First look at the next version of Endomondo for Windows Phone


Last week we learned that Endomondo was taking requests for users to join an upcoming beta for Windows Phone. The beta features the next version of Endomondo for Windows Phone with new features and a redesign. If you signed up for the beta you should check your inbox. Invites for the beta is now rolling out to users. Here’s your first look at the next version of Endomondo for Windows Phone.

Endomondo? It’s that awesome app for tracking your fitness stats when you go on a long run or bike ride. Not only does it work as an activity tracker, but has personal training aspects as well. Using the built-in GPS in your Windows Phone it’s able to track nearly any outdoor sport.


Here’s what’s new in the beta and coming to the future version of Endomondo:

  • Redesigned UI, with all new icons and styles
  • Bing Maps replaced with WP8 Maps
  • WP8 Text to Speech integration for audio coach (for now supports only English)
  • Settings synchronization with server (units, weight, Facebook sharing, etc.)
  • Fixed Facebook integration; Single sign-on support, workout sharing
  • Workout history synchronization - you can now download workouts from server, you can also delete workouts
  • Load older entries in news feed                  
  • Added more sports
  • Live tile removed for the time being
  • Multiple bug fixes


We just downloaded the app and signed it. Performance as you navigate the app is good, no complaints there. We’re also really digging the redesign. We’ll have to go for a run later on and check out the tracking capabilities. Though first impressions of this new app are very positive.

Did you sign up for the Endomondo beta? Let us know what you think of the app so far! 


Reader comments

First look at the next version of Endomondo for Windows Phone


I think this is very exciting news. Definitely not a slow news day for me. I've been writing to endomondo and waiting for an update from an year.

I used it for three things now.  The altitude bug still isn't fixed, and on the third thing, a bicycle ride this evening, when I hit stop, it crashed the app.  When I restarted it, the route I'd just ridden was there, but the stats showed 0 time and 0 distance.  To figure out how far I'd ridden I had to follow the picture of the route and recreate it on gmap.

That's it, endomondo, I'm through with you.

Loved that it uses de Facebook app to sing, def a lot better i use it on a daily basis so this is Great News!


Definitely a lot of improvements. Sam covered all of it (all the ones that i've discovered so far atleast).

Things that were actually better in the previous version:
1. The music option. In fact, it actually seems like it has been removed completely.
2. The map button. It used to be at the bottom of the "Workout" screen. Now you have to swipe to go access it.  


Yay will start using it :)

Update: Just finished my first run on the beta app. It's definitely a positive change. The app, besides being a delight to look at, is light and fast. Plus the WP8 offline map usage makes navigation easy and fast also. It seemed to be extremely accurate and even the audio coach is a more natural voice with a smooth flow and new voice.

I haven't trust using run tracker apps on WP because the background services has been lost on three different apps. I'll stick to Android for Runkeeper unless the background services is better on WP.

I never have any issues with the original endomondo app. What tracking apps for wp did you use?

I had this, RunKeeper, and Sport Tracker. Each time I had some kind of inaccurate GPS tracking or loss of tracking. Unless it changed since last I used it doesn't run in the background and have to stay in the app at all times. I lost tracking when changing music. I don't have any issue like that with Android. I'm not saying that Android is necessarily better, but it utilizes background functions alot better than WP.

The Original Endomondo App has always worked well for me too.  I only had one glitch when I was running whre it stopped tracking but to be honest it may have been my fault.

Can I assume its Wp8 only? I use an old Wp7.8 as im not concerned if it falls or breaks on the road. Ideally a well executed Strava app would be better for me. All my friends use Strava.

i always liked this app, im digging the new changes, and yea they need to bring back the music option, and the option to find routes in your area that people have made public...

I already liked this app, I use it alot and have never had any problems with it.
I forgot to sign up for the beta :(

Ok MS. You delayed developers preview. Now you watch how windows phone disappears from market. Ridiculous delay.. MS ll never rise again

Even the ios had delayed their operating system. Android is still struggling to get kitkat on all devices. Here atleast windows phone 8 is possible to bd upgraded. So be patient. I can understand your feelings. We want our operating systems to be smooth and more smoother.

I signed up but didn't get an E-mail. Oh well. But doesn't matter. The feature I really needed was the heart rate monitor support.

I got the email... There is as you obviously know no support for hrm. This renders it useless for me. It has been hrm for years on Android. I really don't give a flying f%$k about the changes..,,,,,,,,,,,,,....

I am not a user of the app, but I am glad to see more of the major - some times deal breaking - apps are getting added or improved for WP8.

Have been using Sports Tracker until now, but I've heard this can sync with MyFitnessPal.com  Decisions, decisions..

Long time coming.  Much improved look.  Faster response and even decent server pulls.  Like it so far.

Got the email, after clicking the link it takes me to WP store but no permission to dowload, how did you guys dowload?

I got this last night and used it while on a hike. I like it, and it actually crashes less than the officially released version, but I'm still a bit sad that they haven't taken advantage of the Bluetooth LE aspect of my phone (or is that in a later update?). I have a bluetooth heartrate monitor that I enjoyed using with my Android phones, but can't use with my Lumia 1020. Oh well, it's still a nice little tracker. :)

I have been using the Original app for a while.  I tried a bunch but I keep going back to Endomondo.  I downloaded the Beta yesterday but it's been too cold here to go out running or biking.  Today I used it to manually enter my run on a treadmill.  It seems to work just fine. 

Some people mentioned that the music support was gone ao I went back and looked and I cant find it either but I hever really used it anyway.  I just started my music from Music app and then switched to Endomondo to track my run/ride.  Has anyone tried it that way?  I never really saw the point of starting the music from the app anyway.

Does Endomondo support any HRM devices? The new app looks awesome based on the screenshots, but without HRM support I cant really use it. Tried to look around but didn´t find any solid sources for a HRM for Endomondo. 

Sports tracker got a a working WP8 version out with HRM support this Christmas. I´ve only used my HRM2 belt once now with my 920 (got it yesterday), but seems to work fairly good and it´s easy to analyze the workout afterwards on the site.