Five Samsung Mobile US execs leave company, reports CNET


"At least" five high-ranking executives from Samsung Telecommunications America have left or handed in their notice in the past two months, according to a report from CNET. The list of departing execs covers some individuals who were public faces for Samsung in addition to their strategic roles within the company, as well as those involved with some key mobile products and sales efforts.

Those named include Seshu Madhavapeddy, SVP of product, Nanda Ramachandran, VP and general manager, Mike Pennington, VP of sales operations and head of national sales, Ketrina Dunagan, VP of retail and channel marketing, and Donna Cerny, director of human resources.

The report of high-level departures comes as a second patent trial plays out in a California court between Samsung and arch-rival Apple, and as the company prepares to launch its flagship smartphone for 2014, the Android-powered Galaxy S5. Last summer Samsung named Gregory Lee the new president of STA, replacing Dale Sohn, who became an executive adviser to CEO JK Shin at the company's Korean HQ.

Late last year STA product chief Kevin Packingham also left the company. CNET reports that Packingham departed as his job became more sales-focused following Samsung's push behind one major Galaxy S device instead of multiple customized models for U.S. carriers.

"As our US business continues to diversify and expand, we will continue to build an industry leading organization with people who will contribute to even greater success for Samsung," Samsung said in a statement. "Some have left voluntarily to pursue other opportunities, and we thank them for their service."

Source: CNET


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Five Samsung Mobile US execs leave company, reports CNET


And Apple. And HTC. Come to think of it...I think only Lenovo is on the rise these days.

All this while India's Supreme Court directed Samsung Electronics chairman Lee Kun-hee, who is facing an arrest warrant, to appear before a Ghaziabad court in a $1.4 million cheating case filed against him. Bad days for execs at shamesong?

it depends if they are leaving or are being forced out. if this many people are leaving on their own, then the ship is sinking. otherwise, they are cleaning house.

What does this really mean? Nothing will stop Samsung, we should focus our attention on getting them to support the windows eco system.

Eh we don't need Samsung. I much rather get HTC and Sony onboard as their hardware is premium and they would make the OS much better I feel vs Samsung and their cheap mess.

So you want HTC that had more Exec dump the business than Samsung? You want Sony that dumped Windows period? Lol.

And look at the product division being sold off like a salvage yard for used parts. What's your point?

I'm not sure why there's so much Samsung hate here..  Everyone acts as if Samsung came to their house and peed on all their clothes.  It's no wonder OEMs don't want to support WP.

Yes the reason Samsung doesn't support windows phones is because of us customers...get real.

The hate you see from us is because we don't take their second hand scraps they toss and act like we're lucky to get them. I don't hate Samsung but I do hate what they stand for as their galaxy devices are overhyped and not innovative but gimmicky and their windows phones are at best passable with cheap exterior.

Plus it is ironic that Samsung is battling Apple because Samsung fan base reminds me a lot of apples fanbase when you point out known flawss and how they blindly will take whatever Samsung throws out(much like apple and their users)

The irony is not lost on me.

Its the same story with every fanboy. Doesn't matter what brand. Also, what Samsung stands for is called money making, business.

The same could be said for windows phone fan base.
Just live and let live.
We are all citizens of this beautiful planet with our own tastes and preferences. So let the irony, flaws and differences of others be lost on you.

Personally I don't hate them.
But seeing cheating, paying people to trash talk HTC and their generally business practice. having had 2 Samsung hard drives crashing, a TV which I think is terrible and really regretting having bought, a gs2 which I has to admit was... ok.
But I really don't LIKE them...

Chill they're just Samesung haters lol! I admit I hate their Latest Galaxy S-es lol! But salute their only Galaxy Note 3. That's a beauty. Their tablets damn horrible. Rather get the Sony XZ2 or Nexus 7 or even the new Surface Pro 2 and iPad with Office365 only. Talking about work wise and personal gadget.

I agree! WP needs the growth as a platform. And quite frankly, not everyone wants a Nokia device. If Samsung were to devote at least a tenth of what they spend marketing their galaxy devices for their WP, it would contribute to increasing WP. Millions of people like the galaxy series, I have a galaxy note 3 and love their note series. People say that Samsung is just recycling the galaxy look, well yeah why not. Nokia does the exact same thing. All of their devices look the same to me, minus a few things. I quite like the look of the Samsung WP, and I would totally like to see other OEMs make WP. I have 521 and I'm just not feeling the Nokia look. I think it's important for consumers to have options and choices that work for them. At the end of the day, these are just phones and these companies will continue to be billion dollar companies. They're billion dollar companies for a reason.

