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Fresh Paint shares its brushes with 512MB Windows Phone 8 devices in latest update

Microsoft's must-have Fresh Paint app has been bumped to version 1.0.3255.1, which opens up support for Windows Phone 8 devices with 512MB RAM. Previously only available to hardware with 1GB of RAM (sounds odd, we know), the app was exclusive to those with premium smartphones. Now anyone with a Windows Phone 8 handset can take full advantage of the tools available and unleash their creativity.

Also available on Windows 8 (and Windows 8.1), if you've not yet had the opportunity to use Fresh Paint, it's super easy to get started. For the phone version, you can utilise the cameras to snap the perfect photo and then colour it in by hand (using different brush sizes and strokes). The Lens feature enables you to view a live preview of the photo through various filters, including sketch and oil. There's a lot more to do than meets the eye and it's quite a laugh too.

Fresh Paint

We strongly recommend you check out the latest version, especially if you enjoy editing photos and whatnot. You can download Fresh Paint here from the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Fresh Paint shares its brushes with 512MB Windows Phone 8 devices in latest update


it depends, for people who are creative and likes to play with apps, this is a full plate..
a useless app for you maybe it's a must have for someone else.. 

Very few are, but this is great.  I just hope they did't dumb it down too much to accomodate the low memory devices.

I hope the day of easily porting apps between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is coming soon and that this (and the Bing apps) are just the start.

It is for me, but my fine motor skills have never been great. I get the sense that your phone's sensitivity to touch plays a more significant role.

Woohoo! So it can be optimised :) I bet almost all of those "1 GB only" could be, too. I love Fresh Paint, and I'm glad my Lumia 620 can now run it as well.

I mean, that IS what has been happening. Lots of games and apps start off as 1GB and then they're optimized. You could argue it's not happening fast enough or to enough apps, but there are quite a few examples of this happening.

Microsoft is keenly aware that 512MB devices are outpacing 1GB ones (see today's earlier report), so they are trying to remedy the situation. Heck, even Halo SA will go to 512MB, that was already announced.

That's why I badly wanted them to succeed on low end market. It will eventually make my Lumia 820 last longer in terms of usability.

Indeed, it is happening, and I'm glad that I'm on Windows Phone which can operate perfectly with "only" (in today's world having a phone with 512 MB of RAM is considered [by Android users, mostly] freakishly horrible) 512 MB of RAM. Windows Phone 7 already proved it's all about optimising the OS, instead of increasing horsepower to compensate :) It's happening fast enough it's just more often than not people (me first) forget that it WILL happen eventually and go about throwing stick and stones at Microsoft and developers... Anyway, in the end good guy Microsoft always delivers...
Gee, all this sucking up to everyone is really tiresome...

Slightly different but, if it's possible to optimize 1gb apps to 512 Mb, then would it have been possible for Nokia to optimize their 41 MP pureview camera to run on a gig or less of ram instead of having to upgrade their device to 2 GB?

Awesome! I was intrigued about a week ago but couldn't install it on my Lumia 521. Glad Microsoft graced the rest of us with it, especially with how many Lumia 520/521 phones I've seen lately

This is a nice app but it could be so much more with stylus support.  I'm not sure if it's possible to get a good drawing experience with a capacitive stylus anyway though.
If you're really interested in this sort of natural-like drawing experience directly on an LCD display, I highly recommend checking out Art Academy Sketchbook on the Wii U.  The app is only $4 and the Wii U tablet with its stylus, resistive touchscreen, and built-in speakers feels like it was absolutely designed for this.  Its integration with the online Miiverse community also makes it extremely simple to share your drawings with other people and give/get encouragement, feedback, and inspiration.
The Wii U may be a dud so far for gaming but it's amazing for drawing.

Tip: to draw more precisely zoom the drawing board.

Really great app, after spending some time in it, you can start draw really neat drawings!

For those who have installed it, how much space does it take when installed? I know it reads 4MB, but sometimes that's not the final size.

Seriously? I have almost no artistic skills and I'm having fun!  I "painted" this one last night in honor of all the Area 51 news coming out! :)  I'm going to print it and make my mom hang it on her fridge.


Well, this is a must have app for me!! I spend most of my free time commuting on my iPhone doodling with Sketchbook Pro. Currently, WP8 has no really good drawing or painting apps; the ones I've seen have all been quite amatuerish. With tht big old screen on the Lumia 625 and Samsung Ativ, I can see myself picking up a WP8 handset and not missing Sketchbook Pro. I have Fresh Paint on my tablet and I love it!