First look at Windows Phone Tango and Content Search?

We heard about build 8200 of Windows Phone 7 floating around recently. The build was speculated to be the next iteration of the OS after Mango. Code-named "Tango" (keeping up with the "last letter is O" naming) build 8200 and beyond are thought to be another interim release bringing new features, bug fixes and act as a hold over till "Apollo" aka Windows Phone 8 hits.

Indeed, it looks to be the case and what you see to the right is reportedly a shot from the OS. Specifically you're looking at "Content Search" or rather the OS's ability to first search within the device before going to the Web i.e. it's basically a global search tool:

"Content Search (Build 8200 Tango), it more or less works, first it´s finding content directly on the phone, and then on the web, the good thing is that Facebook pages work now (finally), i don´t know about twitter/LinkedIn, i haven´t them synced up, voice activated searching is also possible, similar function what iPhone has."

Pretty impressive as a new feature and it shows that Microsoft is barreling down on the OS, pumping out builds as fast as they can complie them. Good news for us.

Source: Pretaktovanie.sk; Big thanks to Wictory, for the tip!


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First look at Windows Phone Tango and Content Search?


Hope we get more Exchange policy support - like encryption. Then I mean the encryption on your device once it's downloaded. I work for a large IT company, and MS is our main focus.But our internal IT dept. is going to ban WP7 devices starting september because it doesn't currently support that :/

They are also going to have to ban Android. The latest version of the OS may support device-level encryption, but most Android phones do not.Curiously, although WP7 says there is no device-level encryption, a WP7's memory card is only readable in the device that formatted it. Attempts to read it in another device causes a reformat. Granted, that is not the same as device-level encryption, but my large company's IT department was satisfied with the explanation. I went to them prepared with credible documentation in hand to back up my case.

I mean these:MobileEncryptionRemovable Always returns FALSE (Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support device encryption or removable storage). MobileEncryptionEnabled Always returns FALSE (Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support device encryption). EnableDeviceEncryption Always returns FALSE (Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support device encryption).

Could this be in cooperation with Nokia? I'm not a Fin but the last name in that screen shot sure looks Finnish to me.

Im from Sweden, I would say it looks more like Russian, Slovakian or something like that. Not Finnish.

Don't this Nokia has much to do with it. It's not a new feature - well, for WP7 it's new - but Android has had it, and I think iOS too?

Since it adds Facebook pages, I wonder if they'll add the ability to view posts by people that have secured browing activated. Currently Facebook in the people hub is pretty useless since you only see a few posts from people that don't use the secure mode.

Is that a Slovak name? (Jana Kmetková) I can't believe it. Someone from their tiny little pocket European country has Tango? (I live in the Czech Republic and the Slovakia is located on our southeast.)

this is a WEBOS feature ( well they where first to do it )... search phone+web. Ok im gona need you guys to STOP talkign about upcomming updates . your getting me all excited!!! and i sitll ehave to waiT!!lol ;)

I want mango before I start worrying about tango. lolCan anyone with the new mango build tell me approximately how much space does it take on the phone?

This sounds handy, but I'm hoping this is separate from the Bing search button. I really don't want another step to search the web. I figure most people would search the internet more than they would search their phone...

Yes ofcourse :)I am very skeptic about this image and how the guy could have gotten hold of 8200. And the numbers 8200 seem weird too. Since Tango is supposed to be an interrim release between Mango and Apollo, in preparation for Windows Phone 8 (Apollo), it would be weird calling it **** since Tango is NOT WP8, but rather WP7.6.x-WP7.9.x.