Fitbit confirms Windows Phone 8.1 app in development


Fitbit has confirmed in its community forums that it is developing a Windows Phone 8.1 app for its popular fitness smartbands, but at the moment's that's all that is known, at least officially, on this subject.

Adding an app that supports Microsoft's mobile OS has been one that's been in discussion on Fitbit's community forums for some time. However, earlier today, the company updated that message thread (you have to register for the forums to actually read it) with this statement:

"Fitbit is developing an application for Windows Phone 8.1. Thank you for all your feedback and support!"

That's basically all we know at this point. There's no word on what features it will have nor any indication of a release date. However, we will keep you up to date on Fitbit's progress as soon as they reveal any more information.

This is as good of a time as any to remind you that June is #MobileFit month here at Mobile Nations and, by pure coincidence, we published a new and extensive feature article on Fitbit earlier this morning. Consider this to be a primer for the fitness smartband before the company launches its Windows Phone 8.1 app.

How do you feel about Fitbit planning to join the Windows Phone platform?

Thanks to Tristan R. and Jeff P., who tipped up to this news!

Source: Fitbit community forums


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Fitbit confirms Windows Phone 8.1 app in development


Trying to not be negative, but are they just developing a beta app, that will stay in beta for a year without updates? If so, no thanks. I want real support, or don't even bother IMO.

Well, i agree but sometimes a beta is better than nothing at all. Lets remember that just a year ago many companies did not give a second look at WP but now... Now were getting more apps. It's a win even if its a small one with beta possibilities... jejeje

Sometimes, but most times, its not better than nothing.  Words With Friends and TuneIn radio are prime examples. Most recently with Firefox Metro.  It was crap when they dropped it and when no one wanted to use it, they had a balls to blame us for not being thankful.  Yes we got those apps but it was mostly busted WP demo apps.  

I don't like these seperate-but-equal Jim Crow type developers and I sincerly hope this developer isn't that way. We get more than our share of them on this platform. And we shouldn't allow dev's to cheapen the platform with SBE. I rather they just don't bother. I still think we are going to get a rude awaking when VLC finally drops. I expect it to be limited on what file types it'll play then blame MS for it.

I agree with cj1016 , having a beta does not constitute an app.  If they are not planning to complete and or updating Windows Phone app in the future, then why even bother installing the app knowing that it will not go anywhere.   No half arse developed app, and expect the community to support their project.

Hasn't fitbit been officially developing an app for over a year now?

Maybe today's update provides the drivers do we can plug the dongle into our phone now

Exactly. We want to focus on other companies because we don't have apps, but the reality is that if the infrastructure isn't there they can't always work around that. Good example is facebook logins sending you facebook web instead of automagically knowing that FB is installed and logging you into said app with those credentials. Also; ,,,, in case I was not gramatically correct.

Yes, 8.1 does provide access to BT LE via Generic Attribute Profile GATT.  I keep seeing references to 8.1 bringing BT LE support, but there's a fundamental difference between BT LE GATT (which requires active pairing currently) and passive (broadcast) devices that do not require pairing.  These passive BT LE devices (iBeacons etc) won't be supported in 8.1, so please don't say that 8.1 brings BT LE support, because if anything it's only partial support.  We might see passive support in a post 8.1 update, until then though BT 4 LE support is incomplete.

so? they could support accessing the data on their fitbit website at any point. No bluetooth versioning required. my fitbit account already pulls together 2 fitbit bands and a weight scale. There's no [good] reason that isn't on a windows-phone OFFICIAL fitbit app, displayed beautifully in a native way.

I don't get why WPcentral keeps supporting Fitbit when they (still) don't support WP..

No offense but It's just silly.


I'm looking forward to this "someday". That is the same time MFP is supposed to have a fix to actually have their app work on Windows Phone.

MFP is in beta with users enrolled in testing it. However, they have hit some snags and a new update to the beta is coming soon for those users. They are trying, although they are behind.

This falls under the category "breath, hold not" . They have been 'developing' this for ages. by the time they do i'll have moved on from my fitbit to something that does heart rate as well.




