Five reasons why Windows Phone has strong potential

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E.D. Kain, a contributor over at Forbes, has published an interesting article about why he believes Windows Phone will do well in the competitive smartphone market. The post is perfect to put every reader in a positive mood with CES 2012 coming up shortly. Kain provides five reasons why the platform has the potential to do well, should more hardware compliment the OS, and the future be maintained at a "bright" level:

  1. Windows Phone Has A Totally Unique UI
  2. Originality Means Fewer Forays Into The Patent Wars
  3. Uniformity Across All Devices and Carriers
  4. Zune Is Baked Right Into the Operating System
  5. Xbox Live Gaming Support

While none of the above will be anything new to majority of platform veterans, it does paint a clear picture of what path Microsoft is traveling down, not just with Windows Phone but other product lines too. Kain's verdict is 2012 will see the platform enter a three-way race against the iPhone and Android (which we can all agree with).

CES 2012 will house Nokia's Lumia 900 announcement, which will kick off the aggressive marketing campaign in the U.S. and join the media tsunami that has been witnessed across Europe and beyond. Be sure to check out the full read at Forbes (link below).

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Five reasons why Windows Phone has strong potential


First at least they must to publish Skype for WM7. One year of promises / rummors and nothing. I'm not going to this system until theres main global programs working.  

Sorry, my mistake. Im new at this and was struggling between Android and Windows Phone 7 past two weeks. Seriously... When finally I decided to pic WP7 with Samsung Omnia W this week, I discovered, that it even not support skype! Doesnt matter how much I like this new OS, thing that theres still no skype suport makes me wait or choose Android.

I cannot presume to know your phone habits but is Skype really THAT important to you on a day to day basis? To such a degree that you would forgo the entire OS soley on that basis? Is it really essential for you to have Skype on the go? I have family in Australia that I use Skype to communicate with but like most of us I have a laptop which does the job nicely. I can only speak from personal experience here but I've never felt the need to Skype or even use a video call when I'm out and about and frankly I've never even SEEN anyone use those features.

It'll come. If I had to guess Microsoft wants it fully integrated into the OS and not to be an app. If it's not in Apollo by September I would be amazed.

patience is key denisas remember that this is all starting to come together and i guarentee that you will not regret wp7 in terms of usability and relaibility from wp7 skype is coming just gotta be patient

IM+ app is all you need.  Skype is integrated in that and it works great.  I use AIM and Skype all the time.  Try the free version and see.  Eventually Skype will be built in like WebOS, give it time.

Also I've found that the Tango app(not to be confused with the upcoming update) works very well. It's available on all the other OS's, not to mention it's available for pc. Free video/voice calls on it. Just a heads up.

Skype is already around for WM6 - WM6.5, as for WP7 probably with the next major update.
Reason number 4, Zune is not entirely intergraded, many features including video are still not availible in Windows Phone's version of Zune.
Reason 5, What Xbox Live gaming? They have removed some of the games that kind of took advantage of Xbox Live.

Looking forward to the Nokia 900, though I think the 800 is a better size paired with a 7" tab via tethering. It's one of the ideas HPalm got right along with the wireless charging. I know big phones are the rage but I really think a 2 device solution works better.

Well point 4 is only meaningful in the US and the last point may change a little bit when Microsoft may release more Xbox Live features for other platforms.

I have a WP7 since 2010 and I'm a MS fan, but let's face some things
Windows Phone Has A Totally Unique UI
- Ok
Originality Means Fewer Forays Into The Patent Wars
- Maybe
Uniformity Across All Devices and Carriers
- But it makes all devices to be almost the same thing too. Only a different camera here, bigger or smaller display there and that's it.
Zune Is Baked Right Into the Operating System
- Is it really that important? I mean, Zune Pass is good, but there are some good alternatives out there.
Xbox Live Gaming Support
- Yeah, overpriced and outdated games. A very limited selection compared to Android and iOS, and even compared to what MS has promised. Not to mention it could be available on iOS and Android soon.
I really want to see MS going forward on this market, but despite "burning" a lot of money, they are too slow on updates, either on software and hardware, no blockbuster games, no Skype, limited international support et al.

I think the Zune is brought up because its an ecosystem of games/music/movies/tv tied to a unified account. Right now I can consume the same TV show on the PC or my Xbox. I can also listen to Zune Pass on my Phone/Xbox/and Windows Phone. The WP integration still has some gaps (video) but once that's online it will be a viable alternative to iTunes and Amazon services on a smart phone.
International support has been growing. Even Apple wasn't in every country on day one. And I don't mind that the are waiting for things to mature on the hardware side. I'll take battery life over shiny tech anyday of the week (LTE).
The gap in features has closed some since the Mango update so the frequency of updates, while an eternity to us enthusiasts, really doesn't matter as much to Joe Sixpack. If it was up to me a new feature would be released every week but good things come to those that wait. Also I'm glad that I didn't a have to worry about getting an update to my phone, even a year after I purchased it which can't be said for some low-end Android phones.

i think all you guys are being a bit too hard on a relatively new os geez cut it some slack android blew when i came out so why so harsh on an os that when it came out besides few missing features here and there was absolutely stunning in design mango made it better have some patience people

Microsoft is facing a multitude of issues trying to enter the market with their WM7. Just some thoughts I have been having lately when seeing the stores (with little to no WP7), and articles online.
The first thing MS need to do is to become "cool".  Their xBox was cool from day one and still is, hence a super successful, awesome product. It is hip, it is young, and it is winning. Now look at phones. We had "Razor", do you guys remember that one? It was huge because it was hip. We have Galaxy, super-hot name right now. We have iPhone, super desirable. And then Windows Mobile 7? Just the name by itself makes the young people go elsewhere. I am not talking technology at this point, just pure fashion/in/coolness. Without the hipness, retailers won't sell/promote it and customers won't flock to it. It is embarrassing to be the WP7 owner at high school. (Best comment when BB had their last outage was "The worst thing about this outage is that I have to admit to my friends I still have a BB" was captured from a VP somewhere in NYC). I believe this is so important and the only reason Apple is growing so much. Not because they have anything technological better to offer, but just because they are in and hip.
Second hurdle they need to overcome is the label of big bad corporate monster. Google and Apple are just as bad, if not worst, but they are seen as the nice and cool "we are on your side; we make cool products, all for you". Microsoft has too much vested with corporations and hence is not seen as the consumer friendly - Picture/Facebook/Video/Music friendly applications. Not saying they are not, I am talking about perception here. Microsoft is seen as corporate. That is not the way to become in and hip in today’s society. Again, look at xBox, yeah, we know it is Microsoft, but really, IT IS xBOX! xBox is cool. xBox is awesome. xBox.
Third is to get a "US" phone. Nokia is not big here in North America. Nokia is HUGE in Europe, but not here. Focus on getting a "Lumia" from Samsung or HTC and push it. That would make for a great competition here in the US. I bet we will see a huge pop in Market Share though, but not in the US. I think it will come from Europe with Nokia phones.
In essence, I don't think MS's problem is technology. I think it is marketing and company perception. But that is just my two cents. I like WP7 from a technological point of view, it has an awesome UI. But it is "cooler" to hold my iPhone 4s and talk to Siri.

I stopped reading as soon as you referred to it as Windows Mobile. How can you have an educated opinion when you don't even know what the platform is called?