Foursquare updated for Windows Phone, most likely bug fixes

Foursquare for Windows Phone 8

Guess what? We’re addicted to Foursquare. The location based social network is a fun way to see where your friends and family are at a quick glance. We’re not alone in this addiction, the Windows Phone community has always had some affection toward the service. Brilliant apps like 4th & Mayor have been favorites in the community for a long time, mostly because the official Foursquare app was lacking. By teaming up with Nokia, Foursquare managed to give the turn out a polishes and beautiful app. That app just received another update.

If you head to the Windows Phone Store you’ll see Foursquare sitting pretty at version What’s new? We couldn’t find a change log in the Store description or within the app. But we’re noticing some slight speed improvements and probable bug fixes. The past few weeks we’ve been seeing the app throw up some error signs during normal use, but those appear to be gone right now.

Notice anything new, improved, or gone with the latest update from the official Foursquare app? Sound off below.

You can grab Foursquare for Windows Phone by clicking this link, using the QR code below, or swiping to the right in our app.

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Foursquare updated for Windows Phone, most likely bug fixes


I hope it is an app fix, not just bug fix... The app is so unstable, I really don't know how they could release this into the wild without proper testing. And I would really, really, love proper notifications and live tile support.
Love the new and fluid interface and livesight integration though, but pretty is not enough...

I've had the same issue way back. Have you tried to renew your password or change something in your profile? Than sign out from Foursquare in your browser and then sign back in on both devices (phone + desktop), that should do the trick. If that still won't help, try to contact the foursquare support team, they will help you I'm sure.

it's one of those things where right when I wanted it most it didn't work. Luckily I could still find stuff in the area... Haven't touched it since. Thanks for the note, will revisit it again

That'll hopefully come to WP users as well, now that the app had a new start. (I'm waiting for that feature as well tbh)

The app actually can do super user edits. Open the venue, pull up the menu and hit "suggest edits". Type in your changes and submit. If you are a superuser and the venue allows superuser edits, you'll actually end up changing the information rather than just "suggesting" and edit.
Unfortunately the edits don't get reflected on the app immediately. You have to back out, and refresh the venue page to see the edits take place.
But hey it works. This is what made me switch from 4th & Mayor to the official app.

Anyone else have a problem with Foursquare where venues only show up when using Wifi ??
Both 4th & Mayor and the official 4sq App find exactly where I am but they are never able to display venues around of me !! 

If I do a search, it'll find the place and display it right next to me... But even then I have trouble checking in ! 

My GPS works, my data connection is blazing fast... The only apps that has trouble getting data is 4sq and 4th & Mayor 

I'm with you on this, it's so annoying. Doesn't matter if I have a very good 3G signal reception, 4square won't fetch any data if it is not WiFi. And I don't really have much use for it when I am with Wifi at home... Really, apart from the UI this "refresh" was a huge step back

Awesome! App was erroring out on my all day yesterday. STILL waiting for event check-ins. Dont get why they wouldn't have added that yet for WP, when iPhone and Droid gets em. What's even weirder is that if you check in at a movie theater you can see how many events/movies are showing, but you can't specifically check into one.

Went back to 4th & Mayor because of how buggy and almost unusable this app is. Only thing I use it for is adding venues, and even then it never correctly adds the category I selected! 

One thing windows phone really needs is change logs for updated versions of apps. It would just be one more text box for the developers to fill out, then another field in Microsoft's database

still does not show how many days you are behind the mayor of a venue. Not sure if they have fixed the issue of it not posting photos to your FB along with the check-ins, as well as adding them to the venues' libraries.