No, no they haven't. There was no Bluetooth 4.0 LE support until Update 3 late last year, and even that was not complete, which is why this is an 8.1 app.

It was 100% impossible for Fitbit to make an app prior to late-2013, not without Microsoft's direct involvement. With 8.1, companies have greater access via the new SDK.

I'm not sure where this "they've been making one forever" idea is coming from, but it's not accurate.

As you say, "not without Microsoft's direct involvement". I would be very surprised if Microsoft's or Nokia's direct involvement would have been an issue. I would be even more surprised if Microsoft wasn't footing a significant part of the, if not the entire, development cost. The problem with accepting such a "let's pay for your app" offer is more that it obviously stipulates supporting Windows Phone for a certain amount of time; thereby increasing the complexity to maintain and test features and potentially slowing down development. Presumably FitBit believes it now makes more sense to support another platform. Which is great :)

I don't agree with this. Fitbit could have provided us an application without wireless sync. They could have given us basic functionality initially, then increased it to the point of manual capture - most importantly meals. Then, sync would be the thing we would be wating for. Remember, we use a small collection of programs to cover our fitness and diet needs currently.

What would garner more backlash - having a gimped app or no app at all? I think if they came out with an app that didn't have a full feature set people would go ballistic... Personally a fitbit app - from Fitbit - without the ability to sync is not good. Fitbit tracker (which I use) is alright simply because it does other things too - it isn't just an app that shows what has already sync...

I'm assuming this won't work without Cyan update.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Considering anyone who is on 8.1 Preview and a Lumia does not have Bluetooth 4.0 LE, except 640/930, that'd be 100% accurate. You can't even use a heart rate monitor now.

Considering anyone who is on 8.1 Preview and a Lumia does not have Bluetooth 4.0 LE, except 640/930, that'd be 100% accurate. You can't even use a heart rate monitor now.

Do you know something we don't know :)

Just as he wrote, the 8.1 preview does not support BT 4.0 because it needs the correct firmware, which I believe will come with the official release.

I said this very morning that I wouldn't invest in them until they started supporting us. Seems like I have the power today. Anything else you guys want to see on WP so I can whine about and maybe then get official confirmation?

A Crackle update so it's not broken. An All State insurance app. Instagram to be updated and out of beta. Interest to be more than a web wrapper 1MB beta. Xbox Music to have everything Zune had in WP 7.x. Core WP 8.1 apps to load faster... We'll start with that.

I figured something like this was coming, what with the recent Fitbit promo article. :P

No complaints, I'm a Fitbit user myself!

i use fitbit tracker. If he can add the syncing with bt 4 then why would anyone move. Its a great app so why not partner with it and cut some cost

Agreed. I've been using the same app. I wish fitbit would work with this developer and just add BT support.

It was impossible, literally not technically possible, for Fitibit to make an app prior to late-2013. Fitbit relies on Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which is something Windows Phone didn't get until late last year. Windows Phone 8.1 goes further by having greater access in the SDK, and putting some of it in the OS (previously it was completely dependent on the firmware and varied amongst the OEMs).

>It was impossible, literally not technically possible, for Fitibit to make an app prior to late-2013.

Daniel this is just plain wrong. They couldn't provide syncing through the app but they definitely could provide an app that allowed users to manually update their data, log food, activities, etc. We can do that now awkwardly through various third party apps but it was certainly techically possible for Fitbit to provide an official app for cleaner access.

the WP 8.1 And W8.1 universal app make it much easier for developers/companies to dev apps, they can easily dev a app for both . that might be why recently so many official apps comes out.

Dan, I think it is time now for a podcast once you are back to Boston. 8.1, Surface were both announced and you can also calm some people down with some nice hints towards the future after cyan firmware. 

Anyone tried using NFC on their fitbit? I tried yesterday (for giggles) and it makes a little jingle but that's it so far. Be nice if I could sync with my phone instead of waiting till I get home, especially when I get a hit more than one goal so I can see what its for.

With the various smartwatch announcements supporting Windows Phones. Isn't it a bit late for fitbit since those watches will help accomplish the same things the fitbit offers and more?

