Foursquare updated to fix read notification bug, adds Lens support


Busy week for app updates right? Today the official Foursquare app for Windows Phone was updated. No, we didn't lose the ability to check-in just yet. That probably won't happen until we finally get their new app called Swarm. Let's check out today's update for Foursquare.

The last update Foursquare had on Windows Phone was back in late March. That update changed a few things around. For example, the trending tab was replaced with the saved tab. Head into the Windows Phone Store today and you'll see the app now at version Here's what we get today:

  • Bug fix where unread notifications are not cleared
  • Added Lens support
  • Other general bug fixes

Hallelujah. We've experienced the bug with our read notifications for far too long. The bug showed that you always had an unread notification, making you think you were really popular. Turns out the notification count wouldn't clear even if you read them, today's update fixes that.

We've also got Lens support for those on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1. You can launch the Foursquare app by using the Lens picker with the default camera app onboard Windows Phone.

Update and let us know what you think of the app. Or do you just want them to give us Swarm already?

Download Foursquare for Windows Phone.

Thanks for the tip Akram!

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Reader comments

Foursquare updated to fix read notification bug, adds Lens support


Not really sure why I would EVER want or need Foursquare as a lens, but maybe I'm missing out on something.  In the meantime, Microsoft really needs to give us a section in settings to pick and choose which things we want to show in lenses so we can get rid of this useless garbage.

For checkins, people often add photos, which adds it to the Foursquare network (and helps others visualize the place) plus if you cross-post to FB or Twitter.

Granted, this Lens merely opens the app up and doesn't get you to a checkin any quicker, but still.

Too bad it is, still, to date, NOT possible to tag your friends in a checkin. Other platforms have this for ages. Why is it so difficult for FourScuare to implement this in the WP app??? Please Daniel, what is the deal here? You should give those guys a call and demand an explanation! :)

Foursquare is really popular in Malaysia so it has massive POI's coverage here. I use Foursqure not to checkin but to find place address and place near me which in this case, Here Map, Here Drive+, Gmaps Pro are not good finding POI here. I know it's not related to your comment but just saying. ;D

Correct, fixed. I mean, it can be done either way, it's a bug that showed you you had unread notifications, hence the title. But I can see the confusion.

They took only 6 months to fix that. Now imagine how more time do we will have to wait for Swarm...

Someone please say that Twitter will also fix the "only 1" in their live tile count!

They've crippled the check in functionality in the app now, apparently because of Swarm (which came out today on iOS and Android), so you only get 1 point even when you're mayor (as well as other changes) for example. Also the classic mayorships are still frozen. So until swarm, a large part of what many of us enjoyed is taken away. Swarm will not really replace it, due to different functionality, but I hope they release it soon for WP. I started a countdown thread in the forum... :P

"Coming soon", "Next Summer", "Later on", "We're working on it"; you know, the classic Windows Phone trademarks

I thought the classic was "We currently have no plans for a Windows mobile app, but I will inform our development team about your request."

What about performance and accuracy?  Have those been addressed? If not, I'll keep using 4th and Mayor.

Yeah, I also noticed that accuracy has never been corrected on foursquare. It always shows me being a block or two away from the place in at.

I always thought it was mostly due to radio location. Idk.

I just think this app was just one of those ideas that got lucky. It never developed the polish on WP it deserved. So what ever it gets it good enough.

Is Swarm the reason why check in scores have been lowered to 1 rather than 3 & up for those who frequent a location?

A bit late to add lens support but I'll take it. Now it will be a lot more time to wait for Swarm to come out.

The update isn't live for me yet. By the way, holy American lateness, the stupid notification bug was long overdue!

Just release Swarm already. You'd think with the money MS pumped into them we might actually get an equal app release. Apparently you'd think wrong in that case. Sometimes it's difficult to promote WP to family/friends who can't see past specs and app store.