First look at the newly announced Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung has brought Android and Windows 8 (yes, Windows 8 and not Windows Phone 8) together in a single product. Introducing the ATIV Q, which is a convertible tablet with some interesting features. Announced yesterday in London, Samsung boasts the ATIV Q having a super-high resolution of 3200x1800 and a pixel density of 275ppi. Not bad for a 13-inch tablet.

We took a quick look at the tablet while attending the London event and in the above video, you can see the unique features that's on the table. These include the ability to rotate the display and use the device in 4 positions. A nice addition, which was explained by the assistant in the video, is the CPU (an Intel Core i5) is actually housed inside the stand, situated between the display and keyboard.

Stay tuned for more details to emerge regarding the Samsung ATIV Q.


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First look at the newly announced Samsung ATIV Q


"You can see it is very smooth"
uh no it isn't.  It looks like a kludgey joke.  Thanks Samsung for implementing something to turn people OFF of Android. 

They should have just made a tile for the Android Marketplace and stopped there.  That is the ONLY reason a person would go into the Android OS

Jack of all trades, master of none IMO.

I'd rather get the ATIV Book 9 plus for a laptop and the next version of Surface RT for a tablet

This is the perfect machine for many people and here are my reasons
Rant 1
I personally hate track pads and one of my complaints with the Acer R7 was the trackpad.  Not the placement, the placement was great because I wouldn't use it anyway, the complaint was that if they would have put the track point on the keyboard it would have been perfect. 
I know a lot of people don't like these track points but I think in most cases it is from lack of use. Remember we've all been using mice for a long time. I will say, that I haven't used a non-lenovo track point so I do have some fear that it won't be as good. When I got my first thinkpad I hated the track point but then I decided to make myself try it for a week to get used to it.  After that first week I never used the track pad again.  The track point allows you to navigate the mouse (I'd argue more accurately than a track pad with some practice), click scroll etc. all without ever removing your hands from the keyboard so there is no switching between mouse, trackpad etc and keyboard.  Plus anytime I'm going to use a laptop for extended time at a table or desk I will use a wireless or bluetooth mouse anyway (although I sometimes do not do this if it is a thinkpad and has a track point because of the above mentioned reasons)
Okay enough with rant one.
Rant 2
When I first saw the Acer R7 I though it looked ridiculous.  Then I went to Best Buy to check it out and was surprised that the design was growing on me.  Then my friend bought it and I tried it for a day.  Wow, the form factor is litterally perfect for my use except for the fact that it's big and bulky.  The fact the fact that the screen comes forward and just sits behind the keyboad doesn't seem like a big deal but bringing the screen 4-5 inches closer makes a huge difference.  If you are sitting with the laptop in front of you say 18" away and you bring it forward 5, that is like getting a 25% bigger screen.  I just can't see how I could want a laptop that doesn't do this?  I can't see why someone didn't come up with this before.
Additionaly all these companies are doing a horrible job of touting the versatility.  They talk about 4 modes etc.  For example you can flip it over to show it to a buddy across the table.  Great, how often does that matter?  Never.  What they don't point out is that having it flipped over is perfect when you have it on you lap and just want to use it in tablet mode, if you are resting it on your chest in bed and watching a movie and for many other situations like that.  The screen can move to any angle which let's you possition it perfectly, the base is no longer in front of the screen pushing it 7 or 8 inches away from your eyes (potentially 30-40% of the distance from your face depending on your position) and the center of gravity is over the center of the base so it isn't unstable like a normal laptop.  For use in this mode the flipped position is great but no one seems to notice this in reviews.  It might be that the reviewers use these at work on tables but for a person like me the form is great.
Also, did I mention the center of gravity is centered on the base when in normal tablet mode too which the screen behind the keyboard?  A normal laptop has the center of gravity near the edge of the back so it becomes less stable when sitting on your lap or knees.  This think will have the center of gravity right over the middle which actually is a lot nicer but you would never think about it until you try it.
Rant 3
Everyone is complaining about the windows desktop on high dpi screens.  I know it sucks but don't they know that windows 8.1 fixes this issue?  None of these manufactuerers would be making these high dpi screens for windows unless they knew that windows 8.1 (blue) would fix this.  The public preview is available next week so it's right around the corner.
Rant 4
Another undersold feature is the included pen.  This is a nice inclusion for people that use one note or evernote extensively.  Windows 8 has a great hand writting recognition feature that works really well.  It almost seems magical and everyone I know that has tried that on a screen with an active digitizer loves it.
All in all I am sure this will be a great device.  I loved the R7 it was just too heavy and a little too big and is missing Haswel which makes all the difference for these devices because battery life is a big big bonus.  The only criticisms I have of this Samsung is I really would like to be able to get at least 6 GB of Ram for running a single VM. I don't care about having android at all but I am sure this can be uninstalled for users that want to.

I LOVE YOUR RANTS. seriously you basically shut up all the criticisms of others. SAMSUNG does make some pretty awesome hardware. Ams what iblove is that their android phones have awesome internals and super cheap feeling externals. Samsung windows notebooks and tablets are really good. I am ASUS and Lenovo biased myself but and always tempted to go Samsung.

