Free through June 1st, Pirate Cat is a fun casual game for Windows Phone

We like our indie developers who make some fun casual games for Windows Phone, so seeing Pirate Cat available we'll take it. Cats people, it has cats...

The game is made by Xeno Bits and has an 1920's silent movie feel to it with black and white graphics and a catchy piano soundtrack. From the description:

"The captain found THE map, but it does not really lead to the expected location... Actually, it takes to the moon, and he thought that sending you there to dig up the treasure would be a great idea.

You are the Pirate Cat, and you have to reach the moon by using your brand new handmade wings, hitting birds and collecting feathers to keep flying. Try to reach the moon before the break of dawn!"

The game is fun, has cool challenges with trophies and superb graphics for an enjoyable experience. What's more, through June 1st you can grab the game for absolutely free--no ads, no catches--making this a great opportunity to pick up a quick little gem of a game.

Pirate Cat

You can grab Pirate Cat here in the Marketplace and make sure to leave the dev some positive ratings if you like it.

Check the official trailer and QR code after the break...

QR: Pirate Cat


Reader comments

Free through June 1st, Pirate Cat is a fun casual game for Windows Phone


Prime example of what the Xbox live titles should be. Excellent style, great gameplay, and just plain fun.

Wow what amazing graphics and a very original idea in style! I'm impressed, have to see what they come up with next and how this game develops further.

Why in colour? So much better black & white, such a great game so glad you guys showed this can see myself whipping this one out often.

It looks really cool, but I am terrible at it. It is like the slingshot never shoots with the velocity that I think it should. It took me embarrassingly long just to get past the first challenge (400ft).

I gotta admit, I was skeptical at first but after playing, it really is good. And I'm not the usual mobile gamer because this is like the only other game i play on my Lumia that isn't Wordament.

Very nice "classic cartoon" theme. Graphics make you feel like your playing a old cartoon. Game play is fairly simple but enjoyable and fun.
For the price "free", its worth grabbing, This is a Xbox live achevement quality game.