Free Purity HD headphones bundled with Australian Lumia 800 & 900 purchases

Nokia AU HEadphones

The title sounds familiar, right? It should, as this is the same Nokia offer as what we previously saw here in the UK. The manufacturer is offering Australian Lumia 800 and 900 owners the opportunity to claim a free pair of Purity HD headphones. If you have purchased a Lumia Windows Phone (either the 800 or 900) from today through to August 30th, you'll be eligible for a set of your own.

Worth $249, the headphones is a superb addition to a solid Windows Phone experience. Nokia is almost paying consumers to choose their handsets, and these deals are perfect for those on tight budgets who enjoy taking advantage of available offers. A strong carry case comes with the headphones to keep them protected while you journey around the world.

What's more is with the new Lumia Windows Phone and free headphones, owners will be able to enjoy Nokia Music's radio mixes with sound quality that makes the boring commute more bearable or time to pass in a speedy fashion for free. The headphones come in black, white, cyan and magenta variants to match any theme the consumer decides to purchase - so fear not if you're itching for that pink Windows Phone.

Readers have commented on previous articles explaining how satisfied they are with the headphones, which sport top quality sound and looks. It's a good marketing promotion for Nokia and Windows Phone as a whole, and is something we strongly recommend consumers to check out. After all, why not complete the Windows Phone package with some quality sound producing ear muffs?

Be sure to head on over to the Lumia Monster website for more details and to claim your Purity HD headphones (the offer can be redeemed up until October 15th).

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Reader comments

Free Purity HD headphones bundled with Australian Lumia 800 & 900 purchases


no fair!! But I guess if I had to pay full price for a Lumia w/o subsidized contract, the headphones would definitely help persuade me to get one.

Yup. Had to complete registration a month after first texting the number, and they arrived within a few days by courier.

I guess I should wait about 4 months before getting a wp8 phone from Nokia. It doesn't pay to buy a phone when it's released.

Still waiting for my headphones, bought my 900 from phones4u in June, the deal was with free heaphones but nothing as yet...

Will the inline controls finally work properly with the tango update. As of today, without the update, when in lock mode the phone has lots of trouble with the skip and reverse features working.

Went on contract too early i guess feel rorted lol. Oh wellz another big finger to those who support the os and nokia early.
Still love my phone even thou its been replaced

Agreed, I like many others funded the Lumia project and got fucked over by shit support and no promotions. Shit company.

In Argentina one Telco Operator (Personal Argentina) is giving the same benefit to the people who purchase the Lumia 900