This looks like an early prototype. Just awful in every way if you ask me. How should I put it? It has no finesse, it just looks like a project.

What I like the most about products with android and windows 8 is that it will give people the opportunity to see side-by-side how crappy android is next to windows 8. Awesome

Exactly: it shows Android remains more flexible and a better tablet solution than Windows 8. I really love Windows 8 a lot but it just isn't there on tablets and probably won't be until 8.2. I wish Samsung made it a dual boot rather than running within some sort of VM though. Android for power saving and Windows for productivity would be a great solution.

Android and power saving...?? Haha good one mate...and its a fully powered windows...there is nothing more flexible to a user's need than that...

Let's cover what ISN'T more flexible to a user's needs: the free ability to dual boot without UEFI meddling, the ability to set a Start background, the ability to set any sort of tile color, the ability to change tile size. Many of these are addressed by Windows 8.1 but I've gone a year without these features. This a PC and they should've been there from the day I got my disc... which was day one. And Windows 8 Modern apps is total garbage. Microsoft needs to provide a toolkit or library that makes touch friendly desktop apps easier to make. Legacy apps on the current crop of tablets are hard to opperate without a stylus. Like I said, Windows 8 isn't there yet for tablets. It can't hurt to have Android as a stopgap until then.

No it does not. It shows that Windows 8 is an open and extremely flexible OS where you can do whatever you want. You seem to have gotten it backwards.

Clearly this presenters view of a smooth system is different to mine.  He had to make multiple key presses multiple times to get things to respond.
Curious that Android is running here as an app in Windows.  I wondered how they had done it.  It this a virtualized ARM or only the x86 Android store?  Not really sure quite what the point of having Android is given the fact that you're running a Windows PC that offers so much more.

In fairness, they are beta machines..they didn't even have them at my location to play with, which was a shame. So we should reserve final judgement for a later date, but yeah, so far it's "meh". More a win for Android users than Windows ones...

its just android running in an app on windows, that's why he could swipe out the charms menu while in angry birds. That's bound to create a lot of confusion for consumers when its out. :\

I'm really struggling to see the usefulness in something like this...why would I want a virtualized copy of Android to run on my Windows 8 covertible?  Can I move data back and forth?  Do I save battery life if running the Android side...I'm guessing not since it is still running in Windows?
One of my favorite mobile devices of all time was the HTC Shift (http://www.mobiletechreview.com/notebooks/HTC-Shift.htm) It ran full Windows on one side and Windows Mobile on the other.  The WinMo side had a radio and I could use that to tether the Windows side to whenever I needed to get online without WiFi.  And, if using the WinMo side it saved battery.  That's about as close to a useful hybrid as I've ever seen.  This thing from Samsung...I just don't get it.

the uefuness is the app ecosystem. You can use android apps that are not yet available on windows 8. The negative is that most androi apps are not optimized for tablets and look bad on large screens. they will probably look even worse on this hi-res display.

I guess the question would be what android apps would you need to run on a full Windows PC? If it was RT it would have a point but on Windows with no restrictions? Maybe android users can comment.

It almost looks like a Android running on a virtual machine. May not be Hype-V. If that is case, that experience now moves to any Windows 8 machine. Oh yes, Bluestacks was it anyone?

Does anyone find it strange to have a SD slot and USB Port at the sides of hinge? How to you access to them when in tablet mode? And why micro SD slot? All my cameras use SD but not micro SD....

This is gonna make my life so much better lol I can't wait to play with it and later buy it. It will be good for my google music and apps (since I have more for android) I wonder if I switch from android to windows will my music still be playing in the background... That way I can have google music going while I'm on IE or something 

wow I still cant believe people cant see that Samsung is trying to shove android down our throats. why in gods name would I want android on my fing pc? can you turn this off? can you uninstall this

lol samsung realy is becommign a crappy company . i like the windows 8 on it . i dotn care abotu android but for the people who care and want that thing for android they are just fucked that android looks like it is an emulator withing windows ??
realy samsnung ???

Did anyone else think that they ripped of the acer design? The only thing that's missing is the touchpad above the keyboard. Looks like they got rid of thee touchpad completely which might be a problem when using desktop apps.

I have a theory that this design, and others as well, were cooked up by MS R&D during the development of Windows 8 (perhaps earlier) and provided to OEMs.

Ok so did anyone else notice how windows looks like a real os and Android looks like junk? first why would I want Android on  a real OS?
idk about this....

they better not have the price >$1800 but I think they will because they hold the monopoly on high-res screen in PCs besides Apple which also use their panels i believe

If indeed the ATIV Q production model turrns out to be reasonably smooth for running Android apps, this could be a hot seller.  It certainly beats using Bluestacks.  It will be attractive specially for the existing Android phone users.  It has a high-res display and weighs only 2.84 pound.  I really like Acer R7's Esel Hinge and its trackpad which locates right below the display.  But it weighs 5 pounds.  I will wait to have a chance to play around with ATIV Q a bit before making a decision.