geoDefense Swarm bringing the Creeps to Xbox Live on May 16

geoDefense SwarmNow that Feed Me Oil, this week’s Xbox Live release is here, we’re neck-deep in oily physics puzzle goodness. But that doesn’t mean gamers don’t look to the future as well – especially those who’ve had their fill of physics puzzlers already. Kudos then to Microsoft for announcing next week’s Live release: geoDefense Swarm from Critical Thought Games.

geoDefense Swarm is the sequel to fan-favorite tower defense game geoDefense. The new entry switches from predefined enemy routes to a grid-based field. Enemies can approach from all directions, so players will need to construct mazes in order to keep them at bay. Like its predecessor, Swarm features an appealing neon geometric look and easy to learn gameplay. It will also likely suffer from balance issues, but said issues didn’t keep its predecessor from winning many gamers’ hearts. Most excitingly, the Windows Phone version of Swarm includes a new tower, a new creep (enemy), and new challenges. We’ll find out what those challenges are next Tuesday or Wednesday when the game debuts.

geoDefense Swarm comes to Xbox Live on Wednesday, May 16 – if not the night before, as many Live releases have done lately. It will cost $2.99, the same price as its predecessor.

Source: PlayXBLA

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geoDefense Swarm bringing the Creeps to Xbox Live on May 16



Actually, I just read that the routes aren't predetermined :( mannnn, I much prefer predetermined routes to the "enemies can come from all directions" style.

I just can't beat The Eye and Defy Expectations levels!!! Otherwise I've beaten them all. Ughhhh. Awesome game.

Both very hard levels for different reasons. I actually had to look a solution for The EYE. It was the only one I couldn't get. It requires very specific placement of turrets and as they become immediately available.
Defy Expectations needs A LOT of firepower. Be sure to really strengthen your final stretch and build up turrets all the way to the right that can shoot all the way across the screen.

Y'know it defaults to "Hardcore Mode", yeah? Go into the options and select the challenging-but-sane "Novice Mode".  Achievements are awarded in either mode.

Finally!!!! I'm waiting for this since a week after I play geodefense.... Such a good game, and along with the need for speed, those are the best games in WP