Highly addictive Flappy Bird clone for Windows Phone gets updated with medal fix

Flappy Bird

We're sure you are all sick and tired of reading about Flappy Bird and how the game has been pulled from both iOS and Android, never to officially arrive on the Windows Phone Store. We even provided a collection of similar games for Windows Phone that are available for download, including a Flappy Bird clone. But today this clever rip has been updated to version Head pass the break to learn more.

We're not comfortable with this developer ripping off someone else's work, but with an update published to the app store the game is certainly being taken seriously and with the original creator now leaving Flappy Bird altogether, it makes sense to cash in now while demand is high. While Microsoft sees nothing wrong with this listing, we'll continue to cover the game and offer a perfect solution for you all to ragequit.

This latest release, version, fixes a medal bug affecting gameplay. Not a massive update, but the clone has received some developer love nonetheless. You can download the unofficial, yet awesome clone version of Flappy Bird from the Windows Phone for free (in-app advertising).

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Highly addictive Flappy Bird clone for Windows Phone gets updated with medal fix


I am kind of curious how wpcentral keeps reiterating they are not comfortable with said game yet they are giving the clone a whole lot of exposure. It is confusing lol.....please don't kill me Daniel :P

If a person has wp and doesn't download or buy wpc app he would be lost in the world having no new knowledge about apps,games and other news on wp. Even the person who doesn't have or have downloaded developer preview would be sulking having no idea what next hos phone will get

Try turning the sound off. That made it stop crashing for me. Once I played a game I turned sound back on and it works fine now.

lol, this totally worked, if you play the game without sound works fine. But after the update if you play it with sound keeps crashing, you need to turn the volume on and off. Thanks Brandon :D

I don't get how u don't like this clone yet you support all the other cloned apps on the wp8 market. Youtube and Facebook clones spring to mind.

If the dev cant be bothered to put it onto wp8 then another dev will.

Just updated the app, it kept crashing. When launching the app, I was asked to rate it, and I had been saying no. But this last time I rated it and it no longer crashes. Interesting....you can't play unless you rate it. Anyone else seeing this?

Is that me or the game is easier after the update?
The bird falls faster or something, I dont know, but it is easier, like the android version.

This one is easy. I scored 51 on my first try. In my opinion, the most closest one to original is the online one flappybird.io

Tried them both, reminded me of a much better flash game helicopter from old days. The profit bird in jet pack has better control, in fact they can make a profit bird only game. Flappy bird is not for my taste, I have better games and things to waste my time on. Glad for those who like it though.

Too bad it isn't equal to the official one. The bird in the official one feels heavier. So can't really brag about my score.

Microsoft doesn't have a problem with it because they do not make themselves the IP police, and rightfully so. But I would not support this developer because he is clearly a thief. I hope the original developer takes action.

It works if you turn the sound off but be warned that fits of extreme rage and violence may result after playing this game :)

Guys please, enough with the Flappy Birds posts.. here, Android Centrial, iMore.. 

Can't get away from this thing.