Foursquare for Windows Phone gets a long overdue update

It’s been a long time since the official Foursquare app for Windows Phone was refreshed. In fact, we can go all the way back to October 2013. What’s funny is reading that article, we mention how the previous update to that one was in June. Needless to say, this app don’t get a lot of love.

Version is now live in the Store, up from  Like usual, there’s no changelog on board, though we’ve been tinkering with it all day and have noticed at least a couple of changes.

For instance, on the front page of the app, the third box has changed from ‘Trending’ to ‘Saved’ for presumably quicker access to your favorite locations and lists. Likewise, ‘Filters’ has been removed from the menu system, accessed via the ellipsis near the bottom right.

More importantly, it looks like a bug was fixed when pinning the ‘check-in’ feature to your Start screen. Previously, launching the check-in Tile would give you your results and ability to log your whereabouts, but on a subsequent re-launch, the app would be partially cut of, with just a map showing. It was frustrating and defeated the purpose of the quick-access check-in Tile, one of the few benefits of the Foursquare app for Windows Phone.

Other than that though, we’re hard pressed to find anything dramatically new with this app, hence the low version number change. The app is still very different from the one on the iPhone, where there are no promoted locations (probably a good thing) and a drastically different layout. Regardless, the app seems to be at least working better with today’s update.

Pick up Foursquare here in the Store. All Windows Phones.

Thanks, mazami and Shane S., for the tips

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Foursquare for Windows Phone gets a long overdue update


I not giving up on it yet cortana uses information from there anything to make her smarter I hope they update the app more and fix bugs! Missing so much compared to IOS and android counter-parts plus Ms gave them millions to rejuvenate so they should improve the app!

I'm only using it because I hope the information I provide will make Cortana or whatever it will be called, better. I usually don't bother with this stuff.

I still have an error where it keeps showing I have a new notification when I've already checked it.

I had this for a long time too, and may still have it, but I was able to get it to go away by going to the actual webpage. There you will see and be able to clear the motification which when you next launch the app will clear it there. It's not at all ideal but it worked for both me and my wife.

This has been bugging me for about weeks now. It just occured to me when I saw this post to go the website (just before I saw the comment above mine) and that got rid of it. Ugh

I still use 4th and mayor and had the same problem. I had to clear it with my note 3. I hope its fixed.

That's the reason I uninstalled it, and never installed it again. When ridiculous issues like these are left unfixed again and again the app doesn't deserve any space on my phone, if it was beta I wouldn't have any problems with bugs like these, as this is a release I definitely have problems with it.

Not only that, but it is still not possible to tag your Foursquare friends!!!!! I mean, c'mon!!! WTF is the problem? On iOS and Android this is possible for years...

I managed to get an email from them. This is a known issue and they have a bug filed. The only way to clear this for now is to log into your account in the web and clear it.

one thing which should have been there from the start is tagging friends when posting your checkin on facebook

i hate to ask but is it really any faster? i had a problem where it was just so slow that i gave up on it lol

As a Foursquare SU I've expressed my displeasure with the windows phone app. Supposedly with the recent influx of cash from MSFT they will be taking Windows products more seriously. Hopefully this is a start.

I would like to see someone build a SU mobile editing app. I never remember all the edits once I get home.

Hi; something wrong; in the store the app show the version, but after update, the app in my cel keep showing the past version

Not necessarily something wrong, they probably just forgot to change it in the app prior to release.

Not really, something going wrong sounds like an issue with the store or the update not downloading. Version number is a bit of a minor issue in an app/game

whatever you want to say, for me something Is wrog; the store displays a version and the app other. therefore something is wrong

I still don't get notifications for Activity when my friends check in to places. This is basic functionality. On every other platform you are notified when friends check in, but that doesn't seem to work on WP8 version.

 Anyone else havng this issue?

Hmm I think it use to exist. Seems like I remember getting them back on my HD7 days. It's definitely not around anymore.

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Why this 4square app can't work on my 920? It's installed, but can't open, I've reinstalled many times, still not work, not just 4square, Vimeo too, and my phone was broken when I update it to black, so now I stuck with amber, waiting and hoping blue would fix my phone, Can somebody help me?

