Flappy Bird is never coming to Windows Phone

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird! It’s the game all your friends are playing and cursing over. Last week we heard from developer Dong Nguyen that a Windows Phone version of the surprise hit would be coming sometime in the near future. That near future was later clarified to be on or around February 13. The hype around this game is insane. We even had to do a public service announcement letting the Windows Phone community know that clone/fake version of the app in the Windows Phone Store wasn’t legit. Mostly because the amount of tips coming in was sky high.

Well, we’re a few days away from that date of February 13 where Flappy Bird was expected, but it’s actually not coming to Windows Phone. Ever.

Dong Nguyen, the developer behind Flappy Bird, made some startling announcements on Twitter surrounding the hit game. He’s going to take Flappy Bird down from the iOS App Store and Google Play in 22 hours. It’s apparently ruined his “simple life” and the takedown isn’t related to any legal issues. This is all despite making $50,000 per day with the app. Yes, per day.

Flappy Bird Bye

Well, if Dong is taking the app away from iOS and Android users don’t expect a legit Windows Phone version anytime soon. Or ever really. Now, can we please go back to playing some real games like Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse: Alpha?

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Flappy Bird is never coming to Windows Phone



Cool❕ I seriously, really don't care...
But, for the sake of credibility, it would be nice if Candy Crush came along before the fad is over... Is it over❔

Nahh actually a lot of people still play it. The core candy crushers are still into it. But everyone is moving on to either Clash of Clans or Flappy Bird. 

Why do we have to have fads in gaming anyway? Why don't we just play what we enjoy?

As far as Flappy Bird goes, it's nothing but a Jetpack Joyride type game with 8-bit style graphics. I don't understand why it's so popular. Jetpack Joyride is free, 100 times better, and has achievements.

Although I don't rely on Nawzil's tweets so much but according to him , Candy Crush will available this month .

No its not over. It may be over for the teens who bounce around game to game, phone to phone on whatever is popular in their inner circle but Candy Crush is still going.

This. I have an Android-user friend who just started this week and is hooked; I have other friends who still compare their progress.

If I remember right, the makers of Candy Crush were one of the game developers that revealed Apple paid them not to create a version for WP.

Does anyone have any idea if IOS games still work after being removed from the store? Well al know you can still use WP apps if you downloaded it before removal. But what about ios? Will my friends still be bugging me with flapping birds or is it finally over?

You absolutely can keep using apps after they are pulled from the store.  You can also re-install them from your iTunes shoud you backup to your pc --but you won't be able to download it from Apple again.

Things like this only stop working from your device if Apple pulls the "kill switch" for the app --something I don't believe they have ever done though they have acknowledged (like Google and Microsoft has done) the ability to do so should it ever become truly necessary.


Ah okay. I mean I would hope that was the case, but was curious because everyone keeps saying "enjoy it while it lasts"... Well everyone has already got the game sooo... Mind you, what happens to the ads? Does the dev still get the moneyyy?

I think the hype is now called HayDay... My friends are playing it with their Green robots and Fruit. The same thing WP users will,miss ?

Really? Somebody needs his source code to continue? The game is a simple by design and little variances.

Is it chickens cant fly? I believe it is even better with pickups and graphics are loads better. It is just falling vertically instead of side to side scrolling.

Good news. Terrible game. Deleted it after 2 minutes.

Posted via the WPC App for Android! on BlackBerry Z30

I am very excited to see bb's new phones this year, the OS is getting better and better. Do you know how well the android apps run in comparison to an android device with similar specs?

They're arrows and they show up fine on the WP WPC app..
Update... I just checked, and they show up fine on the website to.. What are you using❔❔

XP is the issue, it doesn't have the Emoji character support. This arrived in Windows 8, as well as there being an update for Windows 7 that provides a subset.

Thanks for the suggestion. I already have 2.  Besides my work environment has Windows XP. Its easier to read comments on the browser, except your emojis... :P

Chrome uses a very out-of-date font rendering engine from XP to retain compatibility with XP. That's likely the issue. Try Firefox or IE, or even your phone to see that they work.

It kinda makes all the browser benchmark test pretty pointless.. Numbers don't translate into real world functionality.. Some people will never understand this.

