Foursquare on Windows Phone 7: looks nice

For those who use Foursquare, that social network app that pre-dates Google's Buzz and lets you share your location with others, you'll be pleased to see what they have in the works for Windows Phone 7.

Demo shots were shown off by Windows Phone Senior Product Manager Anand Iyer on his blog recently.

While we have a decent version already for Windows Mobile 6.x, this new version for WP7s certainly looks very smooth and minimalist. In addition, there are two new features that as TechCrunch points out, not even the revamped iPhone version has: "Society" area and 'Directions'.

The former shows a "heat map" of the immediate area, which is a representation of the most popular spots in your locale. We suppose this is great for finding where everybody be at, as this kids would say.

The other feature, directions, is just that: once you find where your friends are, you can get directions to that spot within the app itself, instead of hopping into Bing or Google Maps (we won't even touch the multi-tasking issue).

One thing looks certain, with companies like Netflix, Twikini, the Associated Press, EA mobile, IMDB, Weatherbug, Pandora, Photobucket, Sling Media, Seesmic, SPB and now Foursquare, WP7s should have the basics ready to go on launch.

[TechCrunch via Rene Ritchie]



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Foursquare on Windows Phone 7: looks nice


I really LOVE the whole hub interface design. I guess it's a personal thing but I believe MSFT hit the mark at least for myself here.

I agree. I also think that carriers or the OEMs like HTC can make their own special hubs as well. That's how the "extending/customizing" will probably happen.

Nice. I like the look of his app. Seeing treat previews of applications like this warms me up to Windows Phone and gives me real hope that this will turn in to something really great (and the one I'll want to be on.)
I still have a couple of concerns about Windows Phone, but over all MS has answered just about everything else and the innovations in the UI are an A+ effort.

no offense but, i think you pro WP7s people are just crazy. i just dont see one inovative thing about this OS. i would really like to hear someone elaboration on "innovative" when it comes to WP7s. it seems to me like everything they are creating is already on other smartphones.

you know what i think is innovative? 720p recording on the EVO with an HDMI out. THAT is innovative. think about it. you go snowboarding and all you have to do is bring your phone(which you would anyways) and you can video you and your freinds in HD and then come home and view it on your tv with a simple plug. ALL ON YOUR PHONE, with no compromises. eliminating excess handheld devices and components=innovative

xbox games and "zune integration"(whatever that means)??? come on, there is nothing new about high quality games and music on a phone....

really, pure hate. so you give credit to a 720p hardware innovation which can be done on another smartphone. so you don't think having integration with a MAJOR game console is innovative. Name me one other operating system that can do that. wait you cant. Personally i think the thing you should be giving wp7 the most credit for is its integration with so many great services that other companies cannot fully match service for service.


Poor argument.

You first start out talking about the OS (software), saying it lacks innovation and then jump to EVO (hardware) and suggesting that is innovation.

That's 2 separate things.

HTC makes the EVO. What's stopping them from just loading WP7s on it and selling it?

Nothing. So what did your example actually demonstrate? The Android OS isn't that innovative either, it's just done well. And there is nothing new on EVO in terms of software, just Android 2.1 with Sense. EVO is about the hardware they threw in it.

WP7s won't be for everyone, which is why Android is probably a good alternative. But I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with WP7s as is: I'm a big fan of Zune and their Zune pass as well as my XBox. To have that available on my phone is pretty awesome. However, if you don't use either, then yeah, WP7s has less to offer.

If you don't know why the Zune works so well, I suggest you try one (32GB is now $199). It's really a great media ecosystem.

Still, the market is about choice and there are *plenty* of choices out there for smartphone OSs, so I don't see the point of harping on one just because you don't like that company's vision.

Wow that looks like crap! Windows Phone looks so plain, boring and unpolished. Foursquare on Windows Phone looks just as bad.

very true!
gui is crap, not good, not bad just non existent actualy, wait, its supposed to be a great thing, sorry.