Follow the Tour de France 2014 with MetroTour for Windows Phone


It is that time of year again for the massive Tour de France to kickoff. Starting on Saturday July 5 and ending on Sunday, July 27, the massive cyclist contest has the world watching as each team tries to outpace the rest.

MetroTour is the only app you'll need to follow along. The app has been around since 2012, but this year's version gets a new look with the aid of ToledoDesign, who help developers make their apps beautiful and Modern. Indeed, MetroTour is some visual eye candy in addition to providing all the information you can get your hands on for the Tour de France 2014.

MetoTour is broken down into various sections, including

  • Main – Live feed, Teams & Riders, Stages, Results and History
  • Latest news
  • Results

On the main page, users can dive deeper into each section, including information and photos of each team, details on each stage and more. Latest news is a nice RSS type stream of the latest (although too bad you cannot share the stories) and final results let you know whose winning.

MetroTour also has some bonus features that will make Windows Phone users happy:

  • Live Tile
  • News notifications
  • Stage reminders
  • Lockscreen support with latest headline

The app usually runs $1.99, but it is now just 99 cents for a limited time. Users can download the app for free though in order to unlock the main features ( all but the news feed), you'll need to buy the app.

QR: MetroTour


Reader comments

Follow the Tour de France 2014 with MetroTour for Windows Phone


The best thing is that you don't get charged since I bought MetroTour last year already..awesome looking app. Pinned to my start screen!

Brilliant new in terms of new apps for WP8. However, I'm lucky enough to be able watch in person, as it is being held where I live.

I'm reading all of the comments, so if you have any feedback about MetroTour or if you have any suggestions, please tell me. I'll include them in a future update!

My biggest concern about downloading it is learning about the Tour before I get to watch it! I'm in Canada so we're 8 or 9 hours behind. I have to get up at 5am (earlier for the mountain stages) to watch it live! :-)

Yeah, I get your problem. At least you can set MetroTour to send you a reminder when the stage starts, regardless of your timezone. So if you have a ringtone for your calendar set, which is actually loud enough, you could use the app to wake you when the stage starts, if that's what you want of course ;)

Thanks. Just our of curiosity, what does it take to stream footage? Is that possible for any apps\ companies outside of Sky\NBC\etc.?

It would be possible, but difficult. First I'd have to get media rights, which I don't have, or make deals with these companies you mention, which is harder than it seems. I've looked at the possibility, but for now, it wouldn't be possible without getting myself a large fine...and that's not cool, but I think you already figured that one out ;)

I've already requested media-access at the official Tour, which has been approved, but this does not provide me with the rights to transmit live video or audio. At least for now...

I'm not paying for a tour app, there was a great free app for 2013 hopefully they'll bring one out. Or I'll follow on Twitter.

Firstly no matter how brilliant or beautiful an app is if it's got a built in death date ie Tour is just 3 weeks long it shouldn't be paid. That's my opinion, but it's not going to matter, I'm not telling people not to buy it. If you could morph the app into a cycling app which covers the season then I'd pay. What about the Vuelta? I'm not paying 79p for that etc etc... WP badly needs a lovely cyclying app Cycling News is horrible. Go for it!!

One of the reasons for not chaning the name of MetroTour is actually that it can be updated to include other cycling races without being constrained to the Tour de France. As for the application itself...well...it is capable of incorporating other cycling races...at least something like that...

Fine, if you're really going to keep your app updated throughout the year then I'll consider it. Thanks for your feed back. Has it got a transparent tile? You gotta have one of those...

It was on my list for a previous update, but it didn't make it to the application on time for the actual release. When I do this, I want to do it right, meaning it has to be compatible with the Live Tile as well. I'm still working on it and I think I have it figured out, but I'm not promising anything I can't deliver.

To be fair I'm not than worried but obviously it's a big deal at the moment cause of WP8.1 so it would help to make some device owners minds up if it does & if the tile updates to show something relevant too, that would help sell as well. Make sure all the media plays too, & any feeds stay up to date. I'm sure it's going to be a great success. Thanks for your input, refreshing change.

Ok, here we go, all of the above feedback is being taken care of. An update with a transparent Live Tile option has been added. The appearance of the Live Tile when in Transparent mode will of course differ from the MetroTour origional tile. The non-transparent tile displays all information on one side of the tile. The transparent tile flips around, just like the Bing News app.

I'm adding more rider pictures as we speak.

1. Make a good and useful app

2. Insert a disgusting drop shadow under the info bar

3. Loose a sale 

Why the hell are they doing this? Shadows are a thing of past. 

Feedback recieved. A lot of the newly-added pages already dropped the drop shadow (see what I did there =P ), but a few of the older pages are still using it. I'll bring consistency in the next update.

