geoDefense is the Deal of the Week. Ghostscape and Shuffle Party are the new Xbox LIVE titles.

geoDefense 'splosions!

Although the last few Deals of the Week have been "meh", this week's is pretty exciting. geoDefense, the futuristic tower-defense game with wowee-zowee sound effects will be going on sale from $2.99 to (we're guessing) the usual $1.99 price-point starting this Wednesday, November 30th.

In our review, we summarized the game as thus:

"geoDefense may not be the absolute finest tower defense game on Xbox Live (that honor goes to Plants vs. Zombies) but it is still a terrific title. Nothing it does rocks the boat, but that makes the game easy to understand and get into. Spikes in difficulty and the variable nature of tower costs and powers are minor annoyances that keep geoDefense away from perfection. But the game offers plenty of strategic fun and easy Achievements at a relatively low price, so strategy fans should lower their defenses and consider an immediate purchase."

The game is quite a lot of fun and well worth the $2.99 price. At $1.99 it's a steal, meaning we think you should give that trial a spin now so you'll be ready to purchase come Wednesday night. Seriously, once you upgrade your laser to max and hear that thing fire, obliterating everything in its path...you'll be sold. Or at least we were. Try out geoDefense right now here in the Marketplace.

Ghostscape for Xbox LIVE

And don't forget this week, Ghostscape and Shuffle Party will be both available as new Xbox LIVE titles, with of course the latter only being available in the U.S. for now. Sorry.

via: @KarlStricker; Thanks, DarkSynopsis, for the heads up.


Reader comments

geoDefense is the Deal of the Week. Ghostscape and Shuffle Party are the new Xbox LIVE titles.


Cool, glad to see DotW isn't a repeat.  I have 2 tower defense games I haven't beaten yet (SW: Battle for Hoth & Zombie Attack 2) but I'll be getting this one too.

GeoDefense is awesome! Forget making it cheaper, bring out more levels or another game like it! PvZ is rubbish in comparison!

Absolutely buy this game.  It's one of my favorites, I've spent a lot of time playing around on the levels.  It's a fantastic tower defense game.

Nice.....but to easy to complete all levels without losing a life and get all achievements....wish it was more competitive with more levels.....