Fujitsu's Q584 tablet is headed to the United States for $1,499

Fujitsu Q584

Fujitsu isn’t the most popular computer manufacturer here in the United States, but they are putting up their new Q584 tablet for sale within the United States. Accessories are available with the unit, including an optional keyboard docking station and keyboard cover. The Q584 is aimed at the business crowd with an integrated TPM chip, fingerprint scanner, and pen input compatibility.

The machine itself comes loaded with Intel’s 4th generation Core processor (up to i7), a Full HD (1080p) LED display, Intel HD 4000 graphics, 4 GB of RAM, and a 128 GB SSD. The real interesting point is that the unit includes both Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8.1 Pro out of the box – so you can choose your weapon of choice.

The unit also includes NFC, GPS, and Bluetooth capabilities. At 2.16 lbs. it isn’t lightest tablet around, but the optional docking station and keyboard cover make it a possible winner.

What do you think of Fujitsu’s latest tablet headed for the colonies?

Source: Fujitsu; via Winbeta


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Fujitsu's Q584 tablet is headed to the United States for $1,499


A little history for you. Around 1776, we stopped being colonies. We grew up and became an independent sovereign state! :D

Weird windows 7 AND windows 8.1. Also specs kind of in the realm of too good to be true. Not much mention of the stylus. In my book warning lights of the bad kind going off and a feeling of keep away on this one.

He is talking about the wrong tablet. The Q584 is white and 10.1". Only an Atom processor but with a resolution of 2560x1600. It is also waterproof to one meter for 30 minutes. It will have a desktop dock and keyboard option though. These writers should really have their ducks in a row before approving a blog post.

I want one with that kind of resolution! Almost bought a Kirabook by Toshiba but really wanted a tablet form. Thanks for the info.

Warning lights? I own a 2006 Fujitsu T4210 convertible tablet/laptop and still use it today as my main work laptop. Luckily I bought it used, but at the time it was launched at around $2,300. 

Hands down one of the best laptops I've used: the keyboard feels and clicks like a mechanical keyboard, display is still the best I've used, trackpad, pen, Wacom input, dual battery bays, fingerprint scanner, dual mic noise cancellation. Everything is just perfection.

Not to mention the suede like material at the bottom of the laptop to grip your lap when in tablet mode, or how the screen is flush with the bezel which makes it an easy upgrade to Windows 8.

Is this for everyone? No, it's expensive for a reason. The same reason the Thinkpad line is expensive (Yoga vs Thinkpad Yoga). Like the article said, it's because it's geared towards business users. You're paying for the docking ports, the TPM, the Smart Card, etc - a lot which don't really matter to the average user. Could you find a similarly spec'ed machine with similar processor and same RAM for much less? Sure. But technology wise, business machines are a different beast.

Fujitsu still sells Haswell laptops with Windows 7 in them. Obviously it's not for you or for that new freshman college kid. So you're "weird Windows 7" and "warning lights" comment makes no sense.

Alright, fair enough. But please tell me as the reason for the peculiar choice of windows 7 and 8.1. Window 8.1 and linux or android OS of OX10 for that matter I can still understand. But I can't figure out two microsoft OS'es. The only thing I could think of argumentutatively is that this product is purely geared to an ICT maintenace business, otherwise I can't think of any other business it would suit for.

This is a machine for business, not consumers. Windows 7 is included because most businesses have not yet upgraded to 8.1

"Fujitsu isn’t the most popular computer manufacturer here in the United States"

Perhaps you should keep in mind that the USA is not a particularly representative market these days.  For example, although it has slumped considerably over the past few years, Fujitsu still sells about twice as many computers globally than Apple does.

Stuff to be fixed: Specs listed are from Fujitsu Q704. 
Extra info - with i7 and all extra options (bluetooth, craddle, keyboard, fingerprint sensor and smartcart, nfc, gps, 256Gb SSD, ), the price goes up to $2900. Ouch.

Still interesting though... I had my eyes on the Yoga 11s. This one seems to be 12.5", kind of a weird size, but I'm trying to find something smaller than 13.3" so... let's see how reviews goes.

This is something for the long run, not to satisfy some "facebookin'". Can't wait to get a look at it, sounds and looks bad ass.

We have used Fujitsu tablets with earlier versions of windows for factory level operations (IE. Quality control, etc.) because of their durable construction. True, they were not the lightest but they sure stood up to the tough environments found in factory manufacturing operations. It will be interesting to see them enter the Windows 8 realm. Potentially, something with embedded Win 8 might be a good fit for durable business units.

i am still using a fujitsu 12inch, model  st51112, running windows XP. got it used for $400. it has been a workhorse for 5 years now. and has not failed me yet. it is one of the most durable tablets out there along with motion computing ones. fujitsu has been making tablets before most companies had a clue about them. the wacom digitizer aand stylus work better than most tablets out there now.

it's good to see them updating their line. but since the old ones work so well. won't need to updgrade for awhile, unless it breaks down. or if i really needed another one.