Get free unlimited access to NYTimes for Windows Phone this week


Last month, The New York Times offered Windows Phone users a free trial to subscribe. It took away the limit of only being able to read only read three articles per day, but there was a catch. You had to provide your credit card information to receive the free trial. That is no longer the case this week.

Thanks to Microsoft, you no longer need to provide a credit card for the free trial. You get free unlimited access this week. There are no countdowns or warnings letting you know that you have reached the three-article limit.

The New York Times keeps you informed on world and national news, business, the arts, technology, style, sports, food, travel, opinions, science, medicine and more. Subscription to The New York Times via smartphones normally costs 99 cents for the first four weeks and then $3.75 per week thereafter.

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The NYTimes app is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Do you see yourself subscribing to the New York Times after this free trial ends?

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Get free unlimited access to NYTimes for Windows Phone this week


New York Times may be the worst newspaper in the country for technology.  They don't give Microsoft much of a fair shake.  They almost praised the Surface RT hardware but criticized Windows 8 and Windows RT heavily and were so unimpressed with a solid first-generation product and platform that they nearly told everyone to buy iPads instead.  Put all the free NYT content you want on Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 + RT - I still won't read it.

The New York Slimes isn't just bad when it comes to tech, they're awful in just about everything.

I thought Microsoft/Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 entered into a deal for the content to be free forever. They need an ad supported version. Will uninstall after the trial is over.

Too much hate for NYTimes. I actually like reading featured articles here. I dont subscribe tho. The 3 articles a day is good enough for me. Was pleasantly surprised not seeing the warning pop up message. Wish the promo is longer.

Seriously, I don't know of a better news app on any platform. Unless one really needs the actual entire newspaper or periodical.

The people at the NYT are as slow as their reporting is slanted...they've yet to realize newspapers are dead. I don't need any corporate news agency when I've got the DrudgeReport and half a dozen others to provide me with news from around the world, often stories that happen here that American media won't report. And they expect payment for their horrible reporting? Idiots.

Ill read. Might actually learn something if i can successfully avoid the hate in their opinion pages.

I've been a subscriber for years - but I don't use the WP8 app because they still show you very annoyingly placed ads even if you pay through the nose for the service. 

Bing News has me covered. I've got a large variety of news sources, and better yet, it's completely free.

Thanks, but no thanks.

If I wanted to read the articles I would get the print paper or the Kindle version. To me a phone news app is all about toast notifications and live tile. Bing news buzzed me once about Zimmerman, got uninstalled (sorry, Microsoft, that's not news). If NYT has no notifications it won't get installed. So far NBC news is doing a fair job and earned a wide tile slot on my screen.

Where did all the conservative nutjobs come from?  I thought this forum was above petty political rhetoric.

They came out of the woodwork figuratively and in probably also literally. Haha. Conservatives hate NY because they see it as an American liberal's Mecca. They love to hate it but resent the fact that the majority of economic output cones from the NE coridor.

The New York Times is one of the best news sources out there. Thorough, well-written, and carefully-researched stories are the norm. If you want to be informed, not just entertained, there are few better sources. I've been a digital subscriber for many years, and it's been worth every penny.