Follow all the happenings from WWDC 2014 live with iMore!

WWDC 2014

Today's a pretty big day in the tech sphere, and whatever your preference when it comes to mobile, it's always worth paying attention to what Apple is doing at its annual WWDC event which just so happens to start today. Most of the week is dedicated to developer sessions but the show is opened by a keynote address starring CEO Tim Cook and other assorted Apple executives. And our pals at iMore are on the ground in San Francisco covering the whole thing live.

iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 are certainly on the cards along with whatever new features they each bring to the table. This is the big Apple event of the year so if you want to know what's going down, then you'll want to be following iMore.

Fortunately, they've got a spiffy new event page all set up to pull in every single little thing you'll need to know. Apple will be streaming the event live online – as usual to Mac owners using Safari – as well as iOS devices and the Apple TV. If you don't fall into any of those categories – and even if you do – the iMore liveblog is the place to be. Whichever method you're choosing, it all kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern and 6 p.m. in the UK.

Head on over there to keep up with things as the day goes past!


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Follow all the happenings from WWDC 2014 live with iMore!


Probably the Beta of iOS8 ... Ever since they moved the iPhone event to September, a Beta of the upcoming iOS version gets announced in June during WWDC & becomes available like a week after

Oh Yes they do ... They release a Beta around June every year ... With the GoldMaster version released the same day the new iPhone goes on sale

Yes they do, but you need an Apple Developer account ($99/year) to download it.  I'll have to download it just to see what breaks in my current app I'm supporting.

iOS 8 is expected in September too. They do yearly updates. One has to consider, though, that iOS updates are nowhere near the scale of WP updates since iOS is a more mature OS.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has also committed to a yearly bigger update with small updates (GDRs) in between,

Hahaha ....my guess? Now that Microsoft is cross-selling apps and services to Android and Apple, WPCentral is doing the same.

And we don't care. If we wanted to read about 
Apple, there are a billion tech blogs dedicated to every Tim Cook burp...

I hope Apple releases a new Windows Phone, Windows Computer or at least Safari for Windows Phone...oh wait...

Yeah, but you can catch it all in the headlines of any news feed, even CNN or BBC. Don't need it in WP Central where 90% of the readers couldn't care less. I don't come here for Apple news and especially not to follow one of their developer events.

I'll be honest: not really interested in reader opinion here. It's a simple post that you can ignore or read. I do love the little tantrums some of you throw though because we simply announce our sister site is covering this, and because of that, we'll continue to do these articles. :)

Haha, me too. (edit) I love these articles for the same reasons^
"This is WP central, not:
att/carrier news
windows 8 central
Samsung ["sucks"] news
general tech central
tv show central
sister site central
and other stuff besides Lumia 8 central!
(seems faster, and when is att gonna update my 920?!?!)

Dan, its cool that you got your guys back, but saying WP fans are throwing tantrum? I think you are getting guys back too much. WP fans kick each other around sometimes with lots of love and civility I think, and we kick competing devices around harder. (What's WP fan to do?)

I perused sister site (as you call it), I did not see windows info. During MSFT developers' conference when wp8.1 was announced, I did not see a line about it on imore or andy central. So, I don't think we throw Tantrum much or what do you think?

So, you're not interested in readers opinions? Interesting that a site dedicated to readers is uninterested in their opinions. Very short sighted and a very unprofessional response. I actually signed up for WP Central to get away from the incessant Apple hype that you find on nearly all tech blogs. I'm very disappointed. Time to go looking again.

My god such whine babies over here. Tech is tech. News is news. Wp central has a frickin brother and it's called imore. Makes sense they would support it. We get news about everything which is connected to Microsoft but God forbid we should keep up with everything else that happens in the world. Let''s not become total fanboys and reject everything else. Don't hate, participate :D

Haha sure, but I wonder how imore fans would react if they posted windows phone news there.. Oh wait probably the same way. Cue elitist remarks.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

And yet, if I want to read all of the "news" about Apple, I already have an abundance of choices (engadget, the verge, etc.) I signed up here to get away from that. You don't find Windows Phone news on the "sister" site. And, if you know the meaning of participate, you would know that's exactly what we're doing. 

Not an Apple fan like, at all. But I'd still like to see what revolutionary WP8.1 functionality will be in the new iOS :)

WPCentral advocates do realize that this is a child site for Mobile Nations right? I love WP as much as the rest of you, but I love cell tech on a general level more, my fanboyism be damned.

They mention Nokia a lot on the android side of things, why not have a little peek at the apple side of life

I love how nobody here was complaining about the site mentioning iMore when they were giving away Beats headphones. Guess you need to be doing a competition in order to visit a different website related to different tech.

I would also love an official iMore app. Seeing what the competition is up to never hurts.

C'mon now it's about Tech and it's nice to see what's up with the competition.


It's a slow news day anyways..

Last time I checked out imore was back when iPhone 4 was released just got boring. I might check it out now. There's a 40/60 chance.

Sure its tech news. But its still posted in the wrong place. This site caters almost exclusively to fan boys.. Same as any website that dedicates their news to a particular platform. I personally don't care. Just seems like an odd place to post imore news. How often does imore post windows phone central news? I imagine the same reactions occur.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I'd love to see a new retina MBA! Hate them if you'd like (I continue to not own an apple device) but they have often driven the industry forward. Imagine what Microsoft would have to do with the SP4 if the MBA comes out with an 18 hour battery life.

MBA has not digitizer, no pen support and it's almost twice as heavy as the SURFACE PRO 3 so comparing the battery life of these 2 devices is kinda moot to me.

The purpose of this article is what exactly? We are apart of mobile nations so most users here knows they can go to imore to get apple news.

I dont get the ideology of apple info on a windows phone site. But ehh.

Guys, GUYS! The reason why they posted this article was because once it is announced, we can use our shields against the iSheep. :P

But there are a pletora of sites dedicated to everything Apple, why spoil one of the few that's not? I we're interested in Apple, all we have to do is click on the tab at the top of the page.

I can't stand Apple, but I watch this event every year. Why? Because if you're truly into tech you need to stay relevant as to all going on. You can hate Chrysler all you want, but when they announced the return to the Hemi , it was a big deal in the automotive industry. It just makes sense so that we can stay relevant.

SPAM on WPCentral? Like google+ spam when you just use a google account for YouTube. Is there an opt out?

Man they releasing some nice features. This is where the reality check hits hard, I dig WP but we have just been teased with whats coming in WP8.1 which is epic but then Apple jump another year or 2 ahead, iOS is just too mature and now its picking and choosing all the cool stuff other platforms have, and doing the typical "but we do it better". I decided to stop watching after the family feature was mentioned. WP team. The next release doesn't just need to catch up, but it needs blow every feature that apple have out of the water and then some. Until that day comes it will just forever be a catchup model.

I know it is a sister site but please stop spamming us with their news. The few people that care will already be following iMore and this is duplicate content for them, so just don't.

It seems them apple folks with their ios are fixing to copy the family room features for them iThingys. I tell you, if I ever see them folks use their funky phrase that they revolutionalize Family room and God forbid Live Tiles, beleive you me I am crying murder, stealing, Highway Robbery etc

All i can say, is love the pie charts. how do people still fall for this marketing bullshit from Apple???

btw windows 8 little pie on apples charts still has more users than all versions of osx.