References to GDR1 for Windows Phone 8.1 found in OEM documentation

Windows Phone 8.1 is still in the early stages of rolling out to devices in over-the-air updates, but Microsoft is hard at work at future updates, including general distribution releases also known as GDRs. Those GDR updates, usually called just 'Update' or 'Update 2', bring patches, minor fixes, a few new features and enable additional hardware options for manufacturers (OEMs).

Evidently, references to GDR1 are found on the Windows Phone dev center under the OEM documentation. Unfortunately, if you try to click the links you are asked to log in, making this restricted to just OEM partners.

The good news here though is GDR1 is completed enough that the documentation for manufacturing partners is now available. The prospects of an official Update for Windows Phone 8.1 coming in the near future are certainly high and hopefully Microsoft has more to reveal on this update soon.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update so far is a bit of a mystery in terms of features for consumers, although native Folder support on the Start screen is confirmed as one of those additions. GDRs though are typically light on features and focus more on underlying fixes and improvements. We reported previously that Microsoft is planning on two OS updates this year for Windows Phone 8.1.

Finally, Microsoft is expected to release GDR1 through their Preview for Developers program as they have in the past e.g. Windows Phone 8.0 Update 3.

Source: Microsoft Dev Center; via Facebook (Aggiornamenti Lumia); Thanks, Tommaso A., and John K., for the tips


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References to GDR1 for Windows Phone 8.1 found in OEM documentation



now people asking where cyan comes or why microsoft plans to send another update if cyan is not available for all will start spaming

Great, discussing next update for 8.1 yet haven't received 8.1. Will be end of September before we all get 8.1 so why do we even care?

Wp8.1 is a big update... Even bigger with the cyan update, they are probs still cleaning up all of the loose ends (minor bugs). Plus Microsoft cant do anything to speed up the updating process now as its now up to your carriers when you get the update as it goes through them first... That's why Microsoft created the developer preview program, to allow people to skip the waiting and get the main part of the update. (and also for developers of course...)

You might as well just keep it installed... It's only 1mb of your phones memory... Maybe even less, so yeah my as well reinstall :)

Do you know what it will contain?
We need parental controls what's the point of having good cheap phones if I can't give them to my children because there are no real parental controls to block Web browser and certain apps

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Its not usable unless they provide alternate password or no password option for kids corner. I really don't get why that useful feature that none of other platform have poorly implemented

What about the firmware? Now that Nokia division is with Microsoft..what is going to happen like we had amber black nd now cyan...wats the next one might be..if at all there is going to be one?

Wonder what 'D' color they will name the next one. Are there any D colors aside from Dark Green, Dark Red, etc.?

There are always firmware updates for your phone when you update the OS. That's because there is always a newer way for the hardware communicate with the OS that your phone maker has to implement to make sure all OS features work and you get the best speed, stability, and battery life. Nokia just went a step further and added some features for Windows Phone itself and from now on, it might just be part of the OS or kept the way it is now.

No. Most previous GDR updates could have been delivered completely independently of OS updates, precisely because, normally, nothing at all changes about how the OS communicates with the hardware. WP8.1 was a huge exception. New hardware features, for which a GDR includes support is the other exception, but this is only relevant for new devices that use that hardware. Firmware will never become part of the OS.

Me too. I had no issue resetting to retail state and the letting the normal update kick in to get cyan. Absolutely no regrets using developer preview to get 8.1, and having to reset to get cyan was a tradeoff I'd take everytime.

Hey Daniel, do you know off hand if Verizon officially has access to the official 8.1 w/ Cyan? I don't want to reset my phone only to find out I can't update yet and be stuck back on 8.0

Sorry. Unaware of the tracker page. I have only ever used the WPCentral App on my phone. Thanks for the kind help. Not many people would be so willing to let me know of this option.

I would also participate, the bitlocker issue isn't their fault, though is frustrating to have to wait while you can see the update, but that's the price I will pay for getting things before anyone else

Yeah no doubt ill update my phone as long as there's a way out if issues arise. I had no issues reverting back.