Can anyone confirm that a fit it will work with the third party apps on an HtC 8x? I can seem to figure out if the 8x has the right Bluetooth stack. Its on wp8.1 right now.

Your app was great. I honestly think they should have just reached out to license your software and build in from there. But, I get why they want full control. Still, very useful what you managed as a third party!

Hmmm might just have to get a FitBit soon, and by soon, I mean when the app comes out, and by when the app comes out, that means maybe never. Maybe.

I've been thinking to buy one for a while...give me an app compatible with 512mb Windows Phones and i'm in !

Finally!! Almost two years of waiting, prodding, and begging. Very excited! Hopefully this arrives by the end of summer.

Too all those who say it was technically impossible. They could've released SOMETHING official even if it meant not having direct syncing capability. If an independent 3rd party can release an app that does 50%-80% of other the official app on other platforms, then so could the official company.
Instead they said they were looking into, working on it, blah blah blah and we got nothing!
That being said, I do hope it's a solid effort and includes everything needed to be complete and useful.

Excited for this! Not expecting immediate feature parity with iOS and Android but ability to sync and enter food calories would be amazing and appreciated.

FitBit is so full of crap! All these companies have been saying for some time that they are developing an app for WP. (Jawbone was supposed to be hiring people specifically for this as well). It can't be that hard or burdensome that it takes months! I haven't seen that problem with Android or iOS. Quit yanking our chain. Just be honest and say we are a low priority. Microsoft needs to use its muscle and affect their business on the PC side if possible. Come on Microsoft. Over, what, 80 or 90% of business use Microsoft? Plus, you have all these partnerships. Yes, I know this is a different division of the company but the same company never the less.

They answer my email two days ago saying something like we don't have nothing planned. I posted on other news

I'll buy the first device with an official app on WP.

Who's it going to be? I guess no one wants my money.

Not excited about this. The Windows 8 app is complete and utter garbage, even when they added sync - which works only sporadically at best.

A few months ago, I had a little back and forth going with Fitbit support. The topic of Windows mobile support came up, and I told them that the first company that supports Windows will grab about 3 million users - that's roughly 3% of the user base. If Jawbone beats Fitbit, or is even within a month of their so called app release, goodbye Fitbit. Yeah, I bought the device, but no more bands, no replacement, and no recommendations. I know Jawbone's Up app will be full featured, and they seem to have the better meal interface.

It would be great to finally get this app that can update to my phone rather than having to pair with my PC. I suspect it'll be on point.

How about an official Jawbone Up app for the Up users...would really love to sync with my Windows Phone rather than my iPod :(

Considering the thread on the Jawbone forum asking for a WP app has 28 pages of comments, has been open for at least a year and hasn't received a confirmation from Jawbone of an app being in development (but a vague answer from Jawbone which is pretty much a 'no') at the time of writing this, it doesn't seem likely that Jawbone will support Windows Phone. If only they did :(

Goodbye Withings device. I've been asking Withings for a windows phone app for over a year and they won't even respond with a "No". They just ignore the requests. I'll happily move over to FitBit when the app is released.


As long as it has syncing capability, it will be a very welcome addition to the Store. If it's a web wrapper for viewing your dashboard... well, let's just not even think like that.

This news will make my wife a happy person. She has to sync her fitbit to the iPad before she can view it on her phone. Drives her nuts!

Just my two sense..But it seems that Fitbit should have had an app available a year ago. Thats fine that it didnt have the sync capability. That is when the consumer can presure the Platform and Phone Hardware manufactures and demand that the features follow. It is extremely hard to have the features and no one developing anything for it. Fitbit has been soaking in the free publicity from Windows sites as well as the products being sold in Windows Stores and Online Communities. Why would they rush to put out an app if the products are already being distrubed through the Windows Community without it?

I've had a windows phone for a little over two years, and I've come to the realization if I want decent apps or proper support for things like fitbit I'll just have to move to a different os. Speaking things that were supposed to happen a long time ago, weren't we suppose to get flipboard?