Fix your Venue Pro, kill your warranty

The reports of Dell Venue Pro owners experiencing crashes and freezes on their devices have been plentiful, usually when downloading files over a WiFi connection.  The good news is that a user named zeevDVP over at the Dell Community seems to have isolated the source to faulty MicroSD cards being shipped out with the phones, which could explain why it does not happen to everyone.  The bad news is that if you decide to resolve the issue by replacing the card it will void your warranty.  If your Venue Pro is continuously freezing, you might be ready to chuck it against a wall, which would also void the warranty, so this fix just could be the right fit for you.  In any case, reports are that it works. 

Here is the process zeeDVP outlines, using a class 2 32GB Sandisk card (Sandisk part number SDSDQM-032G-B35):

1. Fully sync your phone with Zune, replacing the card requires hard-resetting the device (essentially formatting it).

2. Go to "Settings->about->reset your phone", click "Yes" for both questions, then just as the screen goes dark (as the phone is going for a restart) remove the battery.

3. Replace the micro SD card. The card slot is located next to the SIM card slot and covered by a black warranty sticker, you'll need a tool like a very small flat head screwdriver or a safety pin to remove the card as it's not spring loaded (again, since it wasn't designed to be user serviceable). You can see the location of the card slot here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weOg1dzPmU0 (if you don't want to watch the whole thing skip to 3:00 to see how to remove the card)\

4. Reinsert the battery and power up the device. You'll be presented with the welcome screen guiding you through the initial device setup and you're done.

Good luck! 

Source: Dell Community; Via: PocketNow


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Fix your Venue Pro, kill your warranty


Is that Sandisk 32GB Class 2 card the one that is most recommended?I am in search of the most RELIABLE card to put into my Samsung Focus. My 32GB Class4 Kingston card was causing freezes, delays, and app loading failures.Has Microsoft ever released any official documentation on this?Thanks.

Hi,The card listed in the article is the one that worked best for zeevDVP. He tried a few others that were more stable than the the stock card, but still crashed from time to time.Seth

I have a Class 2 16GB MicroSD card (SanDisk SDSDQ-016G-A11M) in my Samsung Focus. I guess the SanDisk cards that end in A11M are pretty much always safe bets for the Focus.The reason I know the A11M cards are pretty safe is because SanDisk used to have a list of Samsung Focus compatible A11M cards on their website, but they took it down shortly after they posted it. This is probably because they are working on "Official" WP7 cards that will cost a ton. Meanwhile, My 16GB card only cost me $26.99 on Amazon. Sometimes it's even cheaper.The one in my phone works great. In fact, it almost seems like it's going faster with this SD card than without one.