Flixster updated on Windows Phone 8. Most likely bug fixes

Flixster Windows Phone

Flixster has been seeing some more update action on Windows Phone recently. Especially when you consider that before the last two updates in August, it was last updated for Mango support a little over two years ago. More recently it received some much needed love for Windows Phone 8 and gave us some new features. Today we’re looking at another update.

We’re not seeing anything new with the latest update for Flixster. Here’s the Store description:

New features for Windows Phone 8:

  • Set movie posters as lock screen background
  • Voice-command Flixster app from your Start screen by saying "Flixster show me top movies," "Flixster show me nearby theaters," or "Flixster surprise me"

New features for Windows Phone 7.5:

  • Pin your favorite movies and theaters as live tiles
  • Integration with Bing search for mobile
  • Fast app switching

We’re pretty sure we saw all those features for Windows Phone 8 in the last update. So this might be a bug fix and general improvements update. Those Windows Phone 7.x changes appear to be old news too, we’re not seeing an update for the Windows Phone 7.x version of Flixster. Nonetheless, we’re happy to see the team over at Flixster pay more attention to Windows Phone 8.

Want Flixster? It’s free for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR codes below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

Thanks for the tip Sanjev S!

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Reader comments

Flixster updated on Windows Phone 8. Most likely bug fixes


Still hasn't fixed the "Something unexpected happened" error I've been seeing the last 3 updates.

Used to love this app, but the fact it throws up that error (along with a shed load of error text) if I try to look at any date in the future makes it basically useless for me now.

I only keep it installed in case a future update actually fixes the issue.

I'm hoping for the update that allows us UltraViolet/Flixster users to stream/download our movies from the app. I contacted them about it and asked them on it, and suggested it. They responded promptly and said that it's a feature that is getting a lot of requests for the Windows Phone app. So, hopefully, the more we contact them and request, the quicker they'll move on it.
Here's the link for contacting them: http://flixster.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new
I hope they add the feature soon, as there is not a whole lot of movie/TV options in the Windows Phone store at the moment. Official ones, anyway... 

I've been emailing them. I'll email them again. I don't get why they can't or won't add that feature. Hopefully soon.

Someone's smoking something, either the Flixter App or WPCentral. The voice commands are useless. From the start screen the most I can manage is to open Flixter. Before or after opening flixter all that voice commands accomplish is a page of web searches. No interaction with the App whatsoever, except the ability to launch it by voice from the Start Screen.
Trying "Flixter, show me nearby theaters" as suggested in the article, got me a web search for: "Flixter, show me nearby uterus". Now that might have utility in some situations, possibly even choosing a good slashed movie, but its hardly working as advertised.