Yeah, exactly. In my opinion, here's what the browsers are like (from my experience as an advanced web develeoper and a user of all these browsers):

  • - IE: Great HW-acellerated JavaScript performance, very nice font engine, quick to start up, very minimalist interface. Occasionally loads some sites slowly (but prefetching is helping a lot there since v11), and has no extensions (but that's another way it stays so fast). No Javascript or CSS rendering bugs since version 10, and very few in 9. Pioneering new web standards like method-agnostic cursor/touch/stylus input.
  • - Chrome: Pretty good JavaScript, shocking out-dated font rendering engine on Windows. Acceptable start up speed. Lots of extensions which thankfully don't slow down the browser very much, however as they're inserted directly into every page they can break the layout if the engine isn't coded well. Seems to be developing lots of little rendering bugs (more and more with every release), and is starting to go against the web consortium by implementing features into public release that have no defined standards or are contrary to what's being discussed. On the plus side, generally quick to implement new standards and has a few that IE is yet to pick up. Sends all your browsing history to Google for advertising and site discovery purposes (and don't think that Incognito mode helps you).
  • - Mozilla: Used to be the king of browsers, but has fallen quite a lot. Slow to start up. Fast browsing in theory, but its extension engine is slow so you're best not to use any addons unless you want a crawling web experience. Implements new features as quickly as Chrome in most cases, but sometimes takes nonsensical stands regarding open-source vs closed-source, especially when it comes to media formats.

IE is my favourite, and not because of my Microsoft enthusiasm but just because it's quick and clean, and has the fewest bugs since the overhaul.

Nik, maybe you can help me... I'm seeing arrows in rodneyej's post on IE11, both desktop and modern. Font is set to Calibri unicode. Is it because I've tweaked security to stop tracking? That feature soothes my paranoia but frequently prevents viewing stuff like embedded UToob videos, etc.

Running Win 8.1 w IE11.00.96xxx.

They show up as arrows on my Lumia 920 WP also.

Do you mean you're *not* seeing them? They are meant to be arrows, he is pointing up to the post he's saying 'This' about :)

I just had a major dummy attack... got lost in the thread discussing smilies. I see arrows. All is right with the world.

I love IE. I hate web devs who allow/use tracking. Even Microsoft's own sites embed UToob videos that won't render correctly unless I turn off tracking protection... I can appreciate the marketing reasons for posting videos to UToob, but doing so just perpetuates the Scroogle beast as THE place to find videos.... Yeah, I've gone OT. :D

Haha, no worries :D

I love IE too, it's so clean and light and fast and solid. It's largely been that way since IE9, but even more so with 10 and 11. I can't wait to see what they do with 12.

I agree on the YouTube side. Since Google's evil with the YouTube app, I'd quite like to see Microsoft switch to using Vimeo for their video uploads.

LOL. I love Vimeo! I took advantage of the FREE 3-month pro subscription when you install the app on your Windows Phone. Sweet!

I especially love being able to embed videos in my blog without any advertising.

I think Microsoft has a tiger by the ears with YouTube. It's the place internet users go to search for videos (because they don't know about Bing video preview). But they could definitely double-post and use the Vimeo link for embedding in Microsoft sites and blogs. And they could definitely do a better job of informing users about the Scroogle alternatives. Google users don't realize that they aren't Google's customers, they are Google's product.

 Bacaloaohombre, if you're reading this on a phone using the xtremely coo-wul WP Central app, then you don't see the indentations that appear in a browser window. Every post is indented beneath the post to which it is replying. So your post and mine begin about half way across the page and are only about 1-2" wide (depending on your screen size/resolution).

My Lumia 920 does some amazing things, but you're right. No indents.

I can see the arrows in your first comment but not the other emojis in your above comment...

For the most part, if the app was optimized up to Jelly Bean 4.2.2, it will work as designed. Google Play doesn't work, but I use Snap which is a native Google Play client. The Amazon App Market works as well. I'm not a big app person, so hard to say what percentage of android apps work.

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Hate to rain on your parade, but BlackBerry is no longer producing mobile devices for the consumer market. They are now exclusively enterprise. The Z30 was the last consumer device that will ever come out of Waterloo. This has been known for some time now.

