Flipagram for Windows Phone 8.1 returns with bug fixes


The Windows Phone 8.1 version of the Flipagram app, which first launched in July and then later went missing from the Windows Phone Store, is now available to download once again in a new version that fixes some bugs.

Just a reminder: Flipagram collects the photos from a user's Facebook and Instagram accounts, along with images from a Windows Phone Camera Roll, and uses them to make quick videos that are meant to bring some life to still photos. Users can add music and custom titles to Flipagram's videos, along with setting the timing and speed for each photo in the clip. The videos can also be shared with others via Facebook, email, SMS and more.


Flipagram does require Windows Phone 8.1 to run (sorry Windows Phone 8 users) so keep that in mind. What do think of the return of the app to the Windows Phone Store? Thanks to Windows Phone Scoops for the tip!

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Reader comments

Flipagram for Windows Phone 8.1 returns with bug fixes


Different app. Also this is one of those coveted official apps that help windows phone. My iPhone friends use this.

I was of the impression flipagram was mainly used to share on instagram, i find it odd it doesn't have instagram support. hence "almost uselss" to me anyway.

besides, when are either instagram or microsoft going to address the fact that instagram is still in beta? and lacks video upload.


Microsoft can't really address it. Instagram needs to, but it's fairly obvious that they don't care about Windows Phone.  They should easily be able to add the video upload program since a one-man-shop made uploading to Instagram possible with the Movie Maker app. 

This are ridiculous and I don't use their service. 

I have had fun with Flipagram and I've posted to Facebook and even emailed a few, directly to people.  Honestly, I use Storyteller more.  I don't like being forced to use a square and Storyteller used video and still images. 

So other than idiotic comments of " seems faster, not available in India, still nothing in Brazil, when will I get cyan?"....... Has anyone one USED this app? How does it compare to storyteller? Looks like a cool idea.

It's cute and it's official. It's pretty much a slide presentation but you can add your own music or grab a track from online. Also, my friend with an iPhone seems to love this, it's one of those official apps that people would search for when switching over to WP.

I used it a few times before it vanished and it worked great.

Don't care if it's "official" or not. Actually that doesn't even apply here. You can't really have an unofficial version because it's a standalone app, not connected to a service. Anyone who makes a slideshow app is "official".

Why hasn't WP 8.1 bring an update, so that when you pause a video in explorer you can watch it from where you pause it instead of having to starting the entire video over@_@

Just a question on article it's stated that you can share it on FB , Email, SMS and more but I can't find where "more" I can share it. It's basically limited to 3 .