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We can criticize Samsung and their phones as much as we like but the reality is it is at the top. No matter how poor their phones quality is they still are the bestselling devices. Of the majority of phones shipped every year, majority is Samsung. So we can call it Samdung or samesung or whatever it still is the market leader. If ever windows phone and nokia want to dethrone it they will have to do a lot... A lot besides just camera.

Why buy an overpriced camera (Nikon/Canon) and an overrated phone (Samsung/Apple) when I can have both in a single device with the Lumia 1020/1520/Icon/930? Ninja pls.

So by your statement Nokia is an overpriced camera overrated phone since you can have both in Nokia. LOL. Lame

Well said, until I can have a high end Nokia with interchangable lenses, support for extreme speed sd cards, a camera that is 60MP or higher and a removable battery then I'll stick with my "overpriced" SLR and my smartphone!!!

Leave em to it, again as i said we should want Samsung onboard and HTC and anyone else, with the removal of the licence costs we should see a bigger adoption of the Windows OS now. We need all the big hitters, with Nokia/Microsoft setting a benchmark. I love the idea of a WP HTC one M8, that's a thing of beauty.

An HTC M8 WP with support will be the One king to rule them all......rule all Lumias but will be tough cuz Nokia won't go down easily without a fight.

Nah, not everyone buys phones based on their looks. Some people actually care about what they can do.

@luppidp agreed! Some will buy just for the looks. Others for platform, specs built or just a fan boy lol!

How would a phone with one of the worst rated cameras "rule them all" when cameras are so important these days?

People buy these phones willingly. They've only themselves to blame for their own poor decisions.

Looking at the comments you'd think it was Nokia Phone Central!!!

Maybe the mods should just rename it and get it over with.

How old are most of you? This happens in a company all the time. I for one welcome Samsung WP units. Like it or not millions of people love Samsung and the more people that use WP the more support we get. This is the most brutal group of people. All everyone does is rip through anyone who posts anything other than ((I just got an Xbox logo tattooed on my ass!!)). Get an after school job and help your parents with the power bill!! #822 #928 #ICON

Being the voice of reason is no fun, though! Don't feel sorry for Samsung. They will be unaffected by what we say here. I say on with the mudslinging!!! Fuckem and they're shady business practices.

Yeah, and people will complain at the end, why the market share never go up? Why were loosing phone maker company? Why we cant get support from others? Cause these people are the one who ditching them! These people only care on one maker, not saying im against but even nokia has a downside. WP is not like apple who can stand their own feet when it comes to mobile system, they dont need other phone makers. And WP is still way too dar from 2nd place so thesr guys needs boost from others.

This is the most brutal group of people.

Not really ... Go and sit for a spell on Crackberry... brutal and delusional.

soo, they are reporting it. because Samsung one of WP phonemaker. so it is considered a news to be posted here. is that wrong? 

you seems pissed. did any of the sentences in the article offend you?

Samsung? Looks like you tech thieves got the letters in your name jumbled up, should be SNAGSUM!

As I've seen this in my own company recently, it's usually the result of a group of unsatisfied leaders not being able to make changes in the organization. That, or perhaps they screwed up and were given the option to leave or be fired and sued for misconduct. Either way, it looks bad for the company when a number of high level execs leave.

However, a company that big doesn't sink from it. Microsoft and Nokia have had similar happen. Recently, even.

What I do hope, however, is Samsung will learn from it and change internally. Maybe a better focus on Windows Phone, and less copycat products.

And how many MS and Nokia execs jump ship. You people are complete idiots. HTC, Google, Dell and any other company have execs leave. Look at Microsoft. I guess MS should be called microlost. They can't increase WP if the had a gun pointed to their head. Idiots

Now I don't agree with calling these people idiots, but I agree with the rest of your statement.

Fair enough, but I'm tired of using the word ignorant because the same 5 people keep cheering the same redundant BS. So at this point they aren't ignorant.

And blatantly copying Apple and then mocking them in commercials kind of rubs me the wrong way. At least when Microsoft copies Apple (which is happening a lot lately and makes me sick) they don't start mocking them.

Going with capacitive touch, ditching the stylus, creating their own exclusive app store, calling them apps instead of programs, one single home button on tablets, tablets themselves, etc.

Agree that this isn't much news by itself, but does seem like a big shuffle if five top execs leave. Time will tell. My question is on the way the article is written, as it links there leaving in the same sentence that mentions the Apple lawsuit. Is there something to it, or is it WPC just trying to generate something out of nothing? I personally have a dislike of Samsung products, any company for that matter, that does so well with cheap products. But I guess that is the fault of the people who buy them, not SS.

