Full House Poker coming to Xbox Live on March 16

It’s not often we learn about a Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live title’s release date more than a few days before the game comes out, so this announcement comes as a special treat. Full House Poker, developed by Krome Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios, is the March 16 Xbox Live title!

Full House Poker is a special release for a number of reasons. First, it will be the first Xbox Live title on WP7 to have full avatar support (we won’t count Avatar Gadgets). That means you can play the game as your Xbox Live avatar. Even more exciting for Xbox 360 owners is the mobile version of Full House Poker’s integration with the console version. The Xbox 360 game launches on the same day as the WP7 game. Experience and money is shared across both platforms, so progress made in one game automatically transfers to the other. It’s the most complete console-to-WP7 integration so far. Will all that be enough to get WPCentral's Daniel Rubino excited for it? Only time will tell!

Full House Poker on Windows Phone 7 will cost $2.99. The Xbox 360 version will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Each game has its own set of Achievements worth 200 points. Both will launch on Wednesday, March 16.  

See our video hands on from CES after the break...


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Full House Poker coming to Xbox Live on March 16


1:57 on the video - he clearly experienced the Samsung Focus touch issue - it won't register touches unless you are touching the phone elsewhere - normally on the back.I hate that bug. I'm surprised it hasn't been talked about more.Guys on XDA found a registry edit for memory allocation that seemed to fix that bug. Weirdness.Oh yeah, the game - it looks halfway decent, I guess.

There probably haven't been that many people experiencing a problem. The web tends to make minor issues like this seem like a more widespread problem. I've tested my phone repeatedly and have never had this issue.Regarding the game, looks interesting and I'd probably blind buy based on cross platform play and price alone, but I don't play poker. :/

I wonder if this is a hardware problem. I do not have that problem on my phone and I have tried to repro the issue from posts I have seen.Also, on some Focus phones, in order for touch to work you actually need skin to touch the screen. My phone works with a finger nail and I have actually seen this problem on friends phones where you actually need the skin of your finger to make the touch work. I use a finger nail and so does my gf and that work working on my phone.I also have a rubber cover which some have reported stops the touch screen from working correctly and mine works fine. it would be interesting to know the ROM versions of the people who have problems because I know that Samsung has several revs in the field.

Does it allow to play against real people or only computers for the phone version ? If it's online in WiFi/3G which is possible regarding the amount of data needed, it would be great and I'll probably buy it...

Xbox Live games won't have multiplayer until Microsoft launches the feature at some future date. So unfortunately the WP7 version will be single-player only. But at least you can make progress on WP7 and that progress will apply towards the multiplayer 360 version.

Don't know to play poker, they killed 1vs100 for this? I want 1vs100 back and it was free you won real mspoints. I guess I better start reading "Poker for dummies" which has been collecting dust on my book shelf.

I would be happiest if no one ever mentioned 1 vs 100 again. While that game shouldn't have been canceled, Full House Poker is a separate product and should be judged on its own merits.