Follow the 2014 South African elections with the official IEC app for Windows Phone

IEC South Africa

The IEC has released an official app for Windows Phone to keep everyone in South Africa up-to-date with the 2014 elections. With the app installed, it's possible to view registration status and details, locate voting stations and remain in the loop with the IEC via social media channels.

Here are some highlighted features of the app:

  • See your registration details including registration status and voting station information
  • Tap on the voting station to see it on a map and navigate to it
  • Find voting station by tapping on your address on a map
  • Keep up to date with the social media feeds of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • See the most frequently asked questions
  • See the IEC's contact information and address

It's worth noting that the application requires both internet connectivity and location services enabled for all features to be available.

Thanks, Philip Du Plessis, for the tip!

QR: IEC South Africa

Reader comments

Follow the 2014 South African elections with the official IEC app for Windows Phone


We knew they would win.

I was hoping for a much lesser win though, and that DA would get at least over 30% of the votes.

They are still counting though..

Don't worry guys, DA has the majority vote in almost all the metros. Johannesburg, Pretoria and obviously the overwhelming majority in Cape Town and the Western Cape. The rest of the country will take time. :)

I've been using the app, but the results appear on there much more slowly than on the News24 website, which is a bit disappointing!

In related news, though - the News24 app for Windows Phone is great!


Really? If you dont vote, you have no right to complain about the country heading for a ball of sh*t.