First look: Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T video and gallery

Hey, look at that...it's the just announced Lumia 900 for AT&T. While these are still considered "prototypes" (which tells you how much Nokia is rushing here) and there are only three on the premises, we were able to get a brief tour of the device.

Lumia 900 Front

Our first impressions of it are quite enthusiastic. The screen is simply one of the nicest we have seen on a Windows Phone with deep blacks and high contrast colors. While the device borrows heavily from the 800, it certainly looks to be its own. The size is certainly much larger than the 800 but in a good way. Of note is Nokia has thankfully redesigned the microSIM card slot as it now requires a pin to open it as opposed to the "prone to breakage" flip door on the Lumia 800.

Lumia 900 back

We're not going to lie, while the specs are fairly regular for "high end" Windows Phones, the Lumia 900 is about looks and feel. And it looks (dare we say) sexy and that is something Windows Phone needs to sell. Oh and yes, it has 16GB of storage memory as you can see at 2:30 in the video.

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First look: Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T video and gallery


Any chance an unlocked version of this phone will work with T-mo? Man all these new beautiful phones are quite depressing for a T-Mobile user.

I'm sure they'll bring a non-LTE version to the European markets. I bought my Lumia 800 there and it's unlocked. The only problem might be the lack of 3G band for T-Mobile US.

Yeah, you will be available to unlock the phone. I'm pretty sure you will find a lot of unlocking option on ebay for couple bucks later.
But on tmobile you will not have 3g/4g - only GPRS/EDGE (up to 200kb/s or so).

Great, not even Microsoft/Nokia representatives know how to use these phones or anything about them. This is why they are not selling well enough.

0:22 - I'll give her just a slip up for that one.
1:03 - You think it's up to 18 months?
1:10 - Doesn't know.
1:23 - 1:36 - Can't figure out how to get to camera settings, doesn't even end up on it
2:14 - 2:23 - Doesn't know where the Settings menu is?
2:30 - Why would she show the menu and not know the about screen...
And she also doesn't know how to use the quick jump feature in the app list.

in the version i watched ... she said it'll be exclusive for up to 18mons which sounds about right before AT&T will allow Tmobile to get it.  She figured out how to get to the cam settings just fine. She also got to the settings screen just fine, there's multiple ways to get to that screen. As for the about screen, they asked for the about screen and she went to it... so what's you're complicant. 
stop being a snob, not everyone quick jumps, and uses shortcuts for everything.

no she didn't, she didn't know how to work the camera and get to it's settings and ended up claiming that software wasn't finished yet.
it was obvious she had no clue how to work that phone

I think you are reading alot more into this than needs to be really. She is not a sales rep and she found everything that was asked of her. If you are going to complain, complain about that damn TWEET CHOIR LOL!!!!!

Ah, the Tweet Choir. How can I ever forget? LOL! Microsoft again is remembered for silly stuff, hahaha!

@rpm5101 Chill dude. As it turns out those Nokia employees are seeing that phone for the 1st time tonight, so they're just a new to it as you'd be if I put it in your hands. Plus they're on camera and tired. 

But this is exactly what I'm talking about. Sales reps need to know what they're talking about when demonstrating devices. Go into any mobile carrier and they will show you the ins and outs of any Android they have or every feature of the iPhone. Ask them about WP7 and they don't even know what it is.
What I'm saying is you'd think people actually working for these companies would have been briefed or given information on how to demonstrate these phones. Otherwise, what's the point?

Well I can see that changing a lot more in the future with AT&T's commitment to the OS. WP7 is still fairly new and has clearly underachieved. I'm sure by the time the 900 hits the shelves all the staff will be well clued up.

All I can say is.. ATT better have a damn good education plan, because the absolute lack of knowledge that I saw from reps in EVERY ATT store in my town concerning models, release dates, and basic wp7 info in general was pretty pathetic. 

There is a key distinction here, this girl is not a sales rep trying to sell the phone to a customer in a store. She is a trade show rep demonstrating (and looking after) a prototype device which has only just been announced.

They are not the same scenario and they should not be compared as such

Not an acceptable excuse in my opinion... they should have been using a Windows Phone device for 6 months or more. They should be able to walk through almost any feature in a heartbeat.
I was at an Insider event a couple of months ago and saw the same sort of "deer in the headlights" from some of the staff there. I literally had to take the phone from them and start showcasing features to a few "normal" customers there who actually wanted to know what made this phone better than other phones.

I'm leaning towards the "have trained staffers" camp like yourself, but I don't know how the heck Microsoft would find a pool of demo people that would "have been using a Windows Phone for 6 months or more." I personally don't know another person in my neighborhood or at work that has a Windows Phone. And I got the Focus over a year ago! That's a big problem, and that's why Microsoft keeps "introducing" Windows Phone over and over at these events. Regardless, a one-day session would make these demo people look like they know what they're doing. Even if the 900 is a brand new phone, it works just like any other Mango phone out there.

Trade show reps =/= Nokia or Microsoft employees
The are essentially "booth babes" hired as a contracted position for a trade show..probably shown the phone the day before and they go from there.
Its common and used by all companies.    Some do better than others but I could show you a whole lot worse.   

There's no different in the OS between this phone and other windows phones (other than a few apps by Nokia, which exist on the other Nokia WP devices already out)
the only difference is specs, which she did know.

Yeah, it's not like the Lumia 900 is ANYTHING like the Lumia 800 right? Totally different phones with different softwares and everything.
J/king. Who cares if she's not familiar with the phone? These videos will be a dime a dozen in a few days.