You know that seems to be the word about people these days. I keep hearing and reading statements such as yours about any topic.

It is pretty clear that the human race in the first world as a group is getting dumber. This is because we have interrupted the process of natural selection. We go to great lengths to help those that would otherwise be unable to survive on their own. It is compassionate and noble, but not smart for the long-term outlook of the species.

I dont own a Galaxy, and on the pictures on the internet it looks boring, but everytime I hold S4 in my hands I see it as very beautiful peace of look and feel and of course software, camera is also pretty good, unless you want more options.. And plastic up or down, you fuck up every phone if you drop it, same goes with aluminium, it gets more scratched than plastic.. And anyways I dont care cos I prefer to use cases ( yes I dont want to pay for a new phone -> Yes It can happen to any phone ) + it depends on what case you use (look & feel and durability) so I would like to see Samsung Windows Phones on board.. Just wish it was the same as android version, not a year old hardware .. And I like Amoled on phones :)
Anyways not all people likes square phones, I do like Lumia 930 design, but I would go for it mostly for the camera and their Nokia features.. Good day

I don't get this negativity towards Samsung. come on guys let's not speak or think ill against them. they are after all a juggernaut that without them, change in the industry won't happen. they innovate (Albeit gimmicky) but look at how the NOTE created an entirely desirable phablet market. how they have created diferent screen sizes to fit the need of each market sector. you might not want to admit it but Nokia is following suite and yes we do intend to be bias to nokia since they do make better products. Samsung is never going down not very soon nor forever. they have brilliant copycats, and some innovators but they are one of the contributors of the everchanging and dynamic mobile market. and whatever they do it's all for the best interest of us the consumers.

A lot of these people aren't seeing the bigger picture, and I wouldn't be surprised if the demographic of some of these insults are from kids.  Samsung is a well known company, and many people genuinely love the Samsung design, and having WP in a high end Samsung phone, will undoubtedly bring more people to WP, WHICH IS GOOD.  This means bigger market share, which means more cosideration from developers, which means more and better apps.  The bigger picture.  Shooting down OEMs is like WP fanbase shooting themselves in the foot.  Whether they like Samsung or not, they are important to WP.  Denying this, is just.. stupid.

5 top VIPs leaving for goood? Well that's ok I guess. Maybe the new guys will just make better Samsung phones. Samsung will have their days again just like Apple, Nokia and HTC. Maybe they all went to BlackBerry lol!

If samsung is so tired of these lawsuits, maybe they should employ designers that take the initiative to design something that wasn't first done at apple. 

The latest lawsuit is centered around the low cost Android handsets and how they're eating into Apple's marketshare but Apple are using the usual patent BS to cover for it.

Thanks for the update. But am I the only one that thinks better needs to come from such large companies?

Not good to see the hr director leave. That could mean something sleazy is afoot. HR doesn't get shaken up due to changes in business strategy. Just sayin'

Maybe those people were dismissed for their lack of effort in WP, because if I were in charge of Samsung, I would want my products to lead on every platform, because we're supposed to be the industry leader. Kinda like the the internal paperwork that was recently release in the trial between Apple and Samsung where apple exec acknowledges Samsung's success; He says we're the industry standard and no one should be invading our turf.

Nah don't think so. I think its either got to do with Apple and Samsung Trial or maybe Samsung have some restrictions and the 5 of them got great ideas for Samsung but unable to fulfill them OR they're just sick and tired of Samsung. Jumping ships are normal happens for all companies that existed on this Earth! Haha!

Maybe the 5 of them are planning to open their own company maybe named example iSung and saving their ideas for it and kick other companies butt? We never know! ;)

That many people leaving at once sure speaks volumes. Maybe Samsung should focus on creating their own designs and features therein instead of copying whatever company it deems as the "it" thing for the moment.

Im pretty sure samsung sets the bar for all other smartphones out. Everyone asks if the product is better or worse than the note 3 or s4 or 5. There sales speak enough for themselves. People leave all the time at these corporations. This is a sign of nothing

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Agree, SS does set benchmarks in the industry, mainly because they're not just a phone company. And it's such a large corp staff come and go regularly. Non story.

Don't mind the Sammy hate much here. I just hate it when NOKIA fanboys go troll on other sites and trash talk Sammy Windows Phones. C'mon man, ya aint helping our cause. You don't have to like 'em, but all the negativity doesn't help us any in our quest to dominate the world!

Amazing the response difference from the Android Central compared to the shit spew from WPC.