Game stats reveal some new WP7 devices in the field

The blog Occasional Gamer, by Elbert Perez (who makes a ton of games for Windows Phone), has listed the stats of devices running his games. Like the app "Dude, where is my update?", we can gain some insight into unreleased and upcoming devices for Windows Phone--or at the every least, get an idea of some of the things being tested.

The chart above shows a few of the devices that caught our eye from Occasional Gamer and we'll try to break 'em down for you:

  • HTC Mazaa: reported as a Sprint HTC Trophy, some of us actually believe is this is the finalized Verizon device instead. Reason? With 98 devices running Perez's games, that seems more like a device in tester hands, ready to be rolled out rather than in development--and we know the Verizon Trophy is out in the field, being tested. And we find it odd that a Sprint Trophy would be in more hands at this point than a Verizon version.
  • Samsung GT-I8703: We still don't know what this phone is--possible variant of the Focus Omnia 7
  • HTC-MWP6885: likewise, we saw this earlier too and still have no info on this device ID
  • DELL Advist: this is new and may one of the reported Dell devices from the leaked roadmap back in February
  • HTC MSM7x30: clearly this is HTC testing out Qualcomm's latest chipset (see Engadget), which was just approved for the Windows Phone 7 chassis specs. Good to know that this will becoming probably in the fall
  • HTC-PC40200: reported by the FCC as a CDMA Trophy--possibly for Sprint or just an earlier, pre-production model still floating around

See anyting we missed? Hit us up in comments. Have any insight as to these device's real IDs? Likewise!

Source: Occasional Gamer


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Game stats reveal some new WP7 devices in the field


I liked what Dell was trying to accomplish with the Venue Pro (c'mon firmware!) so I'm interested to see what the Advist is.

HTC MWP6985 is most likely the Verizon HTC Trophy (number has shown up in leaked Vzw stock reports and screen-shots for the Trophy on this site), the HTC Mazaa is rumored to be bound for Sprint which I tend to believe.

HTC Mazaa: http://www.wpcentral.com/htc-mazaa-heading-sprintVerizon HTC Trophy: http://www.wpcentral.com/verizon-trophy-photos-running-nodo-updateBoth phones have red accent and a mysterious circle right next to the word "Windows Phone" which makes me believe that the phones are one and the same. Both characteristics, of cause, not present on the GSM variation of the HTC 7 Trophy.There's a possibility that both carriers are launching the same phone although I believe that this is very unlikely.

HTC Mazaa the Verizon version of the Trophy?Hmmm ... I think that may be the closest to some good news that I've heard yet. It'd make sense that the phone would have to be renamed (aren't most CDMA varients renamed?) and would explain the existence of the Mazaa in the first place.Pleeeeeeease let this be the first sign that something is going to happen very, very soon. Like first week of May soon. Here's to hope ...