Fitness Log updated with fix for calendar bug

Fitness Log, a very handy app for tracking your exercise progress, has been updated to version The update is a small one, but fixes a bug in the calendar function. This is the latest in a series of recent updates, which range from bug fixes to adding new features.

With Fitness Log you can record your workouts, be it the time and distance of your cardio or the weight and number of reps while lifting. It lets you add custom exercises and routines and shows how you have progressed over time.

Our very own George Ponder reviewed Fitness log back in June, during Mobile Nations Fitness Month and it has quickly become one of my go-to exercise apps.

  • Fitness Log - Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 - Free - Store Link


Reader comments

Fitness Log updated with fix for calendar bug


Was looking for a decent fitness app, proud of my self i have been going for 15 days and these kinda app really gives the motivation :)

once again, thanks Seth!!!


ps- i will be relesing a new build in the coming weeks with features requested by the users. this includes rest timer, workout goals, new cardio stop watch + countdown timer and graphs.






I have dwelled on this for a while now...

The selling point of fitness log is that it acts as the ultimate template so each user can customize it specially to their own needs (think of it as msft excels sexy gym loving cousin).

To date, the majority of the user are happy customizing it from the get-go because its so simple + quick. However, there are users (such as you) that request pre built exercises…. I am currently experimenting with features that can satisfy both groups. When I crack it, the feature will be added.

thank you for your feedback!