False. The new CEO, John Chen, confirmed that there will be two more devices. One is a budget full touch, code name Jakarta, aimed towards developing nations. He also confirmed that there will be at least one flagship QWERTY due to come out sometime in 2014. There also a rumored device back when Heins was still CEO, code name Ontario, that is supposed to be a full touch flagship. It was thought that this was canned but there was a recent sighting on Geekbench proving its existence, but does not confirm that it will ever be released. Please do your research before stating things as fact.

Sounds like you understand the situation more currently than I do. I stopped following BlackBerry news after I heard they were throwing in the towel in the consumer market. So sorry if my lack of "research" offended your delicate sensibilities.

i can only assume you mean that you hope blackberry will load WP onto their phones. what would be the point? what are the specific advantages of blackberry hardware?

Why do people do that? Does it automatically post that if you post from the Android app? I've been seeing that a lot lately.

I'm beginning to suspect they can't remove it, or it's challenging/difficult to do so. It's pissing me off too, and if the developers removed the ability to take it away I've be very annoyed.
What would be much better is a smaller footnote on all the comment systems like Twitter used to have, mentioning the app that was used to post it. But to put it in the text of the post is annoying and obnoxious.

No, I kind like it.. It helps us separate the trolls from the cool Android fans... I'm sure that's why it was put there..

Yes, it does it on the Android app. It also does it on the Native CrackBerry app too.

Posted via the WPC App for Android! on BlackBerry Z30

But are you sure it can't be removed? If so I'm going hit up the developers, because it's quite obnoxious to see everywhere especially on a Windows-based site.

Sorry. Will refrain from using the app. Will use web browser or my laptop (Windows naturally).

Posted via the WPC App for Android! on BlackBerry Z30

I'm not complaining at you, especially if you have no option to remove it. I'm more offended at the developers for making their app do something so annoying to other readers (if this is the case).

The difference being that it's there in your editing window and easy to remove on sight if, say, you're writing a really shirt message or it doesn't look right. This one is hidden and posted on your behalf, not many people realise. Besides the fact that it's text bloat and takes up an extra line on my screen (two in the case of the Android on Blackberry one).

You can remove it from Settings>Forum signature.

I'm just too lazy to do it. It's the default signature, and it's similar to the signature on Crackberry and I More apps on Android.

Do some people really get annoyed by a signature? It's just a signature...

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

I'm resigned to it, but it's still a bit annoying to constantly be reminded by Android, especially considering Google's dealings against Microsoft.

What is it that he can't take?  It doesn't seem like collecting money would have too much impact on his simple life.

This all has to be an elaborate scam to get people to panic and download it before it supposedly goes off the market so he can get even more ad revenue. He probably won't even take it down.

I think is the fact that many websites are writing articles stating how his game is a rip-off of other games. Some website wrote about how can Nintendo not realzie that his game looks exactly like Mario plus other website was discussing the possibility that his game was created by copying data from other games. He probably is backign off before companies like Nintedno sue him. That's what I think :\

It's Vietnam... 50k a day in Vietnam is like being bill gates in Finland. Maybe he was already tried to get kidnapped or something like that..

You've never been in the situation, I bet you'll have different "feeling" if you were.

I doubt you've been in the situation either and you do not know me, so I bet your statement is more baseless than mine will ever be.

If I was an aspiring game developer, I would not want my claim to fame to be a clone of the age-old Helicopter flash game. I might be big enough now that my next actions will be followed by the press, meaning I will not have room to try and maybe fail with new things. And my future work will always be sized against my first unoriginal hit. Couple that with personal feelings – alongside being down due to harassment, I know that I found success accidentally. Some may be happy-go-lucky and embrace that, but I would definitely fall into the camp of imposter syndrome. The worst part would be that it would be partially validated, because the work isn't really special.

The money might be sweet, but it's a bad position in every other way.

Actually I was reading The Verge's articles and you should see the mean people on Twitter who are attacking him. Still he should filter and ignore. looks more like personal problems than business. 

Some people just can't stand others having success. Especially when they get that success with seemingly little work. Sane people would argue that it's completely not the dudes "fault" that his simple game idea was so successful.

