First look: Glossy White AT&T Nokia Lumia 900

White Lumia 900

One of the surprise announcements today by AT&T was the inclusion of the glossy white version of the Nokia Lumia 900, due for release on April 22nd, just a few weeks after its Black and Cyan cousins. Back at Mobile World Congress, Nokia told us they had offered AT&T the white option as well, but at the time they had not taken it. However, it looks like AT&T changed their mind, possibly due to positive word of mouth and are now set to offer that color variant as well.

Anyways what you see above is the first image of the all-white AT&T version, which of course looks identical to the unlocked version except for that logo and AT&T software. We haven't seen this image floated around yet, so it's new to us. 

Personally, we're torn between the Cyan and White version as both offer something different from the tried and tired "black slab" (yes, true #firstworldproblems here). For what it's worth, nearly 500 of you or 11.5% are waiting for the all-white version.

Oh and speaking of color variants, take this with a pinch of salt, but in our comments, WPCentral member mamacita42 had this to say:

"I was told by my local AT&T rep that the magenta/pink Lumia 900 was coming for Mothers day."

Certainly plausible, but we're not ready to believe just yet. But we wouldn't be shocked either. Thanks, anon, for the image

Check our hands on with the White Lumia 900 from Barcelona after the break...


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First look: Glossy White AT&T Nokia Lumia 900


Gahh idk which one I want... I literally just bought a Focus Flash under a month ago. I was able to get it for a steal at $140. Will probably end up getting the blue... but the white is so nice..

#firstworldproblems is right

I did the same thing, only last week I won a HTC Titan. I think I'm going to sell it new, wait a month, and buy either the Lumia 900 in white or the HTC Titan II.

Wish Sprint had this phone already.. That white lumia is so sexy.. I'm drooling...need......one.... Now.....aahhhh...Stupid sprint....

I think it's funny how people complain about their carrier not having a certain phone. All it truly takes is a bit more cash up front to avoid contracts and then that way when a phone comes out that you really really want you can get it (hopefully off contract) but I forget, this is America the country where the meaning of self-restraint doesn't exist so virtually every phone that comes out is drooled over by techies. It's pretty sad that people need the restriction of a cancellation fee in order to show restraint from buying a new phone. I on the other hand might be picking up this white awesomeness.

Well in America alot of us have jobs that don't pay alot and sent that interested in blowing our money on a phone when theres more important things to be bought.u kno what I'm sayn

Except it's usually cheaper to buy a phone outright... contracts are there so that you can pay off the phone over a longer period of time but it has a certain amount of profit added on top.

If our carriers gave us the option of buying the phone outright, and getting a cheaper plan, which I'm pretty sure only Tmobile is trying to do that, then, I would buy the phone outright, the phone is subsidized in the contractual agreement, but ATT, vzw or sprint are not interested in this form of purchase, they want you to sign a contract, and stay with them, that is why they don't offer discounts for an unlocked phone. Unless I'm totally wrong, and they do offer this.

This might be the most ignorant comment I've seen in a while.  Either that, or the best troll comment. First, some people can't afford AT&T prices or have a much better deal on another carrier.  Second, people may not be able to afford the up-front cost of phones and then the price of a no-contract plan.  Third, some people may not have good reception from certain providers in their area.  Fourth, I am certain that some of the people complaining are probably either finished with or are nearly finished with their current contract.  While this may not be everyone, to say that people aren't willing to switch because of a contract is a horrible supposition.  That being said, all Windows Phone supporters should be pushing for more phones on more carriers.  That would lead to a rise in numbers, which means a rise in relevancy, which means more developers, which means more and better apps, faster, for your phone.

If this is true, the situation in the U.S. seems to be very odd and wrong! Why can't the customer choose which phone to have and which network for the best contract?
Here in Europe it is very simple: You can get a phone with contract or without. If your carrier doesn't offer you your device of choice, you can buy it everywhere and get a cheaper contract at your carrier. If you don't have the money to buy an expansive smartphone, you could also choose to pay in installments at your favourite store. Usually choosing a device with contract from a carrier is the most expensive option after 2 years.
O2 for instance is only offering contracts without hardware plus devices with or without holdback payments. Making this whole thing very fair and transparent.
People in the U.S. should not ask every carrier to get every phone but to simply open the market for the people to choose what they want. IMHO

that is a great story.  How do you suppose that we change the industry that is protected by lobyist in Washington?  These evil companies?

