Game emulators now allowed on the Windows Phone Marketplace

We previously covered a NES emulator, which was an abandoned project on the XDA Developers forum, being ripped and sold on the Marketplace but not as a standalone emulator. Not only was the submitter making money from illegal means and someone else's hard work, but individual ROMs were being submitted and approved, which were then being sold to consumers.

Microsoft later removed the said ROMs from the Marketplace, but it would still be relatively amusing to play some "oldies" while on the go, right? Developer Nudua let us know that at least according to AppHub, emulators are now a "go" on the Marketplace. As proof he tried submitting his emulator and it was accepted.

vNESLight is a free emulator that will run NES ROMs. The version on the Marketplace does not include ROMs other than two freeware demos, but the user can easily add titles they wish to play.

Some highlighted features:

  • Responsive touch controls
  • Easily add your own ROMs from the add games tab (zip file or single roms) via the internet
  • Automatic game save states
  • Experimental real time states
  • About 95% compatibility of games
  • Delete any of your added games
  • Pin any game to the start screen
  • 60 FPS Mode
  • Separate settings for first and second generation phones
  • Frame-skipping option
  • The demo ROMs of Battle Kid 2 and Super Bat Puncher are included

Should you wish to enjoy some of the old titles that make the earlier days of gaming seem so golden to some, be sure to check out this app. You can download vNESLight from the Marketplace for free.


Reader comments

Game emulators now allowed on the Windows Phone Marketplace


Make sure you turn "USE FIXED TIME STEP" it will smooth them out and run buttery at least on my Focus. :) Thanks to the dev's on this now work on the control pads a little they are seperated a little bit to far imo.

Ooo, if they can get Sega Master System support, I'd be delighted. I've been dying to play Phantasy Star on my phone.

Omg, I hope this opens the flood gates to Emulator makers out there!! I wanna see PSx and GameCube!!! Maybe some GBA as well :)

Just added the Zelda ROM and pinned it to my start screen. Works great! Much better than the homebrew version from days of old.

Great app. Can't wait to try it on a new device. It's cool to see my app image in the marketplace :)

I'm not having much luck downloading a zip file hosted on my Windows Home Server. My ISP blocks port 80, so I have to use HTTPS to reach it from the outside. Anyone else have any luck adding files over HTTPS?

This would be very interesting. I wanted to try out some Dragon Warrior again. Maybe some Micro Machines. I would prefer a Sega one. Maybe soon. Go Genesis. Sounds simple enough.

just copy and paste a download URL from a rom site. Wherever it says download just press and hold the link and copy the URL into the add box in the app.

Can anyone suggest any sites that can be downloaded directly from the phone, cause I'm having the same problems as action_efn_jackson?I try copying the url's from the download button from the site, but the app doesn't download the game. I just get the error message.Little help.

You can download games right on your phone here www.freeroms.com just find the game you want click on it then it will download to your cell then you copy the link and past in the VNESLIGHT

Forgive my ingorance. Does the phone have to be unlocked? I download the zip, showes... i.e. TETRIS.NES, can't open that file extention type, put that in the VNES app, error... I need clear Layman's terms directions. Sorry