Nokia Dev Ambassador helps you connect to local experts and helpful resources

Nokia Ambassador App Lead

The official Nokia Developer Ambassador App has been released for Windows Phone. With this new solution, developers will be able to connect with local ambassadors to follow their blog and remain informed of the latest news, tips and promotions. Videos from the Nokia YouTube channel will also be available on your Windows Phone, along with the DVLUP blog.

It's a great resource for developers in supported locations, but just who are these Nokia Ambassadors? They're resident experts who are approachable should you have an issue with Windows Phone development (or simply require some getting started tips). While you can catch the team on Twitter, it's good to have a means to get hold of them when on the move.

The YouTube videos and DVLUP blog both provide an insight into the Windows Phone world, while the ambassadors act as go-to folk for help and support with development. The app itself was developed within 24 hours by Rich Dunbar, a Nokia Developer Ambassador. 

Nokia Ambassador App

It's worth noting that the Nokia Ambassador Program is only available in the US and Canada for the time being. You can download Nokia Dev Ambassador App from the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Nokia Dev Ambassador helps you connect to local experts and helpful resources


It's a nice start but it would be nice to have some of the DVLUP functionality, like seeing status of your submissions, ordering rewards, viewing or voting on feedback. Hopefully updates will follow.

Well, that would be great to add but this isn't a DVLUP app. Just the Dev Ambassador app. I made it to help devs connect with their Ambassadors and have quick access to their blogs for tips and the latest promotions or events in their regions. Hopefully there will be a fully functional DVLUP app. Until then, the mobile version of the site is pretty good.

Ah, gotcha, Rich. Thanks. I saw the DVLUP logo in there and was thinking it was the app that someone on there had asked for a while back. ;-)

No worries, we like to point people to DVLUP. It's a fantastic incentive for devs to keep developing, learning and improving. I included the logo in the splash screen since I include the DVLUP blog feed in the app.

I have more apps under N on my phone than any other letter.

On a semi related note, who wants to make a game with me?