charm!

Apart from the title, the article seems to indicate otherwise: distributed to manufacturers on the 14th, then available to developers shortly after that.

@Derek Kessler as a gamer, I would like to ask of you guys have found anything interesting or upgrade to WP 8.1 Xbox Hub?

Like u've apparently been going on by curiously reading all the posts n user comments..!! Man, I wish to never live a life of hypocrite like u..n live I shall!!

@Kartik Tripathi

I spent five minutes going through the comments but became depressed by the childish bullshit I was reading. I'm not therefore surprised by your childish, bullshit response to my comment. Wanker.

Haha..seems like u learnt a new word today,.childish..n r so eager to use it time n again..btw..what r u, 12?? N I'm being modest with that

@Kartik Tripathi

I would have liked to have entered into a proper intelligent dialogue with you but unfortunately, your grammar makes it a very difficult prospect. Not to mention the fact you are clearly deficit in intelligence.
Good luck with your life and your desire to vegetate in front of another silly TV drama that makes no sense at all.

Haha..never mind mate..to each his own..n as far as grammar is concerned..u accusing me of bad grammar is same as balotelli blaming Messi of being poor dribbler..or more relatibily, Samsung accusing Lumia of having poor imaging quality..i hope u understand wut I'm saying cuz..u know what..i 've just been accused of bad grammar by a hypocrite,.good luck to u too

Well, we all initially thought they would release the Dev preview the same day as the keynote. Then Daniel started saying April 10th because there was a delay and now this leaked letter says April 14th, so technically there's been two unofficial delays so far.

I tried it via the emulator using a Surface (Windows writes touch screen input directly to the emulator). It's pretty awesome!

Idk man... I'm pretty sure it has something to do with India's restrictions and taxes. Too much of headache to make it a priority.

The amount of misinformation here stuns me. Software (especially free) doesn't have anything to do with taxes. This is how updates work, I'll be taking the example of GDR3.

1. Microsoft pushes the update to all regions at once in one day. They did this in November.
2. OEMs like Nokia and HTC "block" the update and prevent it from reaching users.
3. They work on their own feature additions, ("Nokia Update for Windows Phone"). Typically Nokia takes months. HTC did that in a few days and pushed the update in November.
4. Update is sent by OEMs to carriers for them to make additions and to test it (because it is up to them to fix phones). They take less time (in extreme cases, exceptionally a lot) and send it back to the OEM.
5. OEM decides to push the update region by region and not everywhere at once. Nokia does this.

If you mean the final release then that's up to your carrier if you have a branded phone, IMEI number if it's SIM free.

The only definite answer I can give you is how long is a piece of string!!!

IDK properly but have seen a link from the windowsphone website talking about WINDOWS PHONE 8.1 is coming and the date was 10th of April.

14th of April...well, let's hope the preview doesn't hit any iceberg. 


I just don't understand why does the 930, a phone that has been ready since last year, only ships in June.

carriers need to test the color change

that green is going to create lots of problems with reception

The Public Health and Relations Department at AT&T need to determine whether the green will have an adverse effect upon user health. Then, of course, the Illuminati overlords must meet and discuss whether the colour change will be a threat to their world-wide control network. The Internation Association for the Health of Clowns must be consulted also, as certain colours have been proven to affect the number of people deciding to lobotomise clowns.  

IMMEDIATELY!! I would say.... Whatsapp app it's horrible in WP, it crushes all the time, can't zoom or move around pictures because the app crushes, no option for not-auto-save pictures on the pictures hub, etc. etc...

BAD, BAD, BAD experience using it, and in Mexico it's how people communicate most.  

"This code should be in the hands of manufacturers on April 14, before its rollout to existing users begins later this month through the Windows Phone Developer Preview....quoting from source nokia and OEMs alike will get it on 14th and us still no fixed date........

I love how people take rumored dates as gospel and now the 14th is a delay...  Even this date is not a full blown confirmation that it is dropping for the consumer via the developer preview program, but I as well as all here hope that it holds up.  Can't wait to see it in person.

Doesn't matter dude a year and a half!!! Give us users something!! Idc what you guys say Xbox one has been updated how many times? Shit even Windows PC has been updated twice, as my windows phone got what? Lumia black lol

How is it pathetic to be launching later than a date they never announced? How is a rumoured date turning out to be wrong 'pathetic'?

Love that response. For everyone else bit***** and moaning, take the guinness philosophy, "good things come to those who wait".

How is distribution to OEMs related to Dev Preview? It could come on 8th itself in that case. Or still on 10th in that case. At least it has to be before 15th coz MS stated it would be available in the first part of April which indicates any date before the 15th.