For the kid above commenting on her lack of familiarity of the device...a lot of times at shows like these the folks demoing the phone only get a few hours to play with it. Cut her some slack. 

A few hours is all you need to use the Metro interface like a pro. She clearly didn't get "a few hours."

Also, glad to see they got rid of the flappy door on the top. God knows who thought that was a good idea on the 800.

I'm totally in agreeance with people criticising the demo lady. Sorry dudes, in the corporate world you would get f#$&*g caned for not having done your homework before a presentation. If I don't know something well enough, I don't put my hand up to explain it. Simple.

I don't think the problem is so much her as an employee as Nokia as an employeer.  Nokia should have trained these reps better.  They could have trained these people on 800's or 710's and the expereince would translate directly to the 900.  Not wanting to reveal the phone is no excuse.

Yeah, the whole "the phone is new" excuse is absolute BS.  WP7 has been out for over a year, and if you can find the settings menu on a 1st gen Focus, you can find the settings menu on a Lumia 710, 800, 900, 1250.  It's an embarrassment that I HOPE they fix before the show opens properly.

Most times, these reps aren't really employees. They're just temp workers that showed up tag day, got a briefing, and were sent out in the floor. They work tons of events and can't remember everything.

They are hired more because of their friendly demeanor. The same was true of the WP Mango launch parties.


Having worked similar gigs (never phones), I can say you don't always get much time to learn or even use the product, one you likely care much less than than the group you're presenting it to. She did a great job demoing a product she likely had never used before her training, while hitting key talking points.

OMG its not a big deal as others have pointed out. Really its not. Plus... Why do some people think they're privy to what is "under the hood" on an unreleased device. I worked for MS for some time and got to look at some cool.things to demo and not once did I ever think to criticize or even ask tech spechs that weren't already given to me. Nor did a grumble during demonstrations when there was a hang on unreleased still in beta software.

Its like if you go to Area 51, you "didn't go".

This phone is going to be awesome. I have the Focus S and really want a Nokia phone. More accessory options too.

The Nokia representatives should now be familiar with WP as if ut would be their primary operating system, they knew they would demonstrate it at CES, if not from Lumia 710 or 800, then at least from other WP devices, they knew that they will present it. IMO they should know it as their own pockets, as we here say in my country.

Plus, that sentence, that they're seeing this phone for the first time tonight isn't much of an excuse, because WP is the same on all devices that have been released until now. So, maybe the features of that device are a bit unknown to them, but the operating system shouldn't be at all. But hey, that's what the spec sheet is for which is also there. Geek 'em up and lets go.

She did a great job navigating a new phone while multiple people were asking to see stuff. geez some of you guys need to get out more and stop being so grumpy about every little thing. 
I do presentations/how-to for web site I create all the time. And, every so often I have to pause and think real quick as to where I put a feature or setting at in the admin area. She knew where everything was at regardless if she got there the long way or shortcut/quick jump way.

I agree.  Doing an onscreen presentation makes it more difficult to navigate a phone, especially in a noisy environment where there's probably another 5 people vying for your attention to be next in line.

Did she have hobbit hands because that looks huge!
(Shame I could hardly hear her talking over all the whining coming from this thread about her presentation style).

The 900 looks good, but hope they update the 800 with similar specs but retain the size and curved screen which is really nice to hold and use (my GF has one)
Hopefully Nokia will do well in both Europe and the US, then we should see more networks in many countries coming on board with WP7.
Tried Nokia drive the other day, not as smooth as Navigon, but useable.

that is the one I am waiting for FFC for the lumia 800 and lower buttons, I'd buy it immediately.

Inconvenient now to check the video so I'm not sure but I want to ask:
Is the screen flat or curved like the 800?
It's been 2 months since the launch of 800 and they're announcing the 900 already. Good way to screw 800 users eh?

Great looking device! Just so you know - there is an online petition (directed at Telstra) to try and get them interested in bringing the Lumia 900 4G to Australia (it will need to be localised to an 1800band). Link is here: http://www.wpdownunder.com :)     















This device in the cyan color looks very sexy. Worth saying that Nokia has some great looking cans to go along with both the 800 and 900...

Wondering just how long it will take before we get one and the biggie for me is phone and speakerphone quality.

I still love my Focus ... The only nag I have is BlueTooth volume.

Seriously...bluetooth volume is all in the Bluetooth device... You cab turn the volume up on it in call like you would the phone's speaker.

Regarding the curved screen - I looked but cannot tell, it's something I want to know also.  Anyone know for sure whether it is curved or not?

Nokia's spec page has a profile image. So much for the curved screen goodness but as a VZW customer I can feel ever so slightly less bad about it's unattainability…ever so slightly.
Rolling Thunder do me good!!!

I may be the only one on this site to say this, but I'm not that impressed. I don't know. The look of the phone isn't anything special after seeing the 800 for so long. Plus, the thickness (for me) is a slight turn-off.

I'll have to see it in stores before I pass judgement, though.

It's funny that everyone at the WP camp keeps talking about getting sales rep at carrier stores educated about these devices and Nokia can't even get the people at their booths to know how to work the phone.

"While the device borrows heavily from the 800, it certainly looks to be its own."
I disagree. It's the same phone, just bigger with a frontcam, some VERY minor tweaks (I count 3) and LTE. Nothing wrong with that though.

I know this is a 4G device which is USA specific, but are there any plans from Nokia to release something similar in Europe?  I'm due an upgrade and I'm tempted by the Lumia 800, but if this or a similar device were to be released in the UK I would hang on for that.

Hoping against hope it will come to India,although Nokia announced the 900 only for U.S.A. Even we need bigger screens and high end phones. I have got my HTC HD7.