Being ahead is important to me because it gives me the chance to share my experience with others when the official update rolls out.. It's awesome so yes keep them coming ;-)

Then don't join.  People like you that get this early access the bitch about it ruin it for those of us that would like to put up with some possible issues to have early access.

Adolescent whiners, this site is beginning to be overt run with you guys. For goodness sake, it was a developer preview......

+520, +630, +whatever mid range crap phone you bought 8 months ago, +920/930/Icon, +1020, +1520, +1520.3. +2520

512 Ram? WTF?

No Xbox Live? WTF?

I Hate Microsoft I am buying an iPhone! How can they screw with us like this?

I love Microsoft, I can’t wait for the Update!! I mash the button every 35 seconds!!

Will Cyan work on my HTC 8x?

I hate AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile!

I love AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile!

My (insert any Lumia here) doesn’t have a true successor! Microsoft is going bankrupt!

Why are there no good apps!


I just made every comment needed for this article, no need to reply


Thread Closed…

If only it was that simple. You know half the people on here don't read, therefore nobody will read your comment and continue to post their crap.

Then got to iPhone get off this forum love it or leave it just cuz you wanna be a isheep don't mean every one does just cuz you can afford a seven hundred dollar phone that will break the first time you drop it unless you go out and by a 80 dollar otter box don't mean everybody can so yah I'm glad Microsoft is making cheaper phone but thing is everybody is complaining that Microsoft ain't releasing any flag ship phone yall don't know what Microsoft does maybe the got one in the works or maybe they know one of there OEM partners are working on a flagship phone so that leaves them free to focus on the low/middle range of phone were there growth is proven so go on and get a iPhone and leave the people who like good phones but don't want a contract or to pay seven hundred dollars alone

That one is more than valid believe me.... The only people who disagree, are based in the US.

Especially since all of these limits being released were made by Nokia prior to MS buying the D/S division. Microsoft will release a high-end surface phone. Lumia are low-mid range songs with other OEMs

LOL, You're right I Forgot those too.. WPC is the cheesiest website around... Has to be with all the whine around here...

Hopefully we'll get it faster than 8.1 and Cyan and there will be a Developer Preview. They should change the Action Center toggles' behavior: a single tap to turn on or off and a long tap to open the corresponding setting page.

The gdr 1 will be officially announced for all Lumia owners in October and for developers they will get at as soon as its announced I guess in mid August , and gdr 2 in December for all WP owners and for devs in October or november , I read that on a website

Pre release software isn't for anyone. No one gave exact dates for release of Cyan + 8.1. Don't set yourself up for disappointment next time.

Daniel... So, shouldn't Lumia owners be looking forward to another Lumia update that coincides with update 1???... "Lumia Bright Green" in September... (just a stupid example)
Every other GDR, well 8.0-2/ 8.0-3, has come with a Lumia specific firmware, and features.... Just wondering if that's still gonna be the case here..

Well, Black came out right after Amber, so it's not out of the question...
Update:: After reading what I just wrote I just realized that I'm black, and my girlfriends name is Amber................ Sounds kinda "funny"

And your favorite color is cyan, and you both use "dove" soap, and your lucky gem is emerald, and...

I downgraded to 8.1, should I get it again now or wait for the official and cyan to come to T-Mobile?

I'll be more interested in those "native start screen folders" if it'll be live ! But yet I may expect some performance improvement and lesser app opening time delay which I don't get in App Folder.
P.S: The only reason I use App Folder is to put my games in it. It's still better than the games hub.

I switched to Quick Launcher for my data settings toggle. Much easier, accessible and saves real estate on the start screen.