Well...he was right about the shadows...they are pretty dark you know =P

Everyone has his own preferences, but this one actually pointed me towards inconsistency. You guess I could say that I'm lucky with the comment made.

I suppose my only question would be...what happens in 2015? New App, with new payment? I suppose it's one bugbear about WP - the ever increasing list of apps even after they are uninstalled or become redundant. Not just specific to the TdF2014 app - it's any 'year specific' app. Just saying.

The application has been around since 2012 and I've never charged users twice, unlike other Tour de France apps, that disappear ever year only to be replaced by a new one. This means you'll get an update each and every year for free. If I were to release a Windows 8 Store application, I'd make this a Universal app so you won't have to pay twice either.

Buying it now just based on reading your comment above. You seem like a fair guy and you have a new sale on me (and I am not even big on cycling!)

Actually, I am not really a cycling guy but I am going to buy it because I like you as a person based on your feedback. Thanks!

Just seen Peter Segan on the Tour Intro show which is being shown live in the UK cause the Tour is starting in Yorkshire this year. He's got his hair in some strange girly style!! Throw his shades in the audience too, but the presentation is inside!! What a knob!! Love Frome though.

MetroTour update incoming!


Version 4.3.1:

-Sharing articles is now possible
-Removed drop shadow below system tray
-Stage dates have been added to the stages overview
-Performance improvements
-Bug fixes


EDIT: The sharing of articles is actually done using the bit.ly API, which automatically shortens the link for you.

I don't follow the Tour all that much, despite how much I love to ride, and that the Tour is about the only time cycling manages to break through all the ballgames and golf drivel.

But, the dev has been so responsive here that I am downloading and buying right now.

Great to hear there's another cycling fan out there that thinks this sport needs more attention! Let's forget the World Cup and start looking at REAL SPORT =P

I'll include that in a future update. Have been getting more and more requests for that lately, so when I've figured that one out, it will be available as soon as possible!

Pinch to zoom stage maps and profiles would be nice (along with support for landscape orientation and full screen viewing). It would also be nice if the stage overviews included some more descriptions about the route itself and some context. For example, maybe mention that its the first day in the Pyrenees, or that the day starts off easy but finishes with the biggest climb of the tour, or that its the last stage before a rest day so you might see a big attack on the mountaintop finish- the kind of pre-race description you might get when watching the race on TV. The photos on the Stage list overview page are beautiful, but don't convey a whole lot of information. A calendar view would be helpful.

This is actually quite helpful information. I'll try to put as much of these suggestions in MetroTour as I can. Pinch to zoom has been mentioned before and I'm working on this. This would be available in both portrait and landscape mode. As for the rest of MetroTour, that will stay in portrait.

Resting days might be added in a future update (just like last year). I'm actually working on something similar to what you're saying about pre-race descriptions, however, IF I succeed in making this feature operational in time (it's pretty complicated what I have in mind, but you'll like it, I'm sure of that), this will most likely not be incorporated in the stage list. A calendar view is something I might consider, I actually quite like the idea.

As always, I can't promise anything, I can just gather feedback and select the best ideas for next updates. Thanks for the great feedback though!

Yeah, I noticed that bug some time ago. There are now two updates available in the Store that should fix that. If it doesn't, please let me know, so I can fix this.

Net gekocht als Tour-Fan !!! Ziet er kicken uit!! Ga zo door!!!

Translation: Just bought as a Tour -Fan!!! Looks amazing!!! Keep up the good work!!!




Yeah, forgot about that. I remember writing that down somewhere in the beginning of the app development. I'll implement this soon, perhaps with some other localized settings. You know like "color settings" & "colour settings"? ;)

Downloaded and purchased as it is looks to be a nice app, however have noticed that in the news articles where it states ' click here' for a gallery or video link, there is no working links, it's just standard text do the news feed is limited to headlines and short articles only with no multimedia access. Will this be corrected in future news articles Sebastiaan? I'm running windows 8.0 on a nokia 1520 if that makes a difference.

I'm looking for a legal way around this, but many of the pictures in the galleries are copyright protected, which means I cannot use them, because I don't have the permission to. If I were to release a similar feature it would most likely only include videos. I will try to include images as well, but that I cannot promise.

I'll keep you updated.

Decided it's worth giving it a go. Been trying to buy it since yesterday evening, hoping to have it before the start today but continually got 'Oops...try later' error. Eventually installed as a trial and presume in app purchase should work.

The UI is beautiful. Nice to see it follow the "Bing" apps and place content before huge text. Wish alot more apps did this! It would make plenty of our apps even more beautiful