Flash game Ghostscape materializes on Xbox Live on November 30

It’s been a while since we learned about a mobile Xbox Live game’s release date more than a week in advance. Well, we can now mark November 30 on our calendars, as that’s when Ghostscape is coming to Windows Phone, according to the friendly and communicative developer, Psionic Games.

Ghostscape originated as a free flash game, which you can play right here on Kongregate. It is an old-school adventure game, played from a first-person perspective. Enter a creepy haunted house, solve puzzles, and take photographs of ghosts to eliminate them. Along the way you’ll collect diary pages and piece together the house’s sordid history. It was once the location of the Republican Convention. BOO! Just kidding.

The Windows Phone version adds new puzzles, areas, and items to the original design. The Achievements mostly revolve around photographing everything in the game, but there’s also one for beating it in less than 20 minutes. Hope you like speed runs!

Ghostscape comes to life on Wednesday, November 30. It will cost $2.99. 

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Flash game Ghostscape materializes on Xbox Live on November 30


... Really? How much extra are they adding? It better be enough to justify owning a free flash game, because I just finished the game in around fifteen minutes. I can buy better, longer games for $1 :(

It will certainly be longer than the original, but obviously not super long. Replay value comes mostly from trying to earn all of the Achievements.

agreed and this is no different then a few games such as angry birds has a free flash game and alot of the games we have are free on android/