Foursquare teases Swarm for Windows Phone, still coming soon


Swarm for Windows Phone is apparently right around the corner. Foursquare today dropped the first images of the app on their blog, noting that it's still "coming soon" — just how soon we're not quite sure. Swarm has been available on iPhone and Android devices for a few weeks now, but thanks to high demand from users, will soon be brought to Windows Phone as well.

Since we've announced the launch of Swarm, we've heard from a ton of Windows Phone fans about how excited you are to see the app come to a live tile near you. It's almost ready for you, so we wanted to share a preview of what's to come.

Here's what Swarm will look like:


What is Swarm? Here is how we explained it back in May:

"While Foursquare has been used for sharing where you are for years, Swarm aims to facilitate meet-ups with friends more easily by letting you broadcast where you're going next and what your friends' plans are. Meanwhile, the original Foursquare app will be changing a little bit to be more focused on venue discovery and reviews."

Foursquare notes that until Swarm is released, users will still be able to check in with the current Foursquare app.

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Foursquare teases Swarm for Windows Phone, still coming soon


Let's you tag friends...? A Windows Phone app from Foursquare which let's you tag friends? Uh, sorry, but that's impossible. Nope, not possible. Nah... No way. Don't see that happening... At all... Maybe in 6 years from now, like, maybe. But, possible with a newly written app? From Foursquare? Not in this lifetime. Noooo.

Foursquare decided to focus its main brand on being a location reference service - kind of a Yelp meets Google/Bing Local. For those who want to use the checkin/whare-are-my-friends side of the service, that got spun off into Swarm.

Foursquare has checking in and finding places, but will be for finding places only in couple of weeks from now. Swarm is for checking in only. The one app is now devided in to seperate.

I'm so hoping that I can just not upgrade the foursquare app and still only have one app.  I check in but it's more for myself to build a history.  I don't care about the social aspect of checking in.

Still a stolen app no matter how you look at it. Sure Sean should've been smarter about pitting it into development, but just a perfect example of rich corp. pushing around small devs. I hope when all of you check in somewhere public that someone is paying attention and rods your houses! Haha

The word "patience" will have a picture of a windows phone user and the word "impatient" will also have a picture of a windows phone user.

So they're moving away from the pivot headers and going à la Twitter Windows Phone app style. Ugh. Their take with Modern UI on the last Foursquare was phenomenal! Such a shame.

I wonder what the new Foursquare app (without check-ins) will look like and we haven't even heard about that one. Don't even get me started with the app for Windows 8.x.


Image from the email I got yesterday saying that check-ins through foursquare end today, guessing that meant ios and android upon reading this article. I'll probably delete foursquare when swarm comes out since WP can finds local places to eat, events, etc through Cortana. No need for a separate app for that.

This. It looks so not like windows phone and it kinda resembles the Android app but with the header icons a bit strained. I hope they make it the same as the original foursquare app or at least try to make it more metro-ish.

Already used Swarm on my iPad and I really don't like it: I can't stand how they completely changed the idea of what Foursquare was... No more points for your check-ins, no more mayorships, no more badges, they completely ripped off the "competition with your friends" side of the app. Goodbye dear old Foursquare

Nope. Get points (fewer than before, since it doesn't use Mayorships anymore) and keep a record. I stopped doing it.

BREAKING. According to close sources of my own, Microsoft submitted their patent for "Coming Soon..." (ellipsis included) back in October of last year. I'll keep you informed. Developing...

Soon™: Copyright 2004-2014 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. "Soon" does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. "Soon" shall make no contract or warranty between Blizzard Entertainment and the end user. "Soon" will arrive some day, Blizzard does guarantee that "soon" will be here before the end of time. Maybe. Do not make plans based on "soon" as Blizzard will not be liable for any misuse, use, or even casual glancing at "soon."

Don't forget Valve Time. It's even worse than Blizzard on that aspect. I'm still waiting for Half-Life 3, ten years after the second game. xD

"Another common term implemented by Blizzard often misleading players into excitement for future content. "Very Soon" is guaranteed to arrive between now and the end of time with a higher chance of arriving on the "now" half of the time table. Although this means closer to now than "soon" there is no guarantee that you will live long enough to see the content finally release."


http://wowpedia.org/Soon If you want the original article.

When I asked about when the app would be here I got "soon" and "sometime later this summer" :(

Not sure if I like the Swarm idea and I had a quick look at the Android app, I'll decide *when* the WP version gets here.

I also got "later this summer" from their twitter handler....even included stupid Fn smiley. I obviously tweeted for an exact timeframe and even said define "soon". They waste my time with another vague response.

As a longtime Foursquare user, I can't wait to not use this... I'm happy they are bringing it to WP for sure. I just won't have any use for it, since it takes away the things I used Foursquare for.

I got an email from Fourquare yesterday thanking me for being one of the first million people to sign up 5 years ago. So I got that goin' for me, which is nice. 

But i received a email from 4sq yesterday, said foursquare is moving to swarm, and foursquare app will unusable started tomorrow (this day!)...

So confused.