Yeah I tried that few weeks ago, only problem was that if I tap "clear all" in the action centre then the option to launch data settings also goes away so always need to clear the notifications individually :(

Yeah, Joe didn't sound to enthusiastic when asked about it, but they have no choice... That's probably a political thing between them and carriers.. The carriers do NOT want us having too many "easy" ways to turn off data... I guarantee you most of these missing features that are no brainers are missing because of politics...
Another thing is USBOTG... I really could use this, but once again politics between MS, and carriers.... Can you believe that my buddy has unlimited data on Verizon, but those sneaky bastards disabled his tethering feature in KitKat 4.xxx on his Motorola?.... Lol!!.. Politics, and greed..

IDK... It's all about what MS does... Even with a carrier unlocked device MS's hands are tied because it still has to run on Somebodies carrier....

Microsoft - one hopes - doesn't build OSs according to the whims and wills of American carriers. Even less when the US market is irrelevant for WP and the market that actually buys WP - Europe - doesn't give any power for carriers to meddle in.

So I don't buy the politics factor. Otherwise MS would toggle it for Europe and not for the US. They just screwed up and that's why they're putting it back on GDR1.


USBOTG on the other hand...I'm not sure it's high on their priority list as it's a feature that few people use. If we're pragmatical, almost no one goes around connecting USBs to their phones. Not even on Android.

I'm not surprised at Verizon's actions. That's what happens when you give carriers the amount of power you do in the US. Here in Europe they have no power - nor right - to hinder phones. Some lock their phones to their SIMs and are constantly being pressured and sued by the European Commission for it.

I didn't tell my Lagdroid friends that the data conn. toggle in WP8.1 is absent. THEY'LL LAUGH :P (India)

The Lumia 1520... The most advanced WP device to date.... And, it looks amazing!
Anyways, I hope USBOTG comes in 8.1GDR1...

Basically you can take a flash drive, and other USB peripherals, and hook them directly up to your smartphone by the mini USB port on the phone.. A male micro USB too Female USB adapter is required for flash drives... Using our files app we would be able to view, and manipulate, everything on the drive.... In theory you should be able to hook your phone directly to a 3T external drive, and view files... Pretty cool!!! Nevertheless, not new.. Android...
I suspect MS already has this feature in WP8.1 withholding the firmware, because right now WP doesn't really have a proper file explorer that can handle OTG... But, I'm sure enhancements to the Files app are coming...

I can't wait for folders! I hope its something like Windows 8.x where you can group apps in categories and see those categories when you pinch to zoom out on the start screen!

I'm curious how the folders will look like. I'd like collapseable tile sections. Also please make that app list sortable/add filter

Between nokia & Samsungs app folder I prefer Samsungs. All the relevant system settings already there all they need to now is allow us to group our favorites in folders

Well, a sortable app list was in one of the development versions, it just didn't make the cut for Windows Phone 8.1. High possibility that Microsoft wants to put everything that didn't make it into 8.1 in 8.1 Update 1.

Hope the folder system supports live tiles. It'd be great to have a folder that rotates the live tiles of apps inside the folder.

This would make WP the best business OS. Current mail app sucks, cant even edit when you forward one and attachments limited to photo/videos inside the app.

I'm waiting in anticipation. The cyan rollback required earlier hasn't really changed my mind in remaining on the Preview for Developers lot. I will continue to stay enrolled in that program.

im pretty sure im gonna get 8.1 GDR1 long before cyan is released for my phone lol, thanks microsoft for dev prev, i wish they force lumia updates through dev preview now that they own it too

Just saying...amber brought alot of stuff with it...good stuff...so hoping the next firm ware to do that as well...maybe Lumia Daffodil ... :D

So, I'll probably get GDR1 through DP before Cyan on my 1520. The Nokia site has stated testing since the release started to roll out. Nothing seems to happen. 925 has already gotten cyan here in Sweden, but not 1520 or 920. :(

Not only that but let's organize the settings and put filters there too? Also have Cortana allow you to search for any setting.

We want an independent. Flash light button and brightness slider both in action center + data connection option + do you remember when you turn off Wi-Fi in the action center ? It moves you to Wi-Fi setting , we don't need that we want it to shut off without taking us to Wi-Fi setting ! Anyone agrees ?