What a shameful mentallity. Yeah, the guy should've just ignored and moved away. Shit...50k a day, I don't mind losing a friend or two for that lol.

We already have flappy bird. Now it will be exclusive to Windows Phone! Lol. But seriously, on a different note, I find Jolly Fish oddly amusing.

It took a little to get used to, but I don't mind it now. I did resort to playing it upside down at one point to offset the update. -_-

Renouncing a $50,000 per day income is just stupid... Anyone would kill for that. The guy does it and now "I'm taking it down because it ruins my simple file".


Someone please kick his arse. Heck, if he doesn't want so much money, he could give it to charities. God knows many would welcome any help.

I was about to disagree with you until you mentioned giving it to charity. That would be a great idea.
I actually think it was more about the harassing fame he has received from fans and media outlets.

Yep like me. I will announce his next game. Its called Penguin Slide. We don't have any penguin games. I need to start learning to game dev.

All he has to do is delete his social networks and higher someone to handle the pressure for him. He is crazy I'm sorry, but people would love to be in his position..

Hey, it was media that overblown everything. I guess this Dong is a very simple guy who is not ready for that kind of fortune yet.
I mind who would thought that this 8-bit jumping bird got this success ? I guess nobody would..

Now money is really a problem for him. So let him do what he thinks the best.

He's actually a genius. He is pulling the game so everyone will download it a lot over the next 24 hours. He will still make $50k+ a day through the in-game ads as people will continue to play, but now he no longer has to support the game as it will be removed it from the store. More importantly, he is also protected from prosecution over any similarities (especially from Nintendo) as he has removed the game. He can now go back to living a normal life, watching his bank balance rise and rise.

But even though it's a fake, now it'll be exclusive to windows phone like hexalines was!

how do you know it's fake?  I played it on both WP8 and Android and it plays exactly the same.  same bugs and all...

Oh man, you're not supposed to tell that you're using the clone app. Now you will be shunned Amish style and won't nr allowed to reproduce :)

I always say, if I were to win the lottery or strike it rich, I would continue my pursuit of higher education and doing even more as time goes along due to the bigger and better opportunities that come about. I think quitting is squandering real potential to elevate your life and make an impact on others lives, besides your own. His decision is truly self-centered and selfish (but it is his choice and opinion, which must be respected). If one can't handle the responsibility of power, then perhaps they should reevaluate their perspectives...

Its incredibly selfish n unbelievably self-centered but as u rightly point out its his decision

I'm assuming he can't handle the support. I'm sure his inbox is flooded by users. But, hell, for $50k a day, he can hire someone to handle the day to day while he goes back to his "simple life"

Much easier to just pull the game... now he doesn't have to support it or answer any emails, and he will still collect the in-game revenue

Bloody hell this guy can't win round here. One minute he is blasted all over the internet for making a game that looks like it has both borrowed/cloned/stolen assets and game play from other games. He gets constantly bombarded with hate via all forms of social media. His little game becomes the main subject of debates concerning the state of IP in the gaming industry. There were even articles where 'Journalists' argued he should be ashamed for making the money he was. Then when he decides that this is not what he intended when releasing this simple game and sure as hell not what he wanted as a reputation in the games industry, people still attack for not wanting the fame or the money! Damn the internets are a hard and horrible place.

I agree - all good points. I don't understand why everyone is blasting him. He made a really simple game that somehow hit cult status, and now he wants the quiet life. I don't blame him and he'll keep getting $50k per day for a year or so yet, so he'll never have to work again. Good on him!

He could give me the code and I would commit to port it to WP and W8 and maintain the game on all platforms for 50% profit :-D

He said he couldn't take all the negativity people were giving him and his game, especially people giving him death threats.

Until you've had numerous death threats from people that know your name and address not sure how people can judge. But its the internet so of course they will.

What a pussy! Man the fuck up Dong.
Just to be clear, I have no idea what this game is. My daughter talks about it a lot though.
If the pressure of making that amount of money per day is too much, then giving up is the right thing to do.

I'm with Hit The Lights here. The word, as its used not, is definitely in a negative connotation that is derogatory toward and a woman.