Unlike Europe where almost all the networks are GSM and operate on the same 3G and 3G+ frequencies the carriers in US are either GSM or CDMA. Even though AT&T and Tmobile are both GSM, they operate on entirely different 3G frequencies making it quite unreasonable to get just any phone you want and use with the preferred carrier. You can only do this if you don't care about data speed because you'll be stuck with 2G/Edge

I don't think that's really the complete issue here. Before the 3G, I always bought devices from Europe and use them here in the US and sold the old to get the new. But once 3G coverage expanded, the issue was with the 3G sperectrum. AT&T and T-Mobile (the GSM carriers in the US) use different sprectrums. So not all unlocked devices work on both. This was the only reason I swithed to AT&T becasue, when I am shelling out between $500 - $700 on an unlocked device, I would like to utilize the full potential (like use the 4G, LTE, etc.)

It looks very nice. Anyway, just say no to "anyways" as there is no such word. You guys really need a proofreader. It seems to be getting worse.

<rolls my eyes>

"Anyways" is colloquial and people use it all the time in speech. Here I was being informal, hence it's usuage. Just like when we use 'amirite' sometimes or other "corruptions" of our fine language. (And it is a word, just non-standard. Perhaps you should read this to learn more.)

So no, I won't be saying "no" to it, sorry.

Hey Dan what do u think if Nokia would of made the border white,the windows buttons glow an optional color and the background be white that would in my opinion be nice cuz (isn't a word but we all use it lol) the black takes from the fluidness of the device

My feelings on informal word usages? As long as you understand the intent and meaning of the piece as a whole, not a bog deal. And it's an article on a cellphone, not a NYT article on world peace

Well, this was just the latest example. I guess they have no intentions of ever becoming a well-respected site and quitting their day jobs. I was working under the assumption that they did. So be it.

As long as WP Central continues to report accurate and timely info (and makes the effort to update and correct any inaccuracies), they can write in gerbil for all I care.

Only problem with the white is that it doesn't have the matte finish of the cyan and black versions, and based on the white N9, the glossy coating is said to chip. Still, I may have to hold out for this one over the cyan.

Hey Daniel that's exactly what I was told by an AT&T rep but yes take it with a grain of salt. Its also good to see my username in lights! Lol.

Really don't see the attraction of white phones, looks far from sexy to me. Black may be overdone but I think it's classier.


I'm bored of Black tbh. Even glossy black would not do it for me. Ever since 2007, I've only had black phones (maybe a slightly brown one). Time for a change. 

If I buy an unlocked version what are the chances AT&T will give me a micro-SIM card for it? In tue past of course you could just swap out the SIM from your existing AT&T phone, but no longer. Any thoughts?

I got a micro SIM for my unlocked Lumia 800, no questions asked, no charges. Not sure why this would be a problem. This was like 3 weeks ago.

I went to AT&T store & a Sales Rep did say yellow was also coming in the line up. He had the black n cyan 900 for personal use, so Nokia is serious about the employees branding these phones as the go to phone, but he wasn't too excited to answer any questions.

I played with a cyan 800 and it didn't seem feminine per say, but it did look a kind of sickly blue-green under florescent light. It only looks good under "natural" light imo. Besides which, it's a real attention-getter, having a phone that color, which is fine for some, but kinda like driving a bright yellow car. It's not for everybody. I want the white, but would take a black before any of the rumored/announced colors, except maybe the aforementioned red...

I would love for this to be my next phone. And if my employment situations gets a bit better in the near future, I would certainly dip my toe in buying off contract as I am done with AT&T once September rolls around. I don't care what my wife says. I can't deal with them or any of the other companies ridiculous rates and restrictions any longer.

And not to start any kind of argument or off topic discussion, I just hope this phone is in line for the Apollo update. If not, I will just wait

Gosh, I wish ATT would reduce the plan prices like Tmo is doing. Hence, why I'm getting rid of Sprint and going prepaid TMO. 
But honestly, I think the Lumia 8/9 or N9 for that matter is possibly a true contender to compete with the iPhones looks. I love that white L9, though. So I'm very tempted to either pick it up on launch day or wait to see if it does release on TMO

It's the first and only white phone that I think looks good. I'm wondering where the yellow one is though. If they make a yellow one, it would match with the colors of average MS Tags (black, white, magenta, cyan, and yellow). Also, as I've mentioned before, I'd love a SpongeBob themed Lumia 900 (a la Batman Lumia 800).

I've had a black one for a week and will be going to the ATT store tommorow to see if I can get them to hold a white one for me as a second line just so I can own this marvel, Im expecting a quick sell out and then long back order for the white one. The black screen is so sharp and stunning it will by far be the best looking phone  on the market with its dramatic contrast to the  white glossy casing ...