Fuse & TVShow dev releases MyEncyclopedia app to the Marketplace


If you don't recognize the name Rudy Huyn, he's the developer behind TVShow and Fuse, two of the most popular apps on our platform. The reason why those apps are so popular (and revered) is due to his excellent design and coding skills. Even our own developer, Jay Bennett, called him one of the top devs on Windows Phone these days.

So with that intro, how do you not want to take a look at his new app MyEncyclopedia, which according to him is his "...little Christmas gift for all Windows Phone users"? The app is a Wikipedia front-end for Windows Phone, which in of itself is not unique, but the design, features and speed of it make it top notch. For one, it's extremely fast on loading articles which are formatting perfectly for our screens. Second, he's enabled the ability to pull down your location, show it on Bing maps and then show you Wikipedia entries around you--pretty slick. He also used his excellent sharing-screen from Fuse, which allows you to post the article to email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and our favorite, generate a QR code for others to scan with their phone. Other features on board are:


  • Search in 100 languages
  • Offline mode to view article without internet connection
  • Display the summary of the article
  • Find your favorite articles
  • View previous versions of article

The crazy thing? He developed it 18 hours (3 nights). The app is not only free, but ad-free as well. So if you need any kind of Wikipedia app, we have to give our highest recommendation for this one. Pick it up here in the Marketplace or click the QR code below to enlarge and scan.



Reader comments

Fuse & TVShow dev releases MyEncyclopedia app to the Marketplace


Cool! I stopped using WikiPanda a long time ago, favoring Patrick Müller's Wikipedia app instead. This one is going to give Patrick's app a run for it's money on my phone.
[WPCentral: Please make QR codes larger. Too small and blurry to scan. Thanks!]

I like TVShow but it seriously lags if you load it up with shows. At times it fails to load at all. Hope this gets fixed. Sometimes restore does not retain if a show has been viewed. This seems to be related to the lag if you put too many shows in.
Anyone know if the other TV show app has this problem? Although it would be a pain to switch I'm about to make the change.

I switched to PrimeTV ages ago after TVShow consistantly failed to load (too many shows breaks it).
PrimeTV can still be a tad slow, but it seems far more stable and responsive than TVShow.
Oh, and the developer needs to patch Fuse as well. If you reboot your phone, the secondary Fuse live tiles disapear and the app freaks out badly attempting to put them back next time you launch it...

I know this is an older article, do you know why I get a device not supported message? I can't see any limitations mentioned?