Folders Homebrew app gets on-device creation & editing


We've covered "Folders" before, the app from Windows Phone hacker which allows you to add folders to the Start screen. The first release involved using an editor on your desktop to make the folders and was a bit tedious.

Now, a new branch of development has occurred and it has become infinitely more useful in our opinion. Starting today, you can load a XAP file (and an optional secondary one) and just create folders on-the-go without the need for a desktop. The task is simple: create and name a folder, add apps by using a Marketplace-lookup or System apps (e.g. Zune) then pin to the Start screen.

The trick does not require interop access meaning anyone with a developer unlocked device can do this and due to its simplicity, we have to give a big thumbs up to this homebrew tool. Read more at Windows Phone Hacker where you can download the XAP files right now.

Thanks, Maximilian, for the tip!


Reader comments

Folders Homebrew app gets on-device creation & editing


I was holding off on trying this becasue I did not want to manually add all my apps from my pc, this should be much easier. Ill definitely try it out soon.

If I wanted an iPhone or Android I would have bought one. The first step on the slippery slope to grids of icons. You are turning metro in to an android grid. Avoid.

Android doesn't have a grouping feature. Plus it's already been said that our home screen is a 2 x X grid anyway. Get over it.

Nice feature, but what if you have more than 4 items in a folder, does it only show four thumbnails on the folder?
I've never installed or used this HB app, but I'm thinkng it should work like 'quick play' on the xbox or the 'people hub' title where it kinda shuffles all the content relate to that tile.

This is what I was waiting for. Didn't have Folders until now because I dind't like the idea of managing on the PC side. Going to give this a shot today!

Bad design decision placing a circle around the folder before the heading 'Music'. If developers do this with design elements that are not buttons (hopefully it is) it will be confusing.

Been using the PC version since launch and love it. Its a list view, not a grid view. Tried the device version last night and still buggy. Much easier to do from the PC. Have only changed my folders twice in two months so I don't require instant access.