First look: Visual Voice Mail for the AT&T Lumia 900

Visual Voicemail on the 900

Yup, good news for those who are waiting to get the Nokia Lumia 900 (and presumably the HTC TITAN II), Visual Voicemail on AT&T is finally supported with these new phones.

As you can see above, it's the same visual goodness that many of you have come to expected (and yet is evidently difficult for carriers to instantiate). Regardless, for such a flagship phone, it's a darn good thing that this feature is on board as Windows Phone can't have any more holes in the OS, especially with the stiff competition out there.

Oh and word of warning: you'll need a 4G LTE plan to have this feature enabled. We're told by Jeffrey B. who is using the device:

"...Make sure u get an LTE data plan w/visual vm feature or you won't get it. The LTE SIM comes in box with tool so no worry there but a clerk in a hurry could miss the LTE data plan w/vis vm feature. Check."

The "tool" he's referring to is for opening the micro-SIM drawer on the phone and indeed, make sure you get that 4G LTE plan (it doesn't cost extra, but it is a technical change that needs to be fixed on your account).

No word if or when other Windows Phone on AT&T will get this feature.

Thanks, Jeff, for the pic!


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First look: Visual Voice Mail for the AT&T Lumia 900


Is visual voicemail an extra charge then? If so, I don't need to raise my AT&T bill any more than it already is.

Visual voicemail will not cost extra.
While I like the idea of having VVM built into the phone, I think I will stick to using Google Voice and the Go Voice app. While it requires an internet connection, I enjoy having the message transcribed, and it does it well. Most of the time, I don't even need to listen to the voicemail.

Just understand that with Google your messages are not private. They are now the property of Google.

I didn't think ATT had separate LTE data plans? Basically you just need a phone that supports LTE. Lame... but at least someone with Windows Phone gets it.

They aren't separate plans, just separate feature codes in the billing system. You'll have the same plan you had before, unless of course you switch it. Also, Visual Voicemail plans do not cost extra. It's simply LTE data with VVM or LTE data w/o VVM.

I will get it on my lumia 900 when I tke my current focus in. I don't want anyone who I'm trying to convince who uses an iPhone or switch over to say, "don't have to use an app" to have this, its built into the OS..... That would be ironic since WP has so many app features natively built in. Would just give them more to use against WP..."there should be no excuses"

Nice feature... looking forward to exploring when I get the Lumia 900...soon enough!
Sorry, but had to look up "instantiate".  ;-) thought it was insatiate, my bad..
Quick question. So is this feature enabled on other 4G LTE devices available currently on AT&T? Are we waiting for this feature to be enabled soon on WP as there is yet to be an LTE enabled device?

All of AT&T's Android phones and Windows Phones with HSPA+ do not have VVM. Only LTE Androids and Windows Phones will have it.

Looks like the 900 will be running on all cylinders. It will be interesting to see how many competitors it leaves in its dust!

It'll be frustrating if the 900 has it but no other phone will get it. I see no reason to arbitrarily draw the line with only the 900 when all windows phones support it.

I see the issue...MONEY!  I am happy with my Samsung Focus, no reason to sign a new contract, but that leaves me available to leave at a moments notice.  If they get me to buy a new phone for $50-$100, they have my money, guarenteed for 2 more years.  They are ALWAYS pushing getting a new phone for a reason!  That is also the reason they hold back features.

Hey Maletesta, the new LTE plans will cost more if you're grandfathered into the $25 2 GB data plan. They'll force you onto the newer $30 3 GB plan.

This is not true. You can keep your 2 gig plan as long as you don't switch to one of the new plans. Although, truth be told, $5 extra for another gig is not bad. Especially when you consider that, if you go over your 2 gig plan, you'll be paying $35 for 3 gigs rather than $30.

No. They will not allow you to keep your grandfathered non-LTE data plan when you move to a LTE phone. They killed the old 2GB LTE code and will only add the new 3GB LTE code because they will not activate a new LTE enabled phone without it...even though it's all the same data. Trust me, its one of those stupid things AT&T gets away with.

You should probably smack your source as everything you just said is false. I work for an at&t cor store and if you have a grandfathered feature...you are "grandfathered" into this plan. If we wouldn't let you keep it we wouldn't call it a grandfathered plan. So this isn't a "stupid thing at&t is trying to get away with." Tired of people jumping on the bash at&t bandwagon with limited or no info. I digress

No existing WP's will get VVM.  Only LTE phones will be getting VVM.  Existing WP's being phased out, hence EOL (Titan, Focus s) and no official updates. 

Which I find to be a bit dumb. Tmobile has it enabled on their WP phones. Also, non lte blackberry and iPhones have it enabled on theirs. Why must people who bought a WP phone, where the os clearly supports it, wait until we are eligible to upgrade to lte to get the feature? Especially considering lte isn't everywhere yet.

You don't need it. Magik Mail is far superior than tmo vvm. Still if you want it to work have tmo delete your voice mail. Then set up a new voice mail account from your phone and it'll be there.

Does anyone know if I'm on a Granfathered Unlimited data plan, and moving to LTE, will I loose my Unlimited Status?  I would really to keep my unlimited, but make no mistake, it will not keep me from moving to the Lumia 900. :-)  Anyway, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

No, you will not lose your unlimited data by switching to LTE. But if your sales rep tells you different, he/she is lying through their teeth. You can keep your unlimited data as long as you don't change to one of the tiered plans.

Yes, they will force you to give up your grandfathered unlimited data feature. Data is data but to at&t, they'd rather get you off of that unlimited plan asap.

Wow, ok? I'm not sure why having inside info would make me a troll? But go ahead think whatever you want.

Youmail will always have the advantage of having custom voicemail answers for different people. The only thing I'm wondering is if you change the visual voicemail settings on the Lumia to the youmail ones, will it still show up there without the app?

No Magic Mail (youmail) is far superior. Not even close. I don't understand why people want carrier vvm so bad. If you try Magik mail you'd never downgrade back to the carrier vvm.

How is Magic Mail superior? I've never had VVM on my Focus but I had it on iPhone and loved it. I've had Magic Mail for almost as long as I've had my Focus (about a year) and I don't really like it much. Unfortunately I don't have a choice right now. What's so great about it that I won't have with VVM on say the Lumia 900?

Text/email alerts for missed calls and voicemails are pretty big advantages. Custom greetings for unknown numbers, numbers I want to avoid, friends, family and coworkers, and the ability to sort and store voicemails are also my must have features. I've had vvm and youmail (including magik mail which is an ok client) and I'd prefer the latter.

You can customize your greetings. Different greetings for different people. You can greet a contact by their name. If somebody is harassing you your able to set up a phone is disconnected message to just that number. If your out of coverage area you get a email or text of the missed call and voicemail.