geoDefense Swarm is live and hexagonal on the Windows Phone Marketplace

GeoDefense for Windows Phone

Tower defense addicts, you can stop scratching and relax at last. geoDefense Swarm from Critical Thought Games in now on the Marketplace!

geoDefense Swarm is the sequel to fan-favorite tower defense game geoDefense. The new entry switches from predefined enemy routes to a grid-based field. Enemies can approach from all directions, so players will need to construct mazes in order to keep them at bay. Like its predecessor, Swarm features an appealing neon geometric look and easy to learn gameplay.

geoDefense Swarm

It also has the same balance issues as before (tower costs and abilities vary from level to level), but said issues didn’t keep its predecessor from winning many gamers’ hearts. Here’s a tip to get you started: switch the difficulty from Hardcore to Novice in Help & Options if you want to ease into things and take the stress out of those Achievements.

geoDefense Swarm costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace.

Thanks Zebrasqual for the tip!

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Reader comments

geoDefense Swarm is live and hexagonal on the Windows Phone Marketplace


Actually there is a slight change to the icon. The geoDefense icon has a blue path as used in the game while geoDefense Swarm shows the green hexes from the levels.

Is it just me, or is this just a greedy money grab? The game seems almost identical with just a slight graphical backdrop change. Ugh

Even just more levels would be welcome for people who enjoyed the first game, but the switch to hexagonal tiles with no preset paths actually does change up the way it plays.

like me... i'm still playing some of the medium and hard levels every now and then...
though the attraction of geodefense was actually, that enemies came in a preset path not like in so many other tower defense games... the predefined path makes you plan differently than an open battlefield where you bild vertical or horizontal lines to keep the enemy moving...
ps 4mb? nice!

I just enjoyed the firsrt endless level for over an hour. It's really  nice to be able to upgrade all of the towers to max, then replace weaker towers w/ stronger ones. I don't like levels that end before I can get some full power towers. This is fun!

Installed yesterday and I just keep playing... great game, the levels are rather difficult to complete. :D

Great game so far.  Hopefully longer than the first version which was over wayyyyyy too quickly.