First look: WhatsApp for Windows Phone [Video]

This morning there was a bit of a false alarm as a private beta link for WhatsApp made its way around the 'nets. The app is clearly close to being released and for all intents and purposes, is done.

Someone managed to rip the XAP from the private Marketplace (you can rip free apps using a number of Windows programs) and we went ahead and sideloaded it to see what all the fuss was about. So quick take:

  • For Mango only (fully integrates with your Contacts DB)
  • Very fast, smooth UI with fast app resume
  • Push Notifications
  • Minimalist almost sparse UI
  • Very few features or bells and whistles
  • You can message, share location and send images
  • No landscape support (at least in this version, perhaps this will change upon final release)
  • Green checks seem to indicate sent/received status--not as rich as Kik's system though

The app in our opinion is exactly like Kik Messenger but a little more boring. It feels like they rushed it through a bit, which would not be surprising. However, it is fast and smooth, meaning a lot of folks will like its "to the point" design. We just hope it gets landscape support on release as that'd be pretty nasty for messaging on our Focus. Check out the video to see it in action.


Reader comments

First look: WhatsApp for Windows Phone [Video]


Man, this is what we waited 1 year for? Looks like the most boring app in the world. That being said, I still want this to come out and hopefully soon (but not too soon if it look so boring).

I dunno...perhaps they just wanted to 'get something out of the door' for WP? Nothing pretty, or rich, just 'something'. Hopefully, they will beautify it really, really, soon :)At least it works! Yay!

I dont care about features. As long as I can send messages to my friends. Thats all i need.The only downside is i dont see groupchat.And btw whatsapp is known for releasing a basic app at the start and update it on the go. We should expect lots of updates coming ;) The first whatsapp for Android was basic too, but the app got much better within a few months

Yeah, that's what I expect too. Get the basics done, get some feedback and go from there. I think people will be happy with it--I mean it does what it is suppose to do.

HAPPY!? I'M ECSTATIC!I don't think I've ever been as happy with my Focus. Now, finally, I'm back to civilization. Let the whole other lot of features come later, I'm good with having it NOW.

Also note that this could just be a very early build which is there just to test the underlying framework code. The final one I'd expect it to be much more polished though. Props to the team at Whatsapp :)

Possibly. But from my experience, devs DO keep the version number up to date, especially on beta builds. This is v1.0.1 which tells me this is pretty far along. Final build? Doubtful. Pretty much the final build? I believe so...

The most boring format out of all is the BlackBerry version which is surprising for a messaging platform.That being said, this format is not too bad.

It does not look as nice as i expected but i guess it gets the job done. And hey, they can release updates later on. Kik messenger has a more 'complete' app but the user base is no where compared to WhatsApp.

The biggest + of whatsapp is the possibility to scan the contact list and find who is already here! For Kik and textme we have to notify our contacts and add their nicknames one by one...

Any one knows how they will charge the yearly subscription fee (after the first free year)? Directly through the market place?