Still no tagging of friends or checking into events. Lock screen support is sadly missing as well. Makes me sad because 4th & Mayor isn't being updated as well but its what I use.

I prefer the older version. I like to see how many days away I am until becoming mayor. The official app doesn't show that info anymore. That's why I use 4th and Mayor

I like the Foursquare app for my Lumia 928. That and Urbanspoon are great in a pinch for getting feedback and checking into a restaurant.

This app is way crappier than the old one with loads of bugs. Everytime I go to Settings>>Application, the 'Receive comment notifications' box is always unchecked despite the fact that I have checked it for like a million times already.

Try searching a place right after launching the app, meanwhile it refreshes your location and..... Ok swear at it all you want..

is it really that hard to program apps for windows phone? why so many bugs in every app? why? D: ...

Every Lumia device is worth buying..  :D :P

If the screen seems too big for you wait for Lumia 930, otherwise go for it.

Aniket's reply should come with some fine print. Upgrades are at the mercy of carriers. If your carrier doesn't release an upgrade you can optionally sign up to get the upgrade directly from Microsoft, but installing it will void your warranty.

Yeah no other option other than waiting..I just hope april 2 brings us something epic and the waiting should be worth it..

Wow, it looks like this update is only for WP8. Ok, enough, I hardly doubt there will be any more love for WP7.8, so I'll wait for WP8.1 lumias to come out and than I'll get a new phone

It is really frustrating that notifications are never cleared even when I press all of them. I always have to clear them on windows app

This is one of those apps i like to call a "flash app". "Flash apps" are those that go in and out of my phone in a flash.

Could be months before the masses actually get hands-on 8.1 update.. Its a shame that mobile operators don't realize how quickly consumers would love to get the update, once released by the developers..

In Portugal you can create a virtual credit card that allows for online purchases using your debit card, through a service called MBnet. That's how I buy apps from the WP store. However, I don't know if its available in other countries. Try searching "create a virtual credit card" on google search or Bing or whatever search engine you use.

I'm glad they fixed the German localization bug on the check in page which could lead to your check in becoming private without you wanting it. In previous versions there was a check box saying "make check in private" but the German translator chose the equivalent of "make check in public". So if you activated that because you wanted all your friends to know where you are you actually achieved the opposite. This is fixed now! But other than that I don't see addition of missing features like the questions they ask on all other systems (kid friendly, wifi, clean, etc.). Also as many stated you can't tag friends when checking in and you also can't select the best photos of a venue.


Since a week I use a Blackberry Z10 as main device and even its Foursquare client has all the features of the iPhone and Android client. A shame!

This wasn't just German, the private said public in English as well, that's been fixed in todays .46 update.

Funny thing is that the Metro/Modern official foursquare app on Windows 8 is gorgeous and follows the modern design language with alot of flair. Hope the desktop team puts some of that design effort into the app for the next update. Until then im sticking with 4th and mayor

After updating it crashes on open, removed and reinstalled... Syll crashes...now removed permanently!

The Explore section is keeping my past check-ins toward the top, which is great. I'm liking this part of the update. But I don't understand why we still can't check other people in or check into events...

Not sure if this is due to the update or something else, but my past two check-ins have not posted attached photos to facebook. Nor do I have the option to "let everyone see this photo" anymore.

Will tinker around a little, but if this is indeed part of the update they've reintroduced some bug/feature from the previous-previous version and I shall go back to using FB check-ins instead.

For months I can’t share my checkins with Twitter and Facebook. The options are there and activated, but the checkins don’t arrive these two. Is this fixed with the update?

I'm wondering the that only one is talking about the downgrade.

The version is stated as dated 2014-03-29, but when you upgrade to this version offered in the store you will have version on your WP8 phone instead.

On one phone I did not install that upgrade, this phone shows me version and this phone shows an available update of the foursquare app.

can anyone please verify if you have similar versions?




I just got another foursquare update today.. Hahaha, trending is back. It